Federal Statistical Office

December 27th, 2013

In calendar year 2005 were divorced in Germany according to the Federal Statistical Office, approximately 201 690 marriages. Thus, the number of divorces was 5.6% lower than during 2004. Of 10,000 existing marriages nationwide about 109 marriages were dissolved. The number of underage children who were affected by the divorce of their parents, stood at 156 390. The share of divorced marriages with minor children was 49.2% nationwide in the Federal Statistical Office takes the view that – on the basis of the available data in 2005 – are divorced more than a third of all marriages, sooner or later by the courts.

The vast number of divorces took place after one year of separation of the parties. The statistics contain no information on whether the separation occurred within the former marital home or whether the couple had sought after the separation of their own homes. Neither contains the statistics about how often flat allocation procedures were necessary. Irrespective of these statistical data, any separation and divorce, a significant and formative turning point in the lives of all concerned. The more important it is for the parties concerned to actively deal with the issues involved. Helpful is also the Internet where one can find numerous sites where interested parties can discover the first tips and information that may be helpful for addressing the situation. An active discussion of the separation and divorce around the emerging issues (such as maintenance, custody, visiting rights, property dispute, etc.) also helps people to be able to judge the work of their own lawyer the better.

The Database

December 27th, 2013

In addition, the practice of restoration will allow your team to easily cope with recovery, when it really will neobhodimo.Esli you are 100% confident in the backup, then restore it never over their production database. "We do not need After-Imaging. We use secure disks "Hard to believe, but there are administrators who manage the database without the use of After-Imaging. This put them at risk losing all data created after the formation of the last operational backup, and it can mean losing a day of work or more if the backup is performed less frequently. Few modern companies are able to restore his day job, and they may not survive the loss of data of this magnitude. After-Imaging mechanism not only protects the database against hardware failures such as disk failure. In general the situation with the loss of Data related to human factors.

The administrator can accidentally delete a database, the programmer can create a bug, but a user to make a serious mistake, everything is exactly in duplicate to be reproduced in mirrored disk system. After-Imaging mechanism protects the database from such errors (including hardware), writing notes about all the database transactions AI-extents, which can then be reproduced on the basis of Data retrieved from the main backup, thus allowing to recover the database at any time. The presence of this mechanism has kept a lot of energy and nerve cells for database administrators and their managers. Rules: All the databases that represent at least some value, should be included mechanism of After-Imaging.AI-extents must be regularly backed up in a safe place, at least ezhechasno.AI archives must be continuously roll on the backup database to ensure that backup themselves AI-archives are not damaged and functional.

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Riu Del Cura Computer

December 26th, 2013

A name with meaning, which can be translated as he laughs or I also laugh. A precious smiles language or a riverbed which collects water drops and leads them to our beautiful sea. A neighbor tells me his first encounters with the priest of my people. He wanted it to be computerised and knew that I had a computer on his table. But he found that connection was missing. Connection?. Yes, this small thread that leaves behind the computer and it makes it possible to communicate with the outside world and call it Internet. It is curious that my people over the past two decades the chance that we have been able to play is given with the meaning of various surnames to define (rightly or wrongly) to our illustrious characters.

Paramo former mayor who was left alone, Riu priest who directs believers and brings together efforts. The neighbor laughs forcefully when it tells me to look at the cure computer more closely, it is not that only missing the thread to connect, but that also does not I had no network card. While we take another drink in the bar of the village (already considered City), my neighbor goes back to those early days, and as he was solving the questions posed the cure him, it seems that cost a little that is came to know and still had to spend several months for that after a trip to the Holy land that had organized the parishthe priest of the village remain satisfied and convinced of the importance of having Internet. It was those lands where there was excited to see on a small screen that he spoke of his parish and exposed photos of your church. In recent elections, change the Moor (the loneliness of the leader) by Casamitjana (halfway house), Yes, that Mayor I pregono participation and I remain without it.

