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May 20th, 2012

It is understood that the education of the Portuguese Language must give conditions to the pupils to acquire knowledge become that them capable to progress and that such progress gives guarantee to them of a releitura more criticizes of the reality. The pupils consider the sufficiently difficult Portuguese Language discipline between them of the pertaining to school resume, and therefore, appeal to an ability takes that them if to communicate of the form as they better incase themselves, that she is through the Internet. He is in it that they get loose themselves of the grammatical rules, that are established by the grammarians, denying all restrained a lingustica culture already for them. The pupil, through the reading and of the writing, if appropriates of information that will go to contribute for the construction of its knowledge. The pupils, when arriving at Basic and Average Ensino, present disinterest for the reading, prove the theoreticians. The habit of the reading is a continuous process that must be initiated before the child frequentar the school; only thus, it could be a way of acquisition of culture and not something obligator.

It is basic that practical one of reading since the initial series is developed one, making possible to the pupil the formation of the taste for the reading and the writing. It is intended, here, to reflect on the sprouting of the writing until the digital age and the possible contributions of this new technology, involving pupils of Basic and Average Ensino, providing a bigger contact to them with diverse materials of reading. Word-key: Reading. Writing. Abilities. It was Digital. Culture.


It’s Time For Valentines – Select Gifts By February 14

May 14th, 2012

Now and soon the one holiday that some accept with enthusiasm, while others pointedly ignore, while others simply can not stand. Have guessed? Of course, we are on Valentine's Day. And this article will be interesting precisely for those who loves this holiday and have already begun to puzzle over what to present your loved one as a gift. Here's a little bit and think about the gifts for this holiday together. Once an agreement. If we make a gift to Valentine's Day, it must be sincere. If the gift is "laborious" – the joy he will not give you or your loved (loved), however in this case was not smart. Problem is not how much it costs – $ 100 or a thousand dollars.

The gift should be a piece of your love, your warmth. We all, even unconsciously, to feel the power of things, so the gift must "tell" us about any error while selecting it from the donor negative. It so happens that in addition to valentines and flowers, some other generic solutions do not exist. Choosing a gift depends on the individual preferences of our loved ones, the degree of closeness between us and the amount that we can afford to spend. It is one thing – a postcard, a bouquet of roses and a teddy bear, and quite another – now a romantic trip to the ocean or any exclusive perversion, like an envelope from which vyporhnut exotic butterflies. To begin with let's say that, without which it can not do any Valentine's Day.

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May 7th, 2012

The atmospheric electrical discharge, commonly known as Ray, has been one of the most admired and weather while being analyzed by different cultures over time. Acadian culture in their interpretation is back to the old Acadian culture (2000 BC), which represented the phenomenon of lightning from a goddess standing on the shoulders of a winged guardian behind her, on a carriage four wheels, was the god of thunder time with his whip. In Chinese mythology the beam is represented by the colorful goddess Tien-Mu. She firmly holds two mirrors to direct the flashes of lightning. Tien-Mu is surrounded by five dignitaries of the 'ministry of the storms "exist in the imagination of those Chinese chief: Lei Tsu, who is the god of thunder and his assistant Lei Kung, the drummer-ray counter. Greek Mythology lightning was considered one of the attributes caracteristicosde Zeus, who was the god of the phenomena of the atmosphere. Their functions were related to rain and the return of good weather, and particularly with the lightning and thunder. He has appeared as a strong and mature man, standing or sitting, dignified and dressed from the waist down and in her hand the scepter or thunderbolt or sometimes both at once and assisted by his servant the eagle.

Indian culture is lightning attribute certain gods of India, both Brahmanical and Buddhist. Under the name Vajra is the weapon of Indra (the hot) and the name of Trisul (Trident) the weapon of Rudra (the screaming). Norse Gods Thor, son of Odin and Yordan, was the main and most famous of the ancient Norse gods that relates to the beam. Its castle was the Bilskirnir (flashing), the had two goats: Tooth and Tooth Spray Crackler, they pulled his carriage as he drove. Thor, the god of thunder, marked by his red beard, rays produced as his short-handled hammer Myolnir hit or throw an anvil and returned to his hand which boomerang, he rode in his chariot "tronadora" always around clouds. If To learn more about log on.



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