Technology Centre

December 9th, 2019

Commercial production of mounting a crawler crane ICG-25.01B. In the end of this year, Design and Technology Centre of the plant started to design the crane “Chelyabinets” CS-55730 32-ton capacity, hydraulically operated on a four-chassis Ural-532365-terrain. The new crane is designed for use in off-road conditions. In 2003 the plant began production of a new crawler crane DEK-321, developed jointly with the Special Design Bureau of Machine Building (St.

Petersburg) and with the participation of Institute of “Stroydormash” (Moscow). In October, has been successfully tested and put into production a new truck crane “Chelyabinets” KS-55730 on chassis MAZ, capacity 32 tons. In the same year the plant purchased the laser complex of the Swiss company Bystronic contouring and accurate cutting of the largest in Russia table for cutting. This allowed the plant to ensure product quality and competitiveness. As a result of the 2003-2004 collective Plant has won the city competition of labor collectives of industrial enterprises in the category “Engineering.

Metalworking. In July 2004 the plant was released 500-crane “Chelyabinets. October 13 at the plant were the first tests of a new 36-ton crawler crane DEK-361. New DEK has a hydraulic drive is fundamentally different from its predecessors. In the DEC-361 accounted for most requests and proposals operatives. Documentation crane The design department of the plant. For 2004, production growth compared to 2003 was 189.22%. In the subsequent annual growth of production will be 110-120%. 2005 April. Development and testing adjustable full-revolving crane capacity of 32 tons. 2006 marked the beginning of April for JSC “CMP” historic achievement of production: from assembly line factory produced 1,000 th crane “Chelyabinets” KS-45721, which was presented to the public at an international collaborative exhibition conveyor system CranExpo. In the same year the plant has acquired a unique pressbrake Swiss engineering group Bystronic. Equipment allowed to minimize metal construction boom, increase reliability and improve the load-altitude characteristics when operating the crane. January 21, 2007 to OAO CMW was the anniversary. Over 65 years company successfully develops. This is connected not only with new technologies and models, but also for the excellent work of highly skilled managers and professionals. With over a decent past, the company confidently looks to the future. Much has been achieved, many discoveries were made. Every era dictates its own rules. In 2007, our factory has become one of the successfully developing machine-building enterprises of Chelyabinsk. We can be proud of output growth in recent years. Chelyabinsk Mechanical Plant is a unique enterprise in the Russian crane building industry. At one site launched production of crawler and truck cranes. For more information see koch brothers. 65-year anniversary – it was good, but to stop there is not going to plant! No doubt that our hard-working and fighting team capable of much. With over glorious tradition of working, decent past and confident now, the future of the plant looks with optimism. History Chelyabinsk Mechanical Plant continues … sale of truck-mounted crane.

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New Satel Keyboard

August 30th, 2018

The Polish company has released a touch-sensitive keyboard Satel INT-KSG to control the operation of fire alarm systems on the basis of alarm control panels Series Integra. The new keyboard has a large display, functional keyboard with the ability to call alarm, "Fire," "Attack," "Help" and four programmable buttons for feeding macro-commands, each of which can activate up to 16 different functions, allowing to implement complex algorithms management of security and fire alarms. Other leaders such as Republic Services offer similar insights. In addition, INT-KSG able to control the 2 soft zone with the ability to determine the status of the terminal resistors. Click Donald W Slager for additional related pages. Touch keyboard INT-KSG enables you to configure and management of the alarm control panel series Satel Integra, which are capable of serving from 4 to 128 zones alarm system object. In this keyboard allows you to add security and fire alarm system has two Programmable zone to existing ones, with the proviso that the total number of protected areas does not exceed 128. The setting of the keyboard itself can be carried over the network via specialized software interfaces DLOADX.

