Buenos Aires

October 18th, 2015

It is spreading like the idea of “think globally, act locally.” Assuming that premise for the sole purpose exhibition (we believe there is a feedback from local to global, raises risk of hemogeneizadores and even totalitarian) is clearly the close relationship between the development processes at national levels with which to develop a planetary level. Even then human settlements that we viewed as capable of demographic deconcentration receptacles, should be considered as ultimate components (a kind of “quarks), a global macro integrated human settlements. And as the receptacle of what we are considering only the smaller settlements of twenty thousand (20,000) inhabitants, including those not listed in the Census, it emphasized that the agent liable to devolution, the more important because of its magnitude is the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires. As early as 1985 in our article “Argentina: unresolved issues”, argued that the ecological vulnerability of Buenos Aires province was irreversible.

Both studies later, as the events are occurred, confirm our observation that we hasten to point out is hardly original. While There are pictures of damage to the quality of life in other Argentine cities, have a quantitative entity is well below the area that there was agreement to consider in a state of emergency endemic. We appellants point out that with appropriate technology upgrades, the transport scheme that Argentina had developed around 1925, as is stated in the “Blue Guide Communications” in February of that year, would be functional to a scheme of devolution as the we are deploying.



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