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May 18th, 2015

Do I need a photographer at a wedding? The answer to this question newlyweds decide for themselves, like many others: what should be the bride's dress, bouquet, ring, whom to invite and how many will be guests of where and how to hold a banquet, etc. etc. Finally, throwing doubts away, say whether the long-awaited "Yes" or "No" under the arches of the Palace of the marriage. How many more challenges and problems facing the couple, who decided to voluntarily tie the knot Hymen, no one in the accuracy and do not count. But do all these labors and efforts will be wasted? Of course, this is not so the whole ceremony will take place is the best! All will congratulate newlyweds, dancing, having fun, talking ceremonial toasts and serve gifts And rest assured, this holiday will last long as something important and bright in your memory. But alas, it's not perfect A vivid photos – live images at any moment will carry you back to the world of love, only you to them take a look. Therefore, what will be forever imprinted on that day – not so unimportant issue for couples in love. Very often you can find an opinion – why the wedding needs a photographer, so many relatives and friends Cameras will be. " But I know from experience, guests come to congratulate the young, to participate in the celebration and enjoy it, and a little "a" to do shots at the "bar of soap." But that's just a wedding photo-responsible kind of photography.



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