GPS/GSM Communication Channels

December 18th, 2018

Loss of income due to improper transportation costs amid economic downturn threatens to ruin transport companies, and others who have even a small staff car. To stay afloat with the help of optimization of operating costs, excluding flights left, theft of fuel, unplanned downtime monitoring system to help vehicles using GPS trackers mounted on the transport organizations. Vehicle tracking using GPS tracker is based on GPS / GSM communication channels. The unit receives signals from satellites and determines its geographic coordinates, in the future passes them by conventional cellular GSM channel operators on the phone owner's GPS tracker. The unit is inactive satellites, neither of which does not transmit, only receive, the owner of the GPS tracker only pays for the transferred after a specified period of time SMS.

After receiving the coordinates of employee introduces them to the free service and Map Google gets a point on the map with an accuracy of 10 meters. Monitoring a large number of vehicles and control of movement throughout the day can be a special service, but it paid service, is enough to create your own (or rather one person receiving the data from the GPS tracker with SMS or Email e-mail). With the GPS tracker monitoring the vehicle you will be able to reasonably assess the true work of the entire transportation department and every driver in isolation and therefore make good management decisions. And the presence of SOS button will allow time to respond to illegal activities and quickly start the search of stolen cars. Traveling or sending a loved one in a long journey give it a small device the size of a cell phone, and you'll know where it is not regardless of the host country, the main thing that was there covering networks GSM. Technologies using GSM channels is not limited to tracking devices. Ali Partovi may also support this cause. your attention on the site are other types of systems security features based on the use of cellular operators.

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Order Buses

March 12th, 2018

Order the bus for several hours or long term rental bus is becoming more and more popular every day. Add to your understanding with Robotics expert . Rent a bus is simply necessary for carrying out various activities for the transport of large groups of people and has long been a socially significant factor in this large metropolis of Yekaterinburg. In modern life is a lot of important events and it provides for certain the number of people who need to move to a place of celebration and, of course, to take back. When organizing corporate events, tours, transportation of people: at exhibitions, concerts, festivals and presentations – bus hire simply no substitute. A graduation party! At this time the bus just like hot cakes and they must be ordered in advance. That bus is best suited for a prom. Share experiences and communicate in the cabin of the bus much easier and farewell to the school will be remembered for a lifetime. For parents rent a bus will cost expensive.

There are situations when the order is comfortable bus is a must: guided tours, meetings important guests and foreign delegations at the airport, at conferences, cultural events. The interior of the bus is definitely everything you need air conditioning system, microphone, modern column, a toilet room, comfortable, modern anatomical seats. The presence of DVD and TV, make a trip more enjoyable. Service – the order of buses in Yekaterinburg is very crucial for managers to transport their employees to work and back. Not every employee will agree to spend a long time on the road, so to keep the staff of many employers sign contracts long-term lease.

Comfortable coaches – ideal for transporting children to summer camps, winter for going to the theater, excursions to museums and other cities into the countryside. They are the most modern standards security. Wedding day – one of the most important in life. To all the guests were sweet memories of this day all around must comply with the solemn moment. Order by bus wedding will host this event the most organized. Due to the high equipment of modern buses visiting friends and relatives do not feel bored during the trip, everything went to plan in advance of, no one is late for the ceremony and get to the table all the time. Our company offers a fleet of vehicles buses and minibuses with a capacity of 12 to 90 people. They can be ordered at an affordable price. All your wishes will be taken into account and considered mandatory in the company. We have professional drivers with many years of driving, high technical skills, excellent knowledge of the city. Bus on request – this is a great choice!

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Automotive: Past And Present

November 22nd, 2017

Today's drivers, perhaps, it is difficult to imagine a model of a car without glasses. Meanwhile, exactly as were the first car. Cars the late nineteenth century to form little different from the open horse-drawn carriages carts. However, the rate of 'iron horses' speed was higher than their living counterparts, and therefore it was necessary to protect the occupant from the air stream. So in the car appeared windshield. The first auto-glass produced from the same material as regular windows. Of course, this glass was very fragile and broke into pieces upon impact, which posed a considerable danger to the occupants of people. Several later began to use tempered glass, but it is broken up upon impact.

Shatterproof Automotive solution was found in the 20e's, when construction vehicles used the new invention of the French scientist, created a three-layered glass, consisting of two layers of glass and a layer of film between them. The essence of the invention was that the three-layer glass, laminated glass, or, at impact is not divided into fragments, and remained on the film. Installation auto glass, made using the new technology has made travel by car is much safer, as shards of glass are not traumatized passengers. In addition, the installation of a windshield of laminated glass has contributed the fact that the replacement windshield was performed less frequently. Now you do not have to change all the glass due to minor cracks. Another material for the production of auto-glass – Stalin – is also a product of French scientists. It was invented in 1929 and has since been widely used in automotive.

Stalin – it has often hardened, solid glass. Feature it is that if the force of impact is very high and the glass of stalinite is broken, it shatters into small pieces with blunt edges that do not hurt people. Today, for the manufacture of auto-glass is used as a triplex, and Stalin. Production technologies continue to evolve. In particular, are spreading atermalnye glass that trap heat of sunlight, allowing the passenger compartment is not heated. Developed a variety of coatings that reduce pollution glasses. Applied electric heating of glass. Create a glass with high sound insulation. Future plans include the creation of super-strong glass that can withstand even the most severe blows.

