Plasma TVs

December 31st, 2011

Let us consider the pros and cons of plasma and LCD TVs, look at the differences between these technologies. However, before deciding how to choose a TV, you must decide what you watch on it? Normal TV? DVD? Or high-definition television (HDTV)? Processors large 'boxes' can not properly calculate and stretch the analog air signal to a large diagonal. When viewing a digital signal from DVD to 'box' with inch over 40 "will be noticeable lack of resolution. Plasma technology is much better adapted to display the broadcast signal than LCD technology. The image of the plasma more similar to the image created by the usual TV, it's more full of flowers. Plasma costs less than an LCD. However, plasma TVs have several major drawbacks. The large size of pixels that create the image may distort the image when viewed from close range.

Bleaching is not enough points for frequent changes in personnel can be an unpleasant surprise for the owners of plasma televisions. This is especially noticeable when watching live channels, which put their Fixed logos in the corner. In such TVs are built special devices that restore the burned-out point, but that's not really save. The big problem of plasma – a much larger (2-3 times) power consumption than LCD TVs. Disadvantages 'zhidkokristallikov': the high cost and unusual after CRT TV Eye picture. With this in mind for solving the problem 'how to choose the TV' can recommend: 1) To view the live channels and a DVD does not make sense to buy TVs over 40 inches.


Windows and Blinds

December 28th, 2011

The main advantage rolstaven is of course the relative simplicity of their design, which allows you to open a full window opening or close it if necessary. In order to reveal the protective blinds (shutters), requires special equipment, and the cracking process can take a long time and creates a lot of noise. Protective properties is also the fact that breaking the shutters offender should be on everyone's mind, and technically difficult work. Because of this protective shutters are the best protection for the window openings of private homes and apartments. Advantage of the protective shutters can be regarded as additional features that help to protect the inner room from prying eyes, sunlight, sunlight and noise. The use of protective rolstaven allows you to quickly and fully respond adequately to the changing weather outside. When closed, the shutters provide an opportunity to save on heating in winter and air conditioning in the heat. Opportunity application of electric drives for rolstaven significantly increases the comfort control security shutters, it allows you to raise and lower the blinds by simply pressing a button.

German electric drives firms ELERO make it possible to manage without special elektrozatrat shutters, because the power of one drive may be about 120 watts, which is comparable with the power of the 1 st of household light bulbs, and short-interval inclusion almost no effect on energy consumption in a private home. Yet it is possible to use shutters as a garage door in the unheated garage. Together with electric and remote-controlled from the control, roll-up doors (garage shutters) allow maximum ease parkolvku and exit vehicles from the garage. Unlike the sectional doors do not need and do not occupy all the space under the ceiling, and roll up in a box outside garage, it makes the most practical use intragarage space. In addition, the shutters are used to protect windows and walls in shops and warehouses. In this case, the most popular shutters with manual control and lock in the lower bar. Require neither electricity nor the mechanisms for raising and closing. This is the most economical and practical roller blinds. 4-D common color of the products allow to pick up the protective shutters to anyone else under construction or existing buildings. Paint powder coating method makes it possible to protect the surface rolstaven against inclement weather and not to lose their performance and aesthetic properties for a sufficiently long period of time. The product of Western technology, shutters more firmly embedded in our lives and begin to move away from the market and the steel lattice shutters, which are not as comfortable and functional in its application.

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KAMAZ Auto Equipment

December 14th, 2011

In our homeland and neighboring countries is no more popular models of trucks than the "KAMAZ". With someone's filing of television advertising has spread to people catch phrase about tanks that are not afraid of dirt. Discussed in this the video was about specialized equipment automobile "KAMAZ". Keep the brand of the Kama Automobile Plant and domestic trucks, both among our compatriots and overseas to help the annual inter-ethnic racing. Numerous wins in the major ranges enable the production of vehicles "KAMAZ" and their varieties to withstand strong competition from foreign producers counterparts. As a result, similar rally nakaplivaetsyabogaty experience of using machines to the limit modes. Later, this experience is taken into account in the modernization of old and construction of new production models.

Detected, so called bottlenecks, made tests developed technical solutions. Trucks "KAMAZ" on demand in all sectors of industry and transportation. Special vehicles based on chassis "KAMAZ", using additional equipment and the equipment is operated quite successfully in the construction and transportation equipment. Road freight transport and equipment on the chassis of "KAMAZ" you can meet in the south to the steppes of Russia, and in northern regions of permafrost. Serious cross-country, simplicity of service and constant availability of components (based on experience we can say that parts KAMAZ find it easier than what either spare parts) adequately maintain a high level of durability and glory of these cars.

