Information And Communication: Cultural And Social Transformations

May 22nd, 2018

Whereas the changes in the interpretation of reality to include communication, we examine a problem to understand the Society of Information and Communication to its implications in the processing of spatial and temporal organization of social life. Swift changes as a result of the relationships between technology and society are reaching and changing the fabric and foundation of our society developed. The evidence for these radical changes are observable from information and communication, and more particularly the virtual networks and redefine affecting all areas of development and social progress. No matter that the individual does not have a PC, anyway what we have in technology (medical technologies, vaccines, medicines, processed food), close (televisions, telephones) or outside (satellites) 1 and therefore it is impossible not to get involved in digital culture and symbols marked by devices connected. Communication in the Information Society Information Society redefines the structural position of different subjects and their interaction, due to the flow of information telecommunication networks interconnect. That is, the progress of science and technology have established a new order from globalization affecting culture, now characterized by the paradigm shift. In this regard, sociologists Alain Touraine 2, Anthony Giddens 3 and Manuel Castells 4 hold different opinions on the new communication and information. For example, Touraine think the information is associated with the technology – which is not part of culture – but is seen as an authority that defines the cultural orientations. As for virtual worlds, says they have no real representation and therefore the cultural values and social norms are not aligned.


Clients Out

May 18th, 2018

Today companies focus increasingly its efforts and investments in the Internet market but why there is this tendency? Maybe the Internet is the medium of communication that fastest growing in terms of the ability to inform and interact with the public, also provides us the ease of measuring its efficiency in any of the campaigns that we adopt. But we can not set aside other methods of advertising and marketing. Definitely not. Media such as radio, newspapers or magazines, are also efficient in identifying potential customers. We must achieve a perfect balance in our investments in marketing and present our clients corporate value by different means of communication. Our clients live in a virtual world (online) but also in a material world. In this article we’ll explore four tips to get success in a campaign of publicity through print articles such as newspapers, magazines, etc step 1: use different forms of advertising printed to connect with your target audience, effectively may be the ads of newspapers or magazines. Before determining which newspaper or magazine you will be published, first be sure to select information that is specifically directed to the audience you want to reach with base in geography, demographics or industry. Viacom has much experience in this field.

Remember to see if the magazine is being read and accepted by its customers or business prospects. Step 2: once you have selected the appropriate publications, determine the frequency that your ad will be broadcast. In the field of advertising, excessive exposure it is best that the virtue of the same exposure, i.e., your advertisement should be posted repeatedly to achieve good results, in short, you must expose to readers your ad repeatedly to make it effective. Step 3: once you have determined that publications and schedules are appropriate for your objective audience (and budget), you will need to create a message that connects with the needs of your target market. You must communicate to readers what they can do for them. Be sure to include a call to action; invite readers to visit your website, call or visit your company for more information.

Step 4: Finally, evaluate and track, it is not known whether a campaign is effective unless you follow their process. By including your website in all ads, you can track the number of visitors to your site, during and immediately after the campaign. Include a phone number in your ad that allows you to measure the amount of people interested in this announcement calling. This method of telemarketing serves for the way in which the person learned of your company; so you can track the success of your campaigns by print media. This procedure allows you to understand how many people see your ad and has taken some steps, in last instance you will find new customers! If you need help with marketing print, Web or marketing online, please contact us today at 401-709-4342. Can also schedule a consultation and find more information just click here.


WEG Strategy

May 7th, 2018

The kick-off event is by best-selling author and entrepreneur coach Stefan Meerut EKS StrategieCentrum moderated provides new impulses for a secure existence independent and better growth opportunities with the StrategieCentrum Sudwestfalen get interested entrepreneurs in the recent region of Germany as well a regional focal point of the network for success and growth. Communication expert Jens Schluter and innovation consultant Dr. Read more here: Peter Asaro . Angelika Kolb-Telieps have taken over the management of the StrategieCentrums of South Westphalia and provide independent strategic impetus for more growth once in a month. A focal point and at the same time base for many innovative models, the Engpasskonzentrierte developed by Prof. Wolfgang Mewes this strategy “represents.

The ECS stands for more than 30 years for success through specialization and has brought countless independent a secure livelihood. “What Dr. Angelika Kolb-Telieps and Jens Schluter locally, but also on the road in South Westphalia” would afford, are among others: “regular lectures, seminars and workshops a forum for the exchange of experience and joint learning mediation experts and partners to solve operational problems and bottlenecks strategy dialog close” coaching & consulting to strategy development and implementation of corresponding events (strategy events) will be held approximately every four weeks on the site of Ludenscheid. In addition, lectures and mini-workshops in different locations are planned, under the motto on the road in South Westphalia which one takes account of the extensive structure of the region of South Westphalia. The kick-off event will be moderated by best-selling author and entrepreneur coach Stefan Meerut.

Stefan Merath was awarded to the 25.4.2009 strategy award in 2009. The strategy prize was awarded for the development of the strategy of the business coach GmbH and is the only nation-wide and cross-industry award for the development of a corporate strategy. Is the subject of his approximately 90-minute lecture in the framework of our kick-off event be: economic crisis risks and opportunities for small businesses “place: development and GrunderCentrum in Ludenscheid (EGC) Karolinen 8 58507 Ludenscheid rates: 35,-euro (lecture/workshop, snack, drinks) 49,-euro (lecture/workshop, snack, drinks) towards the successful entrepreneurs” Stefan Merat’s top-seller from the GABAL Verlag (unit price 29.90 euro) participants save almost 16,-euro available: 40 binding declarations/reservations are available directly on the Web page of the StrategieCentrums South Westphalia: directly after the summer holidays, we get the leading positioning experts speaking with Peter Sawtschenko to Ludenscheid. All information on this and other strategy events can be found on our homepage: contact: StrategieCentrum Sudwestfalen Jens Schluter & Dr. Angelika Kolb-Telieps higher WEG 36 58511 Ludenscheid T 02351 674156 F-02351 674157 Jens Schluter Dr.



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