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January 27th, 2015

At first glance, the first option is preferable, because they are always in contact with all the new music songs, people, art, you are always just a sovershenstvuesh in music. But this way is good if you have reached certain peaks and regulations. Or if you can find a creative job where you from almost nothing demand, but pay (occasionally, if lucky, and sometimes is). We are talking about starting young, unknown artists music and songs, which in most cases, the first option is waiting for roughing, thankless job, “his uncle”, essentially different from any other work only on the order of a lower salary. Yes, plus another side effect of music on the orders may be sick of it.

Composing new music and songs in doing free time and fun I chose the second option. And while writing new music and lyrics do in your spare time with pleasure. Of course, time is short, have to deal with fits and starts, when no one bothers. This is rare. But it happens. And in those moments you want to throw out the accumulated emotions, impressions, embodying them in a melodious romantic music and songs. Equipment for composing new music and lyrics is good for that now I have is most needed (third paragraph) – Flat, which has a corner with a table on which are connected to each other computer, keyboard, amplifier, speakers, headphones, microphone. In addition, there is music software and guitar.

But it was not always the case. Still just 10 years ago, out of all this I had only room in the hostel zadripannom, recorder and guitar. If you love, inspired by love – the arrangement of bright emotions in new language of music and songs, and perhaps in modest circumstances, but during this period I created the melody and lyrics of most of their best, the most beautiful romantic songs. After all, I was in love, inspired this romantic love, and emotions are literally bursting with me. I wanted them to experience again and again. And for this arrangement of bright emotions in the language of new music and songs, followed by repeated listening to them is the best fit. So, all about: if there is a skill, emotion, desire and inspiration (the fourth, fifth and sixth paragraphs), it is sufficient and the minimum conditions. Thanks, that was me.

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Cell Phone Repair

January 26th, 2015

To date – become the owner of the phone – absolutely no problem, but it happens when both need to save, then the question arises – what to look for a cell phone, if you can cheaply repair the old one? After order Parts mobile phones do not make difficulties, but with new components can flash the mobile and buy a battery, then the whole phone in general will be as good as new look. Possible without the services of service. If only was the initiative of the pair smooth hands and air soldering station. Without the station, and can often be avoided. This, at first glance, a simple tool – the best equipment service centers. Payalki work is based on hot air on pay phone. Heat and pressure of the air stream at the edge of the hot air gun can be adjusted.

Temperature from 90 to 480-500 degrees. Flow to 32 l / min. Hot melt jet tin-lead solder, and the repair is made with a thin pair of tweezers. If you buy accessories for mobile phones, in principle, it makes sense to buy products BU Be sure to check whether it is in the living condition and, if the price is too low, not whether it was stolen. Sometimes, when nothing known the client through the time taken to the district department. For alleged robbery or robbery. And people had to make excuses.

Of course, the variant with a trip to the service center and restore the right there, in this case you get rid of these difficulties and at the end just get your almost like a new cell phone. Although the double-edged sword. On the one hand most repairs do not have to. And the second – for you can make some problems 'Serious' repairers. Who knows where the growing arms (legs) at a workshop. Alternatively, when instead of the phone is not stable after 'recovery' issue do not include well-known. Masters told that phone (iPhone) can not be repaired. In the next shop said that it laid the first specialists. Who can be trusted and where to find the truth? But anyone accustomed to the chance given to tears. The show did not … So draw conclusions.

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January 19th, 2015

Seven years pointed sound vibrate on October 2 especially the woofer in the Batschkapp. For the seventh time, it says: “best of Mainova home game”. Then the five hottest bands of the region in the spotlight of the big stage may prove. And their fans really heat up. Frankfurt am Main, September 24, 2010 – “boards that mean the world” – This applies to the city’s a stage hardly so much as for the Batschkapp. Many sizes of the music world have been rocked and gejamt.

A step in the right direction to the appearance in the road for the five bands of the “best of Mainova home game” evening will be. Regional cultural promotion with solid roots: at home in the world. From the heights of the music business models that have become known that greet “best of Mainova home game”-line up 2010: Emirsian, Freezeebee, courageous, mad cow disease, harmful, Auletta and Wagner love played even on a 2nd October at the Batschkapp. As always, five bands really settle in the stuff. They all have the before it’s “Night life” proved.

