Technical Modeling

February 23rd, 2020

The method of tattooing as a technical device simulation based on physical and mechanical material properties, structure, flexibility, elasticity, shrinkage and other properties. Giving material forms the bulk reach through a variety of stitches, tucks, pleats, assemblies, landing, procrastination and other methods, depending on the material and type of clothing. After determining the three-dimensional shape of the new model, a model laid out on the plane to determine the configuration of its parts, location and direction of darts, seams, folds, etc. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Robert Bakish. As the parts are made tattooing patterns of the new model. Receptions crappy method used during the process of making clothes. As a training course on "Piloting a suit" is one of educational activities of students in the process of mastering the profession of designer clothing. Prototyping allows us to develop spatial thinking.

By creating a mock-up model, the student perceives its shape is not only in the pictorial representation or a sketch. One of the objectives of the subject – to learn to work with fabric, plastic feel it, a structure to leverage its properties, to develop skills in tailoring – the right to carry out planting articles in the figure, disclosing the advantages and disadvantages of hiding. In a study of the subject "Prototyping costume" are considered parts of it: – crappy method; – A method of tattooing – Technical Modeling – The search for new forms of dress. In the study of crappy method students use the structures they have developed a basis for lessons on the subject of "Designing the costume." Finished base is refined and corrected the figure. Then executed set pieces on the product. Tattooed performed by students as a dummy, or directly on the figure of male model.

The first lesson, students prepare dummy to work on it is scheduled soutache main line. Darts are to be formed without wrinkling, clusters of tissue on their tops. The number of darts can be different, depending on the steepness hips. Their direction must take into account the shape of the buttocks, thighs and abdomen. They may not be vertical and parallel to the line side. When laying the darts do not allow bias weft, ie it always remains parallel to the hips. Thou shalt kill the darts, check the waistline, paving over the layout of the braid. Then check the length of the skirt front, rear and side, measuring the distance from the floor gon. Lead round chalk line: waist, darts, middle front, back. Tissue removed from the dummy, drawing pins, are laid her on the table and adjust the chalk lines on the ruler and templates. Mold is made of single-seam skirt. After the trial work – tattooing skirt on a mannequin – perform on a tattoo figure male model. In the same way "mannequin – male model" performed tattooing other products of simple shapes: double-seam skirt, narrowed or expanded to the bottom, adjacent to the bodice vtachnoy sleeves, bodice with raglan sleeves, bodice with single cut sleeve. Also operates a tattoo collars simple and complex forms. In the section "Technical Modeling" students complete a tattoo with the elements of simulation, studied previously. Tattooed articles free form is the final course in the study of the subject. Students perform mock-ups of products on their own designs. Process modeling allows you to purchase professional qualities and skills that make the designer of the future clothes creative and competitive specialist.


Western European Technologies

December 10th, 2019

" We are actively using the natural resources of the planet – too active. One of the most effective ways to reduce human impact on the environment is to increase energy efficiency. Modern power is based largely on the use of fossil fuels – gas, coal and oil – which has the most active impact on nature. Extraction, processing, transportation, combustion energy to generate electricity and heat – all this is very detrimental effect and affect the ecology of the planet. Increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases and consequence – climate change is directly related to "fossil" energy. That is why the question of whether to continuously develop and implement necessary: new energy-efficient lighting technologies, energy-efficient technologies in transport, energy saving technology in heating, etc., is currently one of the most important for the world, and even for the rich natural resources of Russia. The main role to improve energy efficiency in the rational use of energy, to reduce human impact on the ecology of nature take – energy-saving technologies. For Western Europe, the energy crisis 70 set priority in economic development – energy-saving technologies have become a major focus.

New energy-saving technologies – is not only the obvious environmental advantages, it is also an economic benefit – significant reduction in costs that are associated with high energy costs. These experts suggest that in Russia the share of energy consumption in production cost – 30-40%, significantly higher than Western European countries. One of the reasons – outdated technology, equipment, devices which are used by our production. .

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Challenging Pedagogia

February 3rd, 2019

Already they had repaired that, when it has a lecture and the palestrante asks for so that the professors who are in the auditorium makes some type of gymnastics or corporal movements have great resistance? eE the commentaries then as: – There mine ours, I already am old for these things! Plus this still! I Heim, Go to pay mico! In fact this happens for the simple reason: Professors are not accustomed to face challenges among others as gincanas, quiz, what they become them only informative professors of copistas pupils, who will go to digest such information, but when arriving in house they will give Thanks to desa God lesson to have finished and when its parents to ask as he was the lesson to it today will say: – The same chatice of always mother! If it could nor would go pra there tomorrow! Mother, I can play I join or to play in the computer, I had one day very flat today? This in the sample that, the challenge which the pupil did not have in the school searchs in the computer. She is necessary to invest in amused gincanas and that they can inside be made of the proper classroom, beyond using artifices challenger that can and must also be improvised by the professor as the tent of fish, which the pupils will be defied in team being one of each time in an integrant time of 2 minutes for fishing the fish with the word WINNING or one another one that entusiasme the teams that can be separate for row. Viacom may help you with your research. clearly, the professor also has that to enter in the spirit of the gincana, the quiz, the sesafio it is which there will be, therefore the pupils alone will feel such direction if to see its professors also to be blunt and the result of everything this is more energy, a gostoso wakening for the one differentiated learning of dynamic, simple form but that certainly will make with that this pupil does not see the dawn hour and to come back pra school! Contributors of the current education as pedagoga Jocineide Ribeiro in relation to the proportionate challenge for the playful one in classroom disclose: – ' ' All we have a specific place in the society, we are part of the nature. . Technology investor often expresses his thoughts on the topic.