Online Advertising

December 19th, 2013

In other articles I have mentioned the revolution experienced by the traditional advertising industry, to migrate to online advertising. Becoming is more evident with a simple navigation on the network, noted that large companies, to mention only a sector of the industry, move large budgets from traditional advertising aimed towards advertising and online presence. We have also analysed the reasons of that migration from the point of view of tactics and strategies. Now, if it is true that Internet is not middle of masses, as a means of traditional communication, but as a means of market niches, online advertising crosses by a process of adaptation and, now, not meeting the way infer whether it will be a short, medium or long term process. However, not everyone has realised the existence of this process, which involves thousands of billions of dollars in the air looking for acentamiento. There are two giant Internet that Yes you have discovered the phenomenon and have opened a new Pulse by capturing the revolution of online advertising. It is nothing more and nothing less than the Google search engine and the social Facebook.

Facebook is making a great effort to become the universal reference network, relying on its more than 500 million users, and has become one of the main alternatives to channel online advertising. At this point, it is common to find business profiles of major brands and companies in the site doing social marketing. This attempt of Facebook by channeling the revolution of traditional advertising has collided head-on with Google, the dominant search engine on the network, that precisely by that title, has managed to cotizarce as one of the largest Internet companies, mainly for its service of online advertising through keywords system and its infinite network of content, called Adwords and Adsence respectively. The resounding success of Google with its advertising system has no discussion and the giant allows the luxury of rejecting some sectors of industry, leaving a vacuum to be filled quickly advertising on Facebook to take advantage of its potential.

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Polish Adsense

December 12th, 2013

Many people are using this strategy to pick up some extras and money with Adsense. This is also especially rewarding to informational sites that focus their efforts on offering a powerful content affiliate network, the freedom of your visitors. You can now get a monetary return on your services. With the many techniques that people are learning about how to make easy money with Adsense, it is no wonder that this Google trying everything to update and Polish Adsense in order to maintain their good image. The possibility of adding a second tier in Adsense is not impossible. With everyone who spends more time in your Adsense now and more even than entering this line of marketing, there is no doubt about the many new still for making improvements. Imagine the smiles on the faces of the webmasters and publishers around the world if every once they register as sub-affiliate duplicate or even triple the amount you are already winning.

A spring of benefits particularly useful function that It is available with Adsense now is the ability to filter up to 200 urls. These give webmasters the possibility of blocking and offers pages of low value, as well as competitors to their websites. With Google Adsense, the possibilities are limitless. However, there is also the possibility that someone would take advantage of the easy money process that is doing with the Internet marketing. If you think more about it, these negative factors may force Google to break and finishing with Adsense and your process. If that happens, people would have to return to the old ways of Internet marketing that lack the possibility to earn money online as easy as with Adsense.

By now, and however, Google Adsense is here to stay. While there are people who want to earn some money online easy only with his talent, the future ahead looks good. In addition to all the strict guidelines that Google is the Adsense application, which will take some time to disseminate the Adsense privileges.

Beeline Moscow

December 5th, 2013

Then the difference would no longer be in favor of "MegFon-Moscow. Rate Megaphone – "Home" rate for those who constantly calls only 3 rooms. As a result, we obtain the following (30 sms and 150 minutes to mobiles within the network and 100 minutes to the city and on the phones of other operators) for: – "Home" (Moscow) – 970 p. – For "Home" (SPB) – 761 p. Little difference in 1.27 times. For this rate in Megafon spb "too many additional services that help you reduce the payment of up to 600 rubles. Rate MegFon "mobile" tariff for calls to mobile phones.

As a result, we obtain the following (30 sms, 150 minutes within the network, 50 minutes for other mobile operators, 50 minutes to the city. 1 call lasts for 2 minutes): – for "Mobile" (Moscow) – 695 p. – For "Mobile" (SPB) – 446 p. The difference in 1,56 times. Conclusion.

Moscow has confirmed once again the status of the expensive city. Why there is a difference in rates, I do not understand. It seems that the city is equally large, communication equipment using the same, the rental cost of land and premises are not much more in Moscow than in St. Petersburg. Let it remain on the conscience of the operators. What we got in the end: The biggest difference came out in the tariff Beeline – "Simply put, you a bonus." The difference in the 3.14 times large enough, so much so that you can buy Rates in St. Petersburg and at the same price deal in Moscow on long-distance calls. Thus not "greedy" from telecom operators was Megafon. Mainly because of what you need to compete in this regard, the Petersburg operator with Moscow. mts and Beeline approximately equal to the difference. ps All the calculations were made under my own name, under their own requirements and needs, so they may not coincide with yours. The next time I'll write about the most advantageous tariffs for specific needs. zy Their comments and suggestions to write in my blog.



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