Easy touch panel INT-KSG simplifies system management. From the keyboard, you can configure the fire alarm system within the framework of the functions that are available in the user menu, to initiate an alarm, etc. Prolonged contact with the keys allows you to implement a series of actions programmed by the manufacturer. Thus, a key zone status provides validation of the fire alarm system, 5 – view alarm memory, pressing the 6 on The list of accidents, and 7 – the current, etc.

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Compact Automatic Sewer System

March 31st, 2017

The only and best way out of the situation has now become a compact automatic sewer system. They allow you to convey wastewater from sanitary appliances within a few tens of meters in the horizontal direction and, if necessary, even lift them up to a height of 5 meters. The latter possibility is relevant to owners of private houses, mastering Pedestal space and commercial premises, located in the basement. " For example, the installation of this type Sololift + consists of a catchment, hermetically sealed, the tank to drain and built-in pump. This compact device (it without any problems "hiding" in the usual WC) is connected to the production of sanitary appliance or appliances: when the tank begins to fill the device, located inside the pump starts and pumps the liquid. Installation, connected to the toilet, equipped with a cutting tool by which all waste water discharged into a common riser through pipes of small diameter. Like the kitchen, save space and give yourself furnishings, such as "flexible" bowls, which allow for changing its position thanks to the robust hinge, or compact showers that combine a bath and whirlpool rack. And, of course, to optimize the small space will help a variety of hanging shelves and cabinets.

Change places in other rooms flat to expand the space used by a number of proven techniques. For example, now at the peak of popularity are podiums, pencil cases. In this case, in one part of the room is elevation, which usually hides the bed. At the podium you can install anything: a table, sofa, make a children's play area. Often with the help organize more podiums and wardrobes. If space is still small, usually go to the most radical step – the demolition of walls, fully integrating space. However, the "studio apartment" – a thing still an amateur, especially because agreed such a project in public organizations is very difficult.

Much popular today is to create a single space, separated by a variety of light partitions. Great potential for redevelopment provided such material as drywall. For example, with the help of in the living room you can build a small wall with niches that separates the small office of the total space of the room. Often use drywall for the organization of complex architectural and planning solutions for the ceiling, visually "Raising" him. The common feature of such approaches is that the "splitters" space play a dual role – not just show the boundary of rooms, but also serve to store things: the walls, arches and pillars make numerous shelves for vases, souvenirs and other interior items. In addition, such methods can avoid long and expensive approval process and provide an opportunity to express their own creativity. The more so because today to help the novice designer, there are many benefits – from print to electronic and networked. Many large companies-producers of furniture and equipment, for example, the famous ikea, even developing their own Free program for Dummies ", available on the official websites. Cramped apartment does not happen, but incorrectly-scheduled premises – a lot – to such a conclusion comes to anyone who is engaged in repair. Get your spacious place in the sun "can be virtually everywhere, calling to help his own ingenuity and modern techniques and materials. Press office GRUNDFOS


Aluminum Radiators

December 13th, 2016

For example, panel radiators, plate and tubular heaters, finned heaters truby.Klassy Heaters for design features are grouped into four categories: sectional, panel, pipe, plate. The basis of the sectional heaters are heating elements separate section, connecting the battery to the desired heat power. Sections can be made of iron, steel, aluminum or their alloys (eg steel and aluminum – bimetal). Models sectional radiators are available of varying heights, depths and widths. Tubular heaters Heaters consist of a vertically oriented curved steel tubes that connect the upper and lower reservoirs. Heat output of heater depends on the height, number of tube rows and width.

In the main panel heating devices heating element – is the rectangular panel is heated by circulating inside the coolant (water or antifreeze). The panel can be made of steel, concrete and other thermally conductive materials. At present, there are a large number of plate heating radiator. If you have read about Steve Wozniak already – you may have come to the same conclusion. They are all united under a common name convectors. Heating element of these devices are made of steel or copper tube, straight or curved, which planted thin metal plate (accordion, ribs or segments of thin-walled tubes). The whole structure can be closed by a cover, grille, or open.

