Ecosystems And Health

February 11th, 2016

In the first part of the project Atlantic Bioma Mata, it was supplied to the pupil a general vision of the Universe with brief information on its origin and evolution, the solar system and the planet Land. This suffered an ecological boarding where its main ecosystems had been argued. Later, in the second part, the work was directed to some Brazilian natural regions with hangs special in the study and reflection of bioma Atlantic Mata, for it to shelter the set of ecosystems: manguezal, restinga and forest? or at least, what it remained of them? that it occurs in the City of Rio De Janeiro. In the following part, the reading and quarrel of questions on ambient degradation and its consequences in air, water and ground had been made, especially related to the great urban centers. a>. in the fourth and last part, had been presented and argued examples of public interest actions for the sustainable development. Implanting Agenda 21 with the pupils Agenda 21 is a document generated from the River Echo for global implantation, foreseeing, in more than 40 topics, the possibilities of sustainable development for the planet, where if it can generate development without damages to the quality of life of the human being and to the ambient conditions. This philosophy in the guiding of the conditions of life of the planet for and a just healthful environment can be summarized, with the perfect balance between the human being, the nature and the economy, without harming the development and the quality of life, and without degrading the planetary environment. This exactly document foresees the implantation of the national Agenda 21, that it will have to be implemented, in each country, observing itself its peculiar characteristics e, still, Agenda 21 place that, in thesis, must be implemented in each city or locality where a human nucleus with necessities of growth and ambient and economic support exists, without damage of quality of life and the degradation of ecosystems (ROMANELLI, 2010).


CMS Systems

February 11th, 2016

How long do you think you need to learn to do on the WEB? A month or two, maybe a year? No, it is just a few hours, if you create websites based on CMS systems. You may even be the first time you hear about them, and the name of CMS (Content Management System) you feel mysterious. Nevertheless, already in his translation, it is clear that CMS – Content Management System is or to put it another way – content). Content – these are the materials that appear on this site: texts, images, videos, sound files, etc. To organize them properly and create a website you can go two ways: 1.Izuchat HTML, CSS and programming languages for WEB – the most widely used PHP and Perl.

After spending several months to study them, you become a real master of WEB and learn how to do full dynamic sites (ie, those whose content may vary). 2.Install on the CMS system and read a short tutorial on its use (this is the simplest case). At the same time you will spend a few hours – mostly it goes only to learn the basic terms, because the administration site through an already established system of CMS is intuitive even the novice. To add articles pictures and other materials created by the site enough to make a few mouse clicks in its backend (control panel). Sign in to it you can from any computer connected to the Internet via a normal WEB browser. CMS systems, there are many – there is a commercial (paid), and completely free.

And what to choose from this set – it is your decision, which depends on the decision convenience and ease of site management. Begin his acquaintance with many CMS systems with free advise Joomla. It is easy to install and configure, but has many possibilities. One major advantage – thousands of templates that can change the look of the site just a few mouse clicks. In addition, in the future, to deal with HTML and CSS, you can create your original template, and then no one would say that you have made the site is similar to others, like chickens from a hatchery.

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Articulated National System

February 7th, 2016

The National Conference of Education 2010: one to look at critical-social in the new document and its lines of direction for education in Brazil. To argue the education, in particular in Brazil, is something meticulous and complex, considering that the readings made for intellectuals, partisan academics, politicians, civil society and too much social actors are of diverse forms, as for example of that this comes gaining significant universalizao in the attendance as well as better quality. The new document of the CONAE (National Conference of Education) brings excellent quarrels so that the new educational politics are thought about Brazil from 2011, has seen such document to mark out with buoys and to base the new National Plan of Education for the decade of 2011/2020. The politics that theoretically support the functioning of Brazilian education are given as plain carried through being able for them of each sphere, municipal theatre, state or federal taking in account the data found in Justinian codes of Research the example of the INEP (Educational Institute of studies and Research Ansio Teixeira). Of this form, the norteamento of these politics if of inside of vises as of equity, category sufficiently defended in the proposals, mainly from 1990, being in culminncia in recent years of this decade. The new document of the CONAE was developed from the subject: Constructing the Articulated National System of Education: The National Plan of Education, Lines of direction and Strategies of Ao.Este, comes in general to the meeting of the insatisfaes of the population being distinguished that the conferences had been carried through of form articulated with the society and that such conference is in a bigger scope: The National System of Education. The proposals of the document of the CONAE, carried through in Brasilia in the period of 28 of March 1 of April of 2010, invites in them to a sociological look in what it says respect to the explanation of the Brazilian educational necessities, will make such look in clippings of the structuralized axles as the priorities unchained for the conference and having established a mediation dialectic with the subjects: improvement, quality, equity and equality. .


SYSTEM Biologist

February 5th, 2016

The adaptation of the IEP to the current scene has as main bias the strategical perception, that will be useful in the conduction to the objectives and goals considered for the managers. In this panorama in permanent change, where the chances and threats are constant, the elaboration and application of general strategies and marketing are a process that needs a proper dynamics, so that the engessamentos, diametralizaes and retrocessions are prevented. Thus being, this study it intends to present some theoretical and practical quarrels regarding the competitive strategies of the education institutions contemporaries. 2 IEP: SYSTEM, STRATEGIES AND 2,1 DECISIONS Proposal sistmica In the decade of 40, the German biologist Ludwig Von Bertalanffy, in its scientific and philosophical immersions, met ahead of a prompt questioning: the division of science in myriad you discipline, that they generated new sub-you discipline. In consequence, it alerted who the physicist, the biologist, the psychologist and the social scientist were encapsulated in its private universes (closed system), making impracticable the view of the word of a cocoon to the other. It perceived that it was necessary to not only study parts and processes separately, but also to search solutions for the decisive problems and in the order unify that them, resultant of the dynamic interaction of the parts, becoming different the behavior of these when treated to isolated form or when treated in all. The biologist finished for provoking a disorganization of the reinantes ideas that teimavam in strengthening the concept ' ' algoritmo' ' , guaranteeing the survival of the closed, isolated and refractory systems. It defended the legitimacy in general demanding a theory of applicable universal principles to the systems. It thought who if the theoreticians wanted to apply the model of the open systems were necessary to arrive at the generalization of the proper theory that was related not it units physics, but the biological units.



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