Sergio Adeodato

August 29th, 2016

In accordance with the biologist Enrico Bernard, of the International Conservation, the forest will be fragmented in lesser pieces each time, reducing the minimum size of indispensable area for the survival of the species of animals, what he compromises biodiversity the genetic crossing between them, taking them it the extinguishing. Until when the Amaznia it will resist? Here it is the central question that mainly worries the inhabitants of some states of the region North of the country. Mainly, in consequence of the opening of roads, of the wild mining, the galopante deforestation and the continuous urbanization. A chain of scientists supports that the Amaznia will be able to be changedded into a great savannah, of vegetation well more dries and tripping, as the open pasture, and can until turning a desert. It seems fiction, but it is not. They see the destination of the Brazilian Atlantic bush, that in the past had continental dimensions, occupying all the littoral band of the country, and today it is reduced to less than 8% of its original size. They is esteem that the secondary highways, roads and branches of access the Amazonian towns, constructed until the moment, had been responsible for the deforestation of 250 a thousand kilometers squared of forests – more than what one decade of falling of trees of trees in the region, considering the annual taxes. The highways draw the map of the region.

Beyond the activity of the lumber and the increase of the pastures, another factor that disturbs is the advance of the cultivation of the soy and cotton in the edge of the forest. Therefore the culture of the soy attracts roads. the more roads, migrantes arrive to burn and to cut trees. However, still it has solutions. The cast of reflections and action includes a bigger presence of the public power, social mobilization and economic valuation of the forest in foot. The book of Sergio Adeodato presents a series of basic proposals that must be adopted the short and average stated period: to implement with bigger emphasis the National Plan of Combat to the Deforestation and to regularize the ownership of the land, the valuation of taxes weighed for the destructive economic activities, cut of tax incentives, restrictions for the opening of new roads and the requirement of previous ambient reports for alternative projects of of job and the zoning the proposal of the researchers and ambientalistas are that they are extended for 10%.

In the case of the opened units of conservation for the sustainable exploration of the forest, the goal is to raise of current 9% for 40% of the Amaznia, being increased the income generation and reducing the threats of destruction of the areas most sensible. The Amazon region has today more than 1,2 a thousand scientists with doctor headings and concentrates 3% of the national investments in science and technology. Much little. It would need to duplicate these numbers, in next the 10 years, so that the volume of investments for inhabitant folloies the Brazilian average. From the research, the idea is to form partnerships between> ONGS and the federal government (Ministry of the Environment) and to construct to a great data base and information as support for the definition of government politics and for the regional development.


Ecosystems And Health

February 11th, 2016

In the first part of the project Atlantic Bioma Mata, it was supplied to the pupil a general vision of the Universe with brief information on its origin and evolution, the solar system and the planet Land. This suffered an ecological boarding where its main ecosystems had been argued. Later, in the second part, the work was directed to some Brazilian natural regions with hangs special in the study and reflection of bioma Atlantic Mata, for it to shelter the set of ecosystems: manguezal, restinga and forest? or at least, what it remained of them? that it occurs in the City of Rio De Janeiro. In the following part, the reading and quarrel of questions on ambient degradation and its consequences in air, water and ground had been made, especially related to the great urban centers. a>. in the fourth and last part, had been presented and argued examples of public interest actions for the sustainable development. Implanting Agenda 21 with the pupils Agenda 21 is a document generated from the River Echo for global implantation, foreseeing, in more than 40 topics, the possibilities of sustainable development for the planet, where if it can generate development without damages to the quality of life of the human being and to the ambient conditions. This philosophy in the guiding of the conditions of life of the planet for and a just healthful environment can be summarized, with the perfect balance between the human being, the nature and the economy, without harming the development and the quality of life, and without degrading the planetary environment. This exactly document foresees the implantation of the national Agenda 21, that it will have to be implemented, in each country, observing itself its peculiar characteristics e, still, Agenda 21 place that, in thesis, must be implemented in each city or locality where a human nucleus with necessities of growth and ambient and economic support exists, without damage of quality of life and the degradation of ecosystems (ROMANELLI, 2010).


Environ Announces Acquisition Of Brazilian Consulting Firm Arquipelago

April 27th, 2011

At the time of the announcement, Washburn said: “This acquisition is part of the ENVIRON strategy to enhance our geographic presence and our range of skills, therefore, continue to meet the changing needs of our customers.” Washburn noted that the transition ENVIRON reflects the commitment of the investment in the firm’s future, providing opportunities for professional growth of its employees and expand its ability to offer its customers the highest level of scientific and strategic assistance.

The acquisition expands the geographic scope of ENVIRON in Latin America, where environmental challenges represent opportunities to offer value-added advice, and improve the technical capabilities of the firm in environmental engineering and carbon management, the two key growth areas. It is also compatible with the platform to perform due diligence ENVIRON, advice and troubleshooting on site in Latin America, where there is a growing demand for long-term customer. Founded in 1998, Arquipelago has two offices (in Sao Paulo and Valinhos, Brazil) and a staff of approximately 30 professionals who provide strategic and technical assistance in a variety of complementary areas, including environmental engineering, environmental site assessments, problem solving in situ and advice on sustainability. Like ENVIRON’s success has been based on Arquipelago proactively identifying customer needs and focus on excellence technical, responsiveness and problem solving to meet these needs. Lattouf said: “We are delighted to be joining ENVIRON, whose culture, international presence, diversified practice and structure of private property, will help the employees of Arquipelago. We see tremendous long-term value in joining ENVIRON and expand our business, not only in Brazil but also in other parts of Latin America.



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