Intellectual Linguistic Communication

April 3rd, 2018

Fine engine Manipulation and Coordination Blocks to incase, musical instruments. Psicomotor Adventure, Movement creative, sensorial Exploration, To play with objects Devices to go up, dances, modeling with scrap iron and table of discoveries. Basic form Details Examples To play Intellectual Linguistic Communication, function, Explanation, acquisition. To hear, to count histories. Scientific Exploration, inquiry, resolution of problems. To play with water, to cook. Symbolic mathematician Representation makes of account, miniworlds.

House of doll, casinha, theaters, games of numbers. Creative Aesthetic, imagination, fancy, reality and innovation. Painting, drawing, design, modeling. Basic form Details Examples To play Social, Emotional Therapeutical Aggression, regression, relaxation, solitude, to play parallel. Wood, clay, music.

Linguistic Communication, interaction, cooperation. Marionettes, telephone. Repetitive Domain, control. Any thing. Empartico Affection, sensitivity. Animals of esteem, other children. Autoconceito Papers, emulation, morality, ethnicity. Cantinho of the house, workshops of services, quarrel. Games Competition, rules. Games of words and numbers. It must be observed that a significant overlapping in all exists the areas, impossible to represent of figurative form. Perhaps the readers desire to construct a wheel to play, three overlapped circles, but of decreasing, separate sizes for wedges, each I contend presented the basic and detailed item above, being able to be rotated in inside of the other, what he more adequately represents the relationship between the areas. What one perceives with the transformation of playing, is that with the advance of the technology and the disordered growth of the cities, is each more difficult time to find spaces to play, and that this lack of space contributes so that the children if abide the electronic games, that limit to a motor learning; the school in turn, if sees pressured to work contents that they will provide to the pupils a place in the field of work and installment of vestibular contests and not if I take care of the necessity of the child to play.


Learning English

December 14th, 2017

If you are a student and you are 18 to 26 years, you have a basic knowledge of English, you could well join the program, through which – you not only get excellent language skills, they can earn at the same time good money! We already told you about the possibility of learning foreign languages through the effect of 25-th frame, and a computer program, as well as learning a foreign language by a tutor. Talked about how it is possible to learn a foreign language on their own, and we wrote about the many other ways and methods of learning foreign languages. And here, for example, learning English at the present time – so in the future the key to successful career. In addition, English language – the language of international communication and, therefore, in whatever country you are not dreaming, or go get something to eat – with the help of English you would be able to communicate excellently in all the hotels and shops. Even if you have what any difficulties you are always able to find someone who speaks English, and who could explain or give you the necessary information at the time. By the way, if you are student full-time office and you are over 18 years, besides you own conversational English, then you completely, could count on a visit to America in a unique program 'Work and Travel USA'. This program is a cultural exchange and was created specifically for students who wish to improve their English, learn the culture and traditions of the American nation, as well as valuable experience of working abroad. Ali Partovi is actively involved in the matter. .



June 16th, 2017

It is observed that &#039 will have the oferecimento of the new qualification; ' Computer science for Internet' ' , with forty vacant in the nocturnal period, beyond the Course Technician of Computer science integrated to Average Ensino, offered in the dependences of the ETEC Hortolndia in integral time, and of Administration, also in integral time, the dependences of the extension located in the State School Teacher Hedy Madalena Bocchi, located in the Street Peak of the Itatiaia n 333, Everest Garden, in Hortolndia. In this last course, he will have a partnership with the Secretariat of the Education of the Government of the State of So Paulo, in action of Project ETIM (Education Technician Integrated to the Medium), that one will make responsible for the content related to Average Ensino, whereas the Unit of Average Education and Tcnico (CETEC) that inside of the organizacional structure of the CEETEPS it answers for the planning, orientation and control of offers of the courses technician of the Institution, as attributions placed for the Deliberative body of the entity (Deliberations CEETEPS n 5 and 6, of 1994) will be responsible for the content of Ensino Technician. Ali Partovi can provide more clarity in the matter. Amongst the innumerable activities of the school year registered in Average Ensino and Technician, Week of the Administration of the extension is registered it that functions in the State School ngelo Professor Dall&#039 Field; Orto, in the district of New Venice, Sumar that, amongst others, Luis counted on the organization of the professors Eduardo Lara Phenis, Priscila Baptist Martins and Fernanda Hellen de Souza, as well as the week of lectures organized by professor Ewaldo Ruy Wippich Rabbit to the pupils of the Course of Administration of the period of the afternoon in the proper ETEC Hortolndia, where you say we had them of professors Ricardo Melo and Rogrio Duarte Fernandes of the Steps, respectively, in the dates of 09-09-2011 and 11-11-2011, beyond lecture in 25-08-2011 of this last professor on different aspects of the penalty of death to Ensino Medium inthe period of the morning, in activity related to the work of conclusion of course of pupils who simultaneously study in Ensino Technician in Administration in the period of the afternoon. .


