GSM Tech for all

July 25th, 2011

GSM TECHNOLOGY can be extended if we began to count the number of people have mobile phones would never end, it is estimated that about 3,800 million people worldwide have mobile phones which 3,400 million of them have computers with GSM (Global System for Communications Mobile), which indicates that mobile technology is used. In our country the situation is different in that the CDMA network is still the highest penetration, while the GSM has only 41%. In countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Peru networks account for more than 70% of the market. In Venezuela, GSM technology was recently beginning with the arrival of DIGITEL, whose user base is 100% GSM, it should be noted that only last year, Movistar began to migrate to this network, but it is still more CDMA. The same is happening with MOVILNET, who is also implemented this technology into their equipment. It is important to stress that we as consumers are the ones who choose the technology, operators are those who do.

Equipment suppliers manufacture the technology, then push them and promote them, and those who end up buying the computers are the consumers. A consumer often does not care network in which your computer operates as the practicality goes, cell model, costs, etc. In Latin America there must be according to figures from the firm 3G Americas, two million users of GSM technology. This technology surpasses the others for several reasons, namely, one of the most important is that they are cheaper to install networks, and also offer Internet connection speeds much faster. For example with the iPhone or Blackberry devices, you can surf at speeds of over 1MB per second, ie no longer need a laptop for viewing information or to answer emails. For the time in our country there is no 3G network, ie they are third-generation networks that allow many advantages, such as uploading photos, downloading and share music online at high speeds without being tied to a PC. The incorporation of this technology in our country has been a bit hampered by the high costs of telephone equipment using 3G, but it is believed that only a matter of time, and that as people consume more will lower costs, and that for these networks come into a more massive use cheaper terminals are needed, and surely is what lies ahead.


Movistar for Movie Stars

July 22nd, 2011

A new system is being implemented by MOVISTAR, in conjunction with mobile operator Lamarck and the possibility that Movistar users can learn English via their cell phones. The course has four levels each eight units, allows users to learn over 1,000 words. This method has been offering the MoviStar since late October, for which the user need only have a team that is not as basic and support have WAP that is, the capability to run java. Movistar’s customers will have access to English courses through the Web portal operator, or by sending a text message with the word English to the phone number 248. The Kantoo program, as it is called and which was developed by the company Lamark, hopes the service users to learn about 1,000 words in English, which represents almost 75% of the language, as well as allowing the user to obtain a level Basic-intermediate, and the most important thing you can do from anywhere you are. According to figures provided by company representatives Lamark, the average it takes one person to study a lesson is approximately 7 minutes and using Kantoo system can learn English in 32 weeks, which requires a lot of perseverance on the part of user. If the unit count expires at 2 weeks after being discharged, and when the user goes to the next drive the first is activated automatically.

MoviStar is the first mobile phone company to implement this service in the country as this shows that it wants to use another cell phone, meaning that not only can be used to talk and play but also to learn. The company plans in future to develop such prepaid cards that are unique to cancel the English course. The program Kantoo English, has the form that once the user finishes each of the levels consisting of the course will evaluate how much has been learned, for which you have the option to develop a series of tests that the user must submit in order to know the level of knowledge acquired, and upon completion you will be given a certificate as proof of completion of the course is an innovative idea, in addