Is Your Thumb Green ?

January 23rd, 2017

In Europe, discuss the agreements reached in negotiations on climate change. Russians continue to suffer from a bad environment. Was awarded a prize for ‘Best Environmental Project of the Year’. In the Russian capital Rally “Energy Patrol”. eu and Russia can reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. un included a list of more than 20 endangered species. Seismologists predict a giant earthquake on the Earth. Holidays Week: International Day Mountains. In Russia, the campaign kicked off ‘green thumb’. Overview of events for the week of 08/12/2008 to 14/12/2008. In Europe, discuss the agreements reached in negotiations on climate change last week in Poznan, Poland completed its work xiv un International Conference on Climate Change (climate summit under the auspices of the UN). un Secretary General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the progress made in negotiations in Poznan, a new draft comprehensive climate change agreement.

At the same time he stressed that there is still a lot of challenges and expressed the hope that States will not abandon its previous commitments to reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions. The Secretary-General noted the active involvement of the U.S. delegation in the talks to discuss the problems of global warming. The head of the un reported that in September next year he plans to convene a summit devoted to the problems of global warming. Last week in Brussels was the eu summit, the main themes of which were climate protection and measures to resolve the economic crisis. German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed concern that the regulations for the protection of the environment, can have negative consequences for the German economy.


Surround Systems

January 19th, 2017

The trends of the sound equipment, off 2 boxes to giant speakers to 12 small speakers what they are already no longer formerly. Formerly was the tins usually sound, which however further anyone bothered computer games and poor graphics in 2D. Nowadays, very few people have even an ordinary sound system. The PC boxes have replaced systems one hundred percent in the last ten years the ordinary music. Only who has continually, so far no PC, whereas in Germany not more than 4% of the people are that, holding system continually on his huge music. The slogan was formerly, the bigger the better.

Some boxes filled in all corners of the living room and saw it, to say the least humble out. Currently, even the smallest and cheapest boxes have a sufficient sound. For this reason, the current motto is: the smaller the better. Crazy world. Earlier, one equating large boxes with good sound. These days, all boxes have a similar sound and so it is hardly surprisingly, the trend to smaller boxes. In times in which companies like Nokia minimalism, at least with regard to the design of the products call out, fit giant PC speaker not to the otherwise virtually empty granted jobs easy.

Include on such empty clean desks, small, modern PC speaker. Nevertheless, the swash has experienced has also been his supposed end after completely small boxes. Small like most is technically unfeasible and also speakers would fit on smaller PC no switches to the sound level setting and similar. Learn more at this site: Ali Partovi. So has the speaker industry considering something new. not going to continually more boxes. 20 years ago had no more than 2 boxes. No one would be the idea came to buy more. For what purpose, because at all? However, other opinion most people nowadays seem to be. Who are currently only 2 boxes in his room has is ridiculed. At least 2.1 is now commonplace. 2 boxes and at least This includes a subwoofer. However, there are apparently no limits upwards. 5.1 surround systems have become almost a scale and hardly anyone can impress even 7.1 or 12.1 systems. The question is only what comes after? What comes when everyone has fully made his room complete with small modern boxes? Possibly even individual computers are loudspeakers the noise to a whole army of boxes an end to prepare? Who knows. Anyway, it will be different, as everyone believes. 20 years ago, everyone about the strange idea could have laughed the 2 large boxes, to distribute 7 small throughout the area. Nowadays no one can imagine, however, how it was to sleep with 2 man-sized boxes in a room. The future of boxing is so unpredictable.


Flow Chart

January 18th, 2017

The introduction of information systems information we provide value to the product. Pete Cashmore wanted to know more. management can also enforce other management tools, for example, bequeathed by Edwards Deming, where as reminds us, the Japanese gathered then about techniques or tools that could be used easily by anyone in the organization: data collection sheet, log sheet or verification: A tool used for the orderly and structured collection of relevant data generated in the process. The data collected with this instrument are often used later for the development of other tools. Flowchart (Flow Chart): It is a graphical representation of the steps in a process. It is a very useful tool for representing complex sequences of steps. Its objective is to determine the actual function of a process to produce a result, this may be a product, service, information or a combination of the three.

Histogram: A bar chart shows visually the frequency distribution of quantitative data of the same variable. In the X-axis represent classes or features and the ordinate the frequency. The histograms are developed through data collection sheets. Diagram of correlation or dispersion: Graph showing the existence of a relationship between two variables. Pareto Diagram : It is a particular form of a histogram. Unlike the histogram ordering failures not only to their number, but also regarding their relative importance, ie, we can separate the important from the trivial problems so that a team knows where to direct their efforts. To interpret this tool applies the Pareto Rule: This tells us that there are many minor problems compared to only bass, and usually, 80% of the results / total failures originate in 20% of the items .


Computing Centre

January 4th, 2017

People and money. The ancient argument that 100 million users can not be wrong, of course, an iron, but we go a little different way. Public case studies of "Seven" corporation does not hide, try to find the "devil" in detail. One of the first projects – of "Surgutneftegas". Pilot deployment made in May 2009, ie Long before the official release of Windows 7. The project was implemented in "combat" environment without disrupting users. Tested as computers themselves, and applied Software used by oil companies. Interestingly, the system is the first time you found almost all drivers connected devices – the missing were loaded after you connect the Windows Update.

Incompatibility problem "of age" software solved by using mode XP Mode. Note that work in XP compatibility mode is on a separate virtual machine, but you just do not notice it. No less interesting experience to upgrade operating systems subdivisions of the October Railway. Windows 7 will enable us to further use of the existing fleet of computers without having to replace them. Ability to create a standard system image with the minimum necessary set system services will further enhance user productivity.

Here you can win, "- said Roman Lykov, Deputy Head of the St. Petersburg ICC Chief of the Computing Centre of OAO RZD. It clear – to update computers park is expensive, and the benefits of this is questionable. During the project the IT department of the company managed to bring the time to deploy Windows 7 to 30 minutes.

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January 2nd, 2017

Your thoughts are creative. You create your life, your reality, based on the thoughts that you have. This is thus thanks to a wonderful universal law called the law of the attraction. The law of the attraction responds to your thoughts, mainly to your dominant thoughts and still more to which they are loaded of a strong touching load. If the thought is positive, then you attract your life positive things. If the thought is negative, you attract negative things. That simple. It is for that reason that is vital for your happiness, to learn to differentiate a negative thought from one positive.

This is easy to do when we become conscious from our thoughts. Ali Partovi wanted to know more. But if we consider that by our mind happens more than 10,000 thoughts to the day, then, we faced before a great disadvantage. How to control more than 10,000 thoughts? It is practically impossible to have the control on all our thoughts but you can easily have the control on your emotions. For you he is simple to feel if you are sad, gotten depressed, distressed, contented, happy, etc. These emotions identify you them with much facility. It is for that reason that if you focus your attention on the emotions, in how you feel, is easy to discover his to you the thoughts that you are lodging are positive or negative. When you feel badly then you know that you are having negative thoughts and, therefore, you are attracting your life negative things. On the contrary, when you feel well you have positive thoughts and you attract your life positive things, people and events. You already know the power your thoughts now only you must learn to use your thoughts to your favor.



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