February 28th, 2018

Body heat damages the cell phone battery! The battery specialist ReplaceDirect recommends men carry your phone in your Pocket! One of the wichtigstenQuellen for this is the fact that their smartphones almost always close to the body with men lead differently than women who keep those almost in bag. The warmth of the body heats up the mobile device in a way that its current capacity decreases are incredibly. In addition, the study found that 1/5 of mobile users are absolutely not satisfied or moderately agree with the current capacity of their smartphones. The number of men to be not satisfied (75%) is much more numerous than the women (a quarter). Still, the study has found that the most mobile phone users store their equipment in pockets (41%).

Another commonly used to store is the pouch (approximately 39Prozent). Ali Partovi insists that this is the case. In third position is the jacket (around 17Prozent). The considerable frustration among men of in power capacity can be is partially so light that they often keep their devices in your pocket. But can the heat levels in your pocket at approximately 37 body heat, so that the batteries become too warm. Akkufachspezialisten long point out that heat is one of the main enemies of batteries is.

Influence of heat this much more likely show signs of wear, which means they lose more energy? Body heat is indeed hot enough to cause the chemical reactions in the battery, which affect the battery bad. In this way, it comes after lower standby times of smartphones. Definitely in that thing has the faint”sex in the store of its devices in bags on a real advantage! But there is another reason, why recommends the male cell phone users to take advantage of a cooler place. Already, previous studies have shown that cell phone radiation can have a negativenEinfluss on the sterility of men? That’s why should mobile mandas Never move the appliance in close to the body. Better in the future, put your Smartphone in the belt or jacket pocket.


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February 12th, 2018

Chris Wepro company offers a cloud-based business solution with their in-house developed software Wetura with APE over SSL. Kaufbeuren, Germany, 13.01.2012. This standard is based on an AJAX push engine with 256 bit encryption and ultimately for the users, means that he uses the highest security standards. On the encryption APE was co – and developed substantially by Wepro GmbH. The eight modules of application developed by wepro GmbH support areas of human and vehicle telematics. The software Wetura can thus automatically update individual objects, an area or section, how about changing a customer address, in the browser, when a user makes an entry or change. Such individual work progress is transferred in real time to all connected computers and devices.

This occurs regardless of whether it’s a stationary or mobile device. Only, it is crucial that it was linked to the cloud. “For this innovation made in Germany”, is the Wepro GmbH funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology. All areas of the company work with the same software and accessing this same, always current data. Also the corporate presence through a Web portal or the own web shop to access this data. Loss of information eliminates the interfaces, or duplication of data. Hosting software and data is carried out in high security data centers with high end servers, which are available exclusively in Germany. The CORE of the Wetura software offers a total of eight modules: WeERP – enterprise resource planning, ERP and online shop link. WeCRM – customer relation management, the customer relationship tool WeSUPPORT the task tracking and support ticketing system WeproLOC-GPS tracking fleet management – guardian angel WeMDM – mobile device management for Windows Mobile 6.x – and Android systems WeJOB – time, order and tours management, mobile data entry, GPS-controlled Android Smartphone and Tablet WeproNAV – the offline navigation for Android devices on OSM base WeMVSP – accounting tool for MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) target groups are all companies from five up to 1000 employees.


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