The Frankfurt live Club hosts the “Mainova home game”. There two bands who are serious about play on Sundays around 25 year: handmade live music up close. Who then neatly inside skin, is recommended for the Batschkapp stage. The paramount goal for all at the “best of Mainova home game”: the musical quality. Something else not there’s also this time the ears. Exudes rock can kill Ayefore. Oscillates between loud and quiet, fierce and gentle of the progressive rock of Braggpeak. Contemplative politically sound the texts to the Dolce-Vita German pop by Gastone. The R & B by Skywalk kidnapped the imagination to Istria. And lyrical melancholy’s will hear rumschubst at the Gothic-Rock of stealing the bride – the everyday demons. A booming perfect evening for the fans of bass and guitar.


Smartphone Samsung

January 18th, 2015

Overview Smartphone Samsung S8500 Wave: great design, stunning screen and a new "Operating System" The first Samsung phone on its own platform bada offers an updated version of the interface TouchWiz, a 5 megapixel camera detects faces and excludes the HD-video, as well as a great Super AMOLED-display support Multi touch. Just a few years ago, buying a smartphone, we had immediately dive into the maze of specialized sites and forums in search of additional programs. Alternative phone book and a file manager, video codecs, replacement of the standard browser – this is only part of the gentleman's set. To smartphones have become widespread, the producers had to work to ensure that the device initially allowed to decide the most popular tasks without tedious experimentation with third-party software. That is why when the first device on its own platform bada (namely, its positioning as Samsung) to the maximum used the experience gained. Playing unconverted video? – Please, all codecs are sewn into the platform. Need Twitter, Facebook and other killer free time? – All this is also preinstalled.

Office Viewer documents, convenient e-mail client, Youtube, download contacts from social networks – and it also is! Thus, "refinement of the mind to" just bought the device in the case of the Samsung S8500 Wave is not necessary, unless required to install Several specific programs, and additional games. And it's not just about Java-applications, and a full-fledged programs that are in full use of hardware resources to the phone. For such applications, even has a special online shop Samsung Apps, reminiscent of the concept of Android Market and Apple Store.

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Sparruf Account

January 14th, 2015

From around the world for three cents per minute in the German fixed network all it takes is a Sparruf account, access to the Internet and a headset. The rest is a breeze, which saves a lot of money: the Sparruf user login just on flashruf.html with his Sparruf access data, enters the destination phone number, press the green phone button and Sparruf connects it to the desired call partner. BBs couldn’t be easier. It works in any Internet cafe or other Web-access worldwide. Locally incurred any costs for the service, because the connection to the Sparruf servers in Germany won’t cost a penny no matter, on which corner of the world the Sparruf users logged in. The then existing Sparruf tariffs are unbeatably cheap: as connections to German landlines with Sparruf cost only 3 cents per minute around the clock, connections in a German cellular network are billed at 15 cents per minute. Are also conversations in other European fixed networks, as well as South Africa, Japan, Brazil, and Australia with nine cents very cheap, connections in the local mobile networks cost 19 cents per minute. In the United States, Russia and many Asian countries about the People’s Republic of China or Thailand the Sparruf users for only 9 cents a minute no matter on the phone, whether the conversation in the landline or a mobile network goes.

Sparruf CEO Nikolaus Starzacher: Flashruf is the solution for anyone who wants to make cheap calls abroad and has Internet access available. So, can you make a call from Australia or Thailand for half an hour in the German fixed network and paid only 90 cents. And 2.70 euros a half-hour conversation in the United States. Even the connection in a German cellular network is sensationally cheap 4.50 euros for 30 minutes.\” Who on his next trip abroad or at home from Flashruf wants to use, but has no free Sparruf account yet, register just call 0355 4949 000 new customers get one euro starting balance on request and can use the service immediately test: flashruf.html.