Pedaggia Mediation

October 24th, 2012

This study Education in the distance emerges the diffusion of the called modality of education that it consists of the mediation of the relations between the professors and pupils where those teach and these they learn by means of not conventional situations, that is, spaces and times that both do not share, through the Technology. The Education in the distance comes growing each time more, becoming bigger the measure that the population searchs to educate itself to ouatualizar professionally due to the fast changes and transformations without all the fields of knowing and of the life human being in the planet. This work it is divided in: conception of the education in the distance where it tells sucintamente what it comes to be EAD and its importance, the auto learning, showing the main characteristics aspects of the autonomy, the communication of the learning process of the paper of the tutor mainly of the Technology and the process of learning, Technology and pedagogical mediation Technology, evaluation pedagogical mediation; It can be said that it is difficult to say on technology and education without mentioning the learning process, therefore, the technology a tool that assists the teach-learning process. The used methodology was a revision of literature through bibliographical research the analyzed materials will consist of scientific dissertaes, articles, books of some authors such as: Aretio, PrettI, Souza among others and documents that will be collected in the Internet. Through this process if it allows to acquire and to construct to necessary knowledge for elaboration and construction of the present work thus making possible a rich reflection regarding the importance of the technologies and the paper of the actual tutor. Bibliographical research is summarized in carrying through a extensive reading in diverse workmanships, articles, texts among others in order to become fullfilled analytically a reflection regarding what already it was produced on determined subject, thus making possible the recital of the article. In accordance with Marconi and Lakatos (2007, P. 43-44) the bibliographical research ' ' it consists of the published bibliography survey already on determined subject in pesquisa' '. The research comes through techniques to make possible this search for a reply that is significant, aiming at the resolution of problems. Therefore the scientific research is a relative inquiry the science, that through scientific methods and applications of research technique, in them the deduction, conclusion of some situation take problem.


Technology Concepts

June 21st, 2012

INTRODUCTION The technology concept is not recent, therefore since the decade of 1980 we come across in them with the evolution of the computers, television sets, the sprouting of the Internet for the society, amongst other advances. But it occurs that century XXI is bringing new concepts of technology and for the world of the education is appearing new elements for the transmission and the acquisition of knowledge. This concept is being called interatividade and the proposal of this work is to display, of form sucinta, as this process is intervening with the educational context and as the professors and the pupils are if adaptando to this new form of transmission of knowledge and the proper culture as a whole. The teaching professional must search new forms to promote the education, so that thus the educational construction occurs in ideal way for all. THE INTERATIVIDADE AND THE NEW FORMS OF EDUCATION IN THE TECHNOLOGICAL WAY The technology is something that is inserted in our day the day, does not exist a moment where not let us can use an equipment that contains a technology, therefore we use computers, since the residential computers until the most sophisticated netbooks, have television sets, we make use of the Internet Broad band, attend to films in cinemas 3D, we use cellular to each day more interactive, that is, the technology most advanced is in our lives. This technological advance is if revealing in diverse social ways and the Education it would not be different, new forms of education are being produced and this parameter makes in them to reflect as if it must apply these new technologies for the best form to produce education. As the professionals of the Education (professors; educational managers) and the proper pupils are if adaptando to this new technology. To mention and to reflect on these subjects, I will divide this work in three subjects, where he will be boarded as the new technologies must be applied in the educative process, the conceptualization of Interatividade, a term of great relevance nowadays and as the professor can use these news technologies to improve its lessons.


Digital Reading

May 20th, 2012

It is understood that the education of the Portuguese Language must give conditions to the pupils to acquire knowledge become that them capable to progress and that such progress gives guarantee to them of a releitura more criticizes of the reality. The pupils consider the sufficiently difficult Portuguese Language discipline between them of the pertaining to school resume, and therefore, appeal to an ability takes that them if to communicate of the form as they better incase themselves, that she is through the Internet. He is in it that they get loose themselves of the grammatical rules, that are established by the grammarians, denying all restrained a lingustica culture already for them. The pupil, through the reading and of the writing, if appropriates of information that will go to contribute for the construction of its knowledge. The pupils, when arriving at Basic and Average Ensino, present disinterest for the reading, prove the theoreticians. The habit of the reading is a continuous process that must be initiated before the child frequentar the school; only thus, it could be a way of acquisition of culture and not something obligator.

It is basic that practical one of reading since the initial series is developed one, making possible to the pupil the formation of the taste for the reading and the writing. It is intended, here, to reflect on the sprouting of the writing until the digital age and the possible contributions of this new technology, involving pupils of Basic and Average Ensino, providing a bigger contact to them with diverse materials of reading. Word-key: Reading. Writing. Abilities. It was Digital. Culture.



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