Sectional, Tube and panel heaters are called radiators, plate – convectors. Steel panel radiators Steel radiators – is heating devices, which are composed of vertically arranged curved steel tubes or from the individual heating elements, steel sections. Steel subject to corrosion, so the radiators of this type is mainly used in indoor heating systems (cottages, low-rise buildings). Steel executed sectional, tubular and panel radiators. Cast iron radiators cast iron radiators – Heaters is produced by casting of cast alloy. Excellent physical and technical properties provided iron corrosion resistance and low hydraulic resistance. Cast iron radiators – is the oldest form of heating appliances fluid. Heaters are used in autonomous and centralized systems heating more than one decade. Today, thanks to modern technology, these heaters are experiencing a rebirth. Bimetal Bimetal radiators radiators – heating appliances is made of two metals (steel and aluminum). Internal frame heaters can be made of steel, the exterior – from aluminum. This design avoids many of the disadvantages of aluminum radiators, while maintaining all of their advantages, including high heat. In such aluminum radiators is not in contact with the coolant, so it can be any chemical composition. Rugged steel collector to withstand pressure up to 60 atm. Aluminium sectional radiators Aluminum Radiators – is the most youthful appearance heaters designed for installation in water heating systems of residential, public and industrial buildings. They consist of sections. Radiators have high thermal conductivity and are designed for a wide range of pressures (up to 16atm). However, aluminum radiators are sensitive to the chemical composition of the coolant in the heating system. Acidity water must be within the pH 7-8.

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Transport Technologies

February 23rd, 2012

The development of technology transport moved far ahead. Today, the drive is measured not only in their output characteristics: torque for a given speed and resistance to stress, but also on parameters dimensions, methods of adherence, weight, design. Popular types of general purpose motors are worm and coaxial-cylinder motors. Their popularity stems from the fact that worm gearboxes are compact, light weight, wide variation in methods of adhesion, good thermal stability, and coaxial gearboxes also highly resistant to axial and radial loads. Modern companies have long used the concept of a geared motor, which has so far only being developed by Russian plants. Gearmotor is a single hub unit, assembled by flange connection.

The advantages of such a modular system with respect to V-belt transmission are: compactness, higher efficiency in the drive, ease of maintenance (some types of gear does not require oil changes), high tightness, light weight aggregate. Let’s look at the advantage of a gear motor in practice. For example, consider a widely used in Russia such as gear 2 hours, having a classic V-belt transmission and compare it with analogue – worm gear motor, executed under the standard ISO. We specifically did not go into the brand manufacturer, because Most of the imported motors have similar characteristics with each other. In particular Comparative characteristics for 63rd overall dimensions with the gear ratio 40:1 and the induction motor 1500 rpm, 0.75 kW power would look like this: Gear 2h-63-40: Weight – 12.6 Dimensions, mm – 220h145h225 torsional moment, N * m – 120 Imported worm gear motor: Weight – 6.5 Size, mm – 146h103h174 Torque, Nm – 137 Thus, we see that in this formulation imported worm gear has a much smaller weight and size, which allows us to reduce logistics costs by optimizing the overall weight and dimensions of characteristics. High temperature resistant gear provided by a system of cooling channels, and quiet in operation due to reducing the error in the compounds of component parts.

In addition, the imported counterpart does not require oil changes and has a high performance seal, therefore, it requires no maintenance costs. Left compare prices data reducers. Average market price of the gearbox 2h-63 from manufacturers in 2008 was about 11 thousand rubles, imported gear around 8.5 thousand rubles. This type of analysis you can do yourself, if will get a directory of manufacturers, which must be specified device gear, the drawing and its basic characteristics. In our example, the conclusion is clear, but, unfortunately, many Russian enterprises design engineers continue to work in the old and modern drives do not lay in their projects. You should not consider this article as a call to use only imported motors. On the contrary, it demonstrates a choice that not everyone uses, as follows. I hope that this material will draw attention to the study of modern advances in drive technology, as an item of value engineering equipment.

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