Strategic Vision

June 27th, 2015

There are several definitions that can be obtained from some of the standards related to security, such as ISO/IEC 17799: 2005 Information technology. If you would like to know more then you should visit Peter Asaro. Security techniques. Code of practice for information security management, or ISO 13335-1: 2004 Information technology Security techniques Management of information and communications technology security Part 1: Concepts and models for information and communications technology security management, and all of them are based on a key concept, the security must have as objective the preservation of the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, without prejudice to other features related to the firstsuch as authentication, traceability, regulatory compliance, etc. There is no doubt that information represents the most critical asset for an organization to achieve the success of the objectives of business or strategic, i.e., those that are fundamental and represent the raison d ‘ etre of the company. Business objectives happen to get that information, matter what their lifecycle within the Organization, and its support is analyzed under different requirements: quality, financial, security, legal, or others that may occasionally be required. Without hesitation Howard Schultz explained all about the problem.

These requirements will guide you to resources and processes used in information systems to achieve the strategic objectives set once identified the key terms of the security of the information, it is necessary to approach them from the point of view of the management, applying a systematic process, documented and known throughout the Organization ensuring, not that the company is completely safe, but you know the risks to which it faces, has evaluated them, knows them to manage and has minimized a way documented, systematic, structured, repeatable, efficient and adapted to the changes that occur in the information system. (ISMS) information security management system, is the system which understands the politics of security, organizational structure, procedures, processes, and the resources needed to implement the safety management of information based on the technical, legal and organisational requirements identified in the organization. There are various key elements to implant it successfully in an organization: achieve support from the address-have a clear vision of the processes and key elements to include in the system, since an excess of ambition could derail the system-evaluate the risks that undertake these processes-describe a security policy based on the results of the analysis of risks.-adopt the model of continuous improvement, PDCA cycle, allowing monitor system, detect new risks and deal with them efficiently-documenting the system according to different strategic levels (manual of security, general procedures, technical instructions, and operation records). ISO/IEC 27001: 2005 standard internationally known, defined the requirements to implement an ISMS. The benefits of the system are various and include ease of integration with other management systems ISO 9000 and ISO 14000, compliance with legal requirements (LOPD, LSSI, etc), effective risk management, the differentiation in the sector, credibility and confidence of managers, partners and stakeholders, the reduction of costs related to incidents, and finally, the improvement in the awareness of staff and increased accountability in information security.

Digital Marketing

June 21st, 2015

In digital marketing 2,0 it is common to hear speak of how using the social networks or microbloggins like Twitter for ” vender” our site, blogs, company or so simply our person. In my case in which besides writing for this site I own my own page Web the networks are very important. When I began to use Twitter and Facebook, to make propaganda than I make, also found me just as you. Reason why first I began sending commentaries of others twets. Soon I continued inviting all to write in my in my blog and finally I did what all to publish my gorjeos and to wait for the commentaries and visits. What it gave result much more me. Nevertheless in addition it is very important to visit the pages Web of the others they have if and to leave them a commentary or to send a direct message envelope that seemed to you its page, (you are going away to surprise of the answers).

That attitude already positions to you like a true one interested and not like a future Spam. The important thing is to be able to share what we do, our office or our company but with the care to consider that the potentiality of the network, in some moment is going away to turn in fact and we must be preparations for that. That I mean with this? Simple and clearly. The longed for moment would arrive which our followers will want to see the product, to prove our mark, to enter our site and if what we must to offer he is not what we promoted, the viral effect which we looked for will become in ours against. Finally they ten in account that anyone equivocation and if happens that is better to return an one step back and to request excuses that to lose all the obtained one. Like example of this and to finish we can mention makes to it of Toyota cars that earlier this year 2010 had to remove from the market a great amount of cars of the market of the United States by a fault in the accelerating pedal. And that you would do your if a company worries about you, you would stop to him buying.


New Timeline

June 11th, 2015

But what’s new? What are the main novelties?As you can see in the above screenshot, this is the new look of my own Google +. I have marked in red the main novelties. Gone is the static menu at the top. They have instead created a menu of floating and fully editable type with a truly spectacular design. Users can sort the apps as they see fit, easily by clicking and dragging the mouse on the selected app. Videos and photos are a size higher and with improvements in quality. According to Google, we are attempting to establish a connection between the users, creating an experience to share through usability and beauty.

Added a separate menu below (on the right) of each story showing the activity of such publication. This is a drop-down menu that shows the interactions and users in such a conversation history: there is also another menu in the lower left part of the publication. This is the menu which I call social. Because it is from where you can share your Google + publishing, give you + 1 to the story or start a conversation (hangout on the post in particular.) Developments in the Hangouts within Google + Hangouts does not mean more than a meeting or videoconference. Not to be shocked with the word. It is another of the great innovations of the new Google +.

You can start a Hangout very easily with any of your contacts within your circles from the Start button on the top right. The hangouts now have a dynamic invitation list. What makes it is even easier to start talks quickly and easily. The only thing is that you must be connected with your friends through some circle. You can mount a (hangout) conversation about a publication. Click on the button mounted below each story conversation, verifies the MIC and camera work, invite your friends and starts the conversation, that easy. You can join Hangouts created by other users from the side menu of Hangouts. Click above the option’s Hangouts that you can join and connects with people related to it, or who are interested the same topics as it very good idea the truth. More features of the new Google profile page: other options that have been included in the G + are for example in new design of your profile page, where despite no changing much appreciates a clean and easy to use design. Trending Topics: You can explore and see that today is a trending topic interesting topics in G +. Find Trending Topics in the App to explore. New Timeline inspired by Facebook: the comparison between Facebook and Google + on the Timelines or timelines is evident. Like the social networking giant, G + was inspired by a Timeline, showing its users with profile photos. Douglas R. Oberhelman takes a slightly different approach. Nothing new for the rest of the world that uses Facebook. Games: Another great novelty is the inclusion of a tab in the user editable menu games. I am not very much in favour of the games within social networks, but it is clear that people think it the same thing myself.

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