Mobile Phone

January 7th, 2015

Nowadays, mobile phone has become a constant companion and helper of man. Phone has long ceased to be a means of communication, current models offer their owners as an aid in everyday life – alarm clock, scheduler, Internet access, GPS-navigator, the ability to store information, and entertainment – MP3 player, video player, photo gallery, games. Throughout its history mankind has sought the beautiful, unique, original. The man tried to fill colors of the world from the very beginning of its existence, he painted the walls, draw patterns on the body, knocked out the engravings on the instruments of labor. Not surprisingly, even today people continue to beautify the world around you – bright wallpaper glue, hang pictures, decorate the car airbrushing, and displays of mobile phones with new themes.

And how sometimes you want to escape from the hustle and bustle and just relax, look at the pictures of beautiful girls or expensive cars, see the sunset on the beach or snow-capped Alps. Fortunately, in our time does not need to carry a photo album, you can simply download pictures to your phone. It's no secret that modern phones have a huge display, viewing images on which you can see all the details, feel the mood of images, in general, to obtain aesthetically pleasing nor worse than the photo exhibition. Now imagine that this photo exhibition in your pocket, and supplement it very simply, the modern Internet user will not be difficult to find free pictures for your phone. Psychologists say that browsing pleasant image helps relax and focus, which is why pictures have such a high price.

In everyday life, many little things can quickly spoil the mood, due to the fact that the adverse situation repeated systematically – can deteriorate not only mood but also health, because as they say: "All diseases of the nerves." Disappointing moments in my life a lot – it's traffic jams, queues in outpatient clinics, long and tedious road to public transport, and just any expectation. A great way to escape from city bustle, bad thoughts, and just to kill time – is a view images. Especially since there is nothing easier than to get the phone and look at the pictures, are you calm down, to the same download free pictures on your phone now, no problem. Take care of your nerves and wake up healthy!

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IPhone Battery

January 6th, 2015

They say that the battery iPhone never is too rich in capacity, nor too thin, and especially in the case of iPhone or the usuary average of iPad, never it can have the sufficient power. The accesses, and the personal applications, FaceTime, and many games push the battery iPhone and iPad until the limit. A great variety of products and with much variety of styles exists to help to its battery iPhone and iPad. What is the best thing? The battery iPhone and not only of iPhone, is moderate generally in milliamperes hour (mAh). The more of these this to his disposition, the more reserve it will have the battery. The more to be able, nevertheless, the battery iPhone is generally the more great. For that reason, two types of external shippers of battery iPhone exist: shippers integrated of style, that engrosan the telephone whereas they provide the power, and the shippers knapsack of style that hangs connector of the telephone.

Cover + Battery of reserve If you are interested in an integrated cover and battery iPhone, Super Dexim Juice Funda is the best combination of power and characteristics. First of all, iPhone of 2000 has a battery mAh to give six hours additional of time of conversation. What does that this battery iPhone stands out? It is a good position that it allows to maintain him in horizontal to see easy video. Unlike the version of Mophie (Juice Pack Extra), the part superior of the Dexim box is integrated in the design, reason why it is not possible to be lost. Portable Standalone reserves Chargeblock de Miccus increases the energy during the day. The 1500 mAh of power, will give a significant impulse him, and its compact curved design makes easily fit in its pocket or purse, and connect them to any device with the standard shipper of the wharf for your battery iPhone. This knapsack of style for the battery was the unique external shipper iPhone that could be continued using while iPhone in the hands stays.

Nevertheless, the fort in this category is the Mophie Juice Pack Boost. Although he is not as compact as the Chargeblock. This shipper for the battery iPhone is impossible to use while iPhone is had the hands, reason why the Chargeblock is practitioner in this house more to load the battery iPhone. Shipper/battery Stands for casks In order to load iPhone 4, in airplane (or any other place where the telephone is not used to speak), you can use two products of Kensington. Kensington Battery and Shipper mAh of power offers 1500. The PowerLift east Kensington- battery shipper iPhone provides 1200 mAh of power and has built-in a vertical support that is ideal for FaceTime. The support Integra and can be doubled completely outside the way. The PowerLift is buna election for this type of battery. Original author and source of the article.



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