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March 10th, 2016

From DVB-S/T/C, IPTV etc. again just watching TV, from, Shoutcast, DAB, FM etc., radio, DVD, Blu-ray, mp4, AVI, flv, WMV is again simple, video youtube, maxdome, etc. easily. In the development of the system and of the designs was the target and not hundreds of functions. At the beginning, the question was: How do I get as easy and intuitive as possible to my destination? TAO is a highly flexible, service based and scalable client-server system, which grows with the requirements. It consists of the following components: TAO-client – the direct interface to the user. All communication between the user and the system takes place in the user-centric interface. The client brings together all media available in a user-centric environment, no matter from what source, no matter in what format they are fed into the system and provides a context sensitive environment for playback.

All supported TV sources are summarized in the TV menu, no matter whether it via satellite. Fed antenna, cable or network are (for more, see TAO IPTV gateway). The same applies to the area of video, here you will find all kinds of “Movies”, because nothing else they want to see, whether the videos are self new round holiday videos, directly from DVD, the TAO-bootleg-server or online via the Internet by Max dome or other online libraries are called. TAO-bootleg-Server – provides controlled access to all stored videos. Whether it’s providers or your film collection own recordings or purchased content from content, TAO provides a bootleg solution that grows with the personal requirements. The TAO-bootleg-server are packed according to the individual requirements, to meet the personal needs exactly. You integrate themselves completely in the TAO of IP video management platform. TAO IPTV gateway – a stable and multifunctional video gateway, which has been developed to record any TV streams like DVB-C/S/T and to convert an IP transport stream (TS).

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Compact Measuring Systems

March 9th, 2016

Excel system to 4, 5 m is possible with the new trade fair system sizes now the advantage of fair systems in contrast to the presentation systems as fair walls, rollup displays and banner stands is that a single system is used, consisting of related components and can be expanded to larger bases. Called the mobile presentation systems, or even fair sets consist of components which will be collected flexibly, however, have no single system components. This can used extremely space-saving, but rarely produce a uniform appearance. Exhibition systems, however, are composed of single frame systems for different booth sizes. So far the systems were used until a common size of 6 or 9 m. With the new EX POMADE can fair systems but a system component used for stand space from 3 m. The advantage is that these systems can be extended with mobile and This repeatedly for more trade fairs with different bases can be used.

This effective use of systems leads to cost effective marketing tools. Have this advantage, to owe their modular construction systems EX POMADE. According to the modular principle, the systems are expanded or rebuilt. Be row booths corner booths and Compact 3 x 0, 5 systems can build around booths to 6 x 5 without stand Builder. Just like the mobile presentation systems, the mobile exhibition stands without stand Builder can be fitted. The platform offers all the information around the mobile fair and of course all information provided smaller bases. Among other things introduces also the EX POMADE trade fair systems with its extremely compact dimensions of 3 x 0, 5 m and 3 x 1, 5 m. Both systems can be flexibly extend for more operations and outstanding design, the 3 can even use 50 m high Messeturm.

The website provides not only for smaller areas suitable measuring systems, but also for large. The mobility of systems always on top is, however, no matter what size you have chosen. Mobility is essential for ease of transport and time-saving development, not only in smaller exhibition stands. For all other information, see. To equip compact space with the appropriate fair systems, see also here all.

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Photovoltaic Systems

March 1st, 2016

Photovoltaic systems also assist a fire under current fire can not normally delete Schramberg more and more buildings are equipped with photovoltaic systems. For a lucrative business that the State supports financially strong is to produce solar power. But the plants pose a threat: In case of fire, the fire can not as usual delete. Because the plants continue to produce electricity and who comes with a module into contact, risk of a fatal electric shock. Also the Tubingen has already dealt with this current issue fire.

The safety of our volunteers has always priority”, underlines Valley City Commandant Annette Melvin. You will of course continue to try to also delete a burning building if a photovoltaic system on the roof is assembled as soon as possible. ibute to your knowledge. But we must proceed carefully and can the roof skin not as otherwise open.” In a fire the volunteers try so far about the ladder by to get up to the fire. This usually the roof tiles be removed, including specifically to combat fire position. So, you can direct the Jet directly on the fire. If a PV system located on the roof, this is not possible.

Then we need to keep a safety distance of about ten meters to the building and can fight only from this distance the flame”, underlines the Commandant. Then nothing should happen normally.” Although not so specifically can be deleted, but a cooling achieved by the water. Annette Melvin knows about attempting to cover the modules with foam and to prevent the generation of electricity. These are out beaten, however, not sticks on the smooth surface of the foam. A photovoltaic system is so constantly under stress and with up to 1000 Volts. When a fireman thus comes into contact, he can die of an electric shock. Therefore, some firefighters call already, that to protect of their workers the DC voltage is limited to maximum of 120 volts.

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