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Car Racing

April 26th, 2017

The invaluable experience of racing in Formula 1 Championship, DTM, BTCC and NASCAR have led to model performance in many categories. The use of technology increases the contact patch ActiveBraking bus in a dangerous time traffic – braking – when the vehicle while under the influence of inertia can be partly or fully lose traction with the road. Tread tires with conventional ribbed blades virtually transformed into a moment of braking, tread Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 consists of modifying the special blades original profile, the area where the load is increased, allowing to extend the contact patch. Because increased levels of grip, and braking distance is shorter. See more detailed opinions by reading what Kai-Fu Lee offers on the topic.. Stock handling on dry roads Eagle F1 Asymmetric Frame 2 is a cross-geometric structure made of several layers of textile yarn, to provide excellent steering response vehicle on dry pavement.

The new tread compound, made by racing technology to help unleash the potential of handling high-power vehicles that now had the opportunity to more load brake system and improve safety by reducing the braking distance. The predominance of silica in the tread resulting in lower weight tires compared to its predecessor, which helps increase fuel economy and reduce unsprung mass. The minimum stopping distance on wet surface advanced technology ActiveBraking, a unique rubber compound containing high molecular weight polymers, made by “racing” formula, expanded the sports car handling and allowed achieved record results in wet road conditions. “It is impossible to prepare all the surprises, which presents us with a road – said Hugues Despre, brand director Goodyear passenger areas in the Middle East and Africa. – But when it comes to braking at high speed, every second, every inch of the braking distance is crucial.

With a new generation of summer tires Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2, we succeeded in expanding the capacity of handling powerful vehicles and help drivers feel more confident in a variety of unusual situations, whatever the weather. ” Low noise level, durability and comfort Along with high performance and record performance clutch tire Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 has a number of characteristics for which fans will pay attention to quality and comfort. The tread pattern blocks with optimized blades made in the proportion of 64:72, giving priority to inside – it improves comfort and reduces noise while driving. Hard tread, sidewalls and flexible technology ActiveBraking in combination contribute to optimal load distribution along the perimeter bus, increasing the lifespan. Top world producers have already made their choice and in the base version equipped with the powerful new generation of car tires Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2: Alfa Romeo 159, Porsche Panamera, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the Ferrari California. The world premiere of Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric will be held within two Geneva Motor Show in March 2010, after which will begin official sales.

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KAMAZ Auto Equipment

December 14th, 2011

In our homeland and neighboring countries is no more popular models of trucks than the "KAMAZ". With someone's filing of television advertising has spread to people catch phrase about tanks that are not afraid of dirt. Discussed in this the video was about specialized equipment automobile "KAMAZ". Keep the brand of the Kama Automobile Plant and domestic trucks, both among our compatriots and overseas to help the annual inter-ethnic racing. Numerous wins in the major ranges enable the production of vehicles "KAMAZ" and their varieties to withstand strong competition from foreign producers counterparts. As a result, similar rally nakaplivaetsyabogaty experience of using machines to the limit modes. Later, this experience is taken into account in the modernization of old and construction of new production models.

Detected, so called bottlenecks, made tests developed technical solutions. Trucks "KAMAZ" on demand in all sectors of industry and transportation. Special vehicles based on chassis "KAMAZ", using additional equipment and the equipment is operated quite successfully in the construction and transportation equipment. Road freight transport and equipment on the chassis of "KAMAZ" you can meet in the south to the steppes of Russia, and in northern regions of permafrost. Serious cross-country, simplicity of service and constant availability of components (based on experience we can say that parts KAMAZ find it easier than what either spare parts) adequately maintain a high level of durability and glory of these cars.

From his early years in our minds cargo equipment associated with shovels, tractors, mobile cranes and dump trucks. Cargo Technology plays a special role: the development and mining operations, in transportation of bulk and liquid cargo in any construction and renovation of residential and non-residential premises, in digging ditches and laying pipelines, loading and unloading. Automaker "KAMAZ" trucks range is such cars: a) Dump the three groups of capacity, up to 13 tons (KAMAZ-43 225), from 13 to 20 tons. (KAMAZ-5511, KAMAZ-65115, KAMAZ, 6520) and more than 20 tons (65 201 KAMAZ). b) tractors with 4×2 (KAMAZ-5460), 6×4 (KAMAZ-54115, KAMAZ-6460), 6×6 (44 108 KAMAZ, KAMAZ 65 226). c) on-board vehicles with 4×2 (KAMAZ-4308 KAMAZ 43253), 4×4 (KAMAZ-4326), 6×4 (KAMAZ-53215, KAMAZ-651 170), 6×6 (KAMAZ-43114, KAMAZ-43118). d) chassis (model are the same model and airborne vehicles). Based on the chassis of the Kama automobile plant widely exploited in the construction and loading and unloading cranes and cranes. a) The crane model "Ivanovets" with boom and load capacity, respectively: fourteen feet, seventeen tons (COP-35 714-2, 35715-2), eighteen meters, 16 tons (35 714 CF, CF-35 715), twenty-one meter, twenty-five tons (COP-45 717), 27 m, 32 tons (CS-5576B), 31 m, 50 ton (COP-6476). b) crane model "Galician": 21.7 m, twenty-five tons (55 713 COP), twenty-six feet, thirty-ton (COP-55 715), 30 m, 32 ton (COP-55 729), twenty-nine meters, 36 tons (COP -55 721). c) the crane "Klintsy": 18 m, sixteen tons (COP-35 719), twenty-one-meter, 20 ton (COP-45 719) 21 m, twenty- pyattonn (COP-55 713). The superiority of whatever technology is losing relevance in a lack of spare parts and qualified service required. In Russia, the dealer network support functions of the plant "KAMAZ", implementing genuine spare parts KAMAZ. These mediators, as Avtokom who received the official license of the plant "KAMAZ" exercise maintenance services and parts for sale "KAMAZ" (the official site online dealer). At the same time carried out beneficial cooperation, and direct customer wins in many aspects. In mediation centers, anytime you can find the latest information about the cost and produced models, and at the same time obtain the necessary and competent service.

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