From his early years in our minds cargo equipment associated with shovels, tractors, mobile cranes and dump trucks. Cargo Technology plays a special role: the development and mining operations, in transportation of bulk and liquid cargo in any construction and renovation of residential and non-residential premises, in digging ditches and laying pipelines, loading and unloading. Automaker "KAMAZ" trucks range is such cars: a) Dump the three groups of capacity, up to 13 tons (KAMAZ-43 225), from 13 to 20 tons. (KAMAZ-5511, KAMAZ-65115, KAMAZ, 6520) and more than 20 tons (65 201 KAMAZ). b) tractors with 4×2 (KAMAZ-5460), 6×4 (KAMAZ-54115, KAMAZ-6460), 6×6 (44 108 KAMAZ, KAMAZ 65 226). c) on-board vehicles with 4×2 (KAMAZ-4308 KAMAZ 43253), 4×4 (KAMAZ-4326), 6×4 (KAMAZ-53215, KAMAZ-651 170), 6×6 (KAMAZ-43114, KAMAZ-43118). d) chassis (model are the same model and airborne vehicles). Based on the chassis of the Kama automobile plant widely exploited in the construction and loading and unloading cranes and cranes. a) The crane model "Ivanovets" with boom and load capacity, respectively: fourteen feet, seventeen tons (COP-35 714-2, 35715-2), eighteen meters, 16 tons (35 714 CF, CF-35 715), twenty-one meter, twenty-five tons (COP-45 717), 27 m, 32 tons (CS-5576B), 31 m, 50 ton (COP-6476). b) crane model "Galician": 21.7 m, twenty-five tons (55 713 COP), twenty-six feet, thirty-ton (COP-55 715), 30 m, 32 ton (COP-55 729), twenty-nine meters, 36 tons (COP -55 721). c) the crane "Klintsy": 18 m, sixteen tons (COP-35 719), twenty-one-meter, 20 ton (COP-45 719) 21 m, twenty- pyattonn (COP-55 713). The superiority of whatever technology is losing relevance in a lack of spare parts and qualified service required. In Russia, the dealer network support functions of the plant "KAMAZ", implementing genuine spare parts KAMAZ. These mediators, as Avtokom who received the official license of the plant "KAMAZ" exercise maintenance services and parts for sale "KAMAZ" (the official site online dealer). At the same time carried out beneficial cooperation, and direct customer wins in many aspects. In mediation centers, anytime you can find the latest information about the cost and produced models, and at the same time obtain the necessary and competent service.

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Reinforced Concrete

December 7th, 2011

and conditions set Weight in oper-uu-quality concrete, the main ones are: the class of concrete on the strength in axial compression, indicated in the draft in all cases, the class of concrete on the strength of the axial strain Bt; appointed in cases where this characteristic has utmost importance and is monitored at the workplace; grade of concrete on frost resistance F; should be assigned for design. exposed to moist effect of alternate freezing and thawing (open way construction., filler-way construction. etc.) brand of waterproof W; assigned to the structures to which the claim is impermeable (tanks, standpipes, etc.) mark on the density of D; assigned to the structures to except that the requirements of durability demanded to insulation, and monitored in production. Specified class and grade of concrete are an appropriate choice of the concrete mixture, followed by a test control samples. Class of concrete on the strength in axial compression (MPa) is called a temporary resistance to compression of concrete cubes with an edge size of 15 cm-tested after 28 days storage at 20 + / – 2 C. Classes of concrete compressive strength for Reinforced Concrete standards are set as follows: for the heavy concrete in 7.5, at 10, B 12.5, B 15, B 20, B 30, B 35, B 40, B 45 B 50, B 55, B 60. for fine-grained concrete form in the sand with a fineness moduli of 2.1 and more – in the same range as before in 40 inclusive; type B with a unit size of less than 1 – in the same range until the 30 inclusive form B, subjected to autoclave treatment – in the same range as before in 40 inclusive. The class of concrete on the strength of the axial strain Bt 0,8; In 1.2, B1, 6 B 2, B 2.4, B 2.8, B 3.2; characterize the strength of concrete in axial tension (MPa).

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Children Psychology

December 6th, 2011

But the trends in psychology of today's children are quite obvious and natural causes anxiety. Our goal is to understand the origins of these disturbing events. But is all the fault of the TV? Yes, if it is a small child, not ready to adequately formation of the psyche and personality of the growing person. The consequences and extent of this impact may affect significantly later in the most unexpected areas. Children's age – the period of most intensive formation of internal man. The full human development of children is only possible in an intensive and continuous communication with family adults. No hardware, no even the most sophisticated and adapted for children's media is not can replace a live person, can not overcome the cultural meaning of the surrounding things. If a child at an early age deprived of meaningful interaction with adults, the meaning, and with it the whole of human culture are provided a system of closed institutions for children – children's homes and orphanages.

Educators and psychologists have repeatedly demonstrated: children without families, ie meaningful communication with older relatives at an early age, significantly differ from their peers who were educated parents. They are characterized by underdevelopment of the personality, which is expressed in speech disorders, lack of interest in activities, poor concentration, reduced emotionality, lack of empathy, as well as impulsivity and situational behavior, lack of initiative, low level of fantasy and imagination, lack of independence and stereotypical thinking etc. The above does not mean Appeal to exclude the media from the life and upbringing of children. Not at all. This is impossible and pointless. But to connect children to information technology only when they are ready for its intended use when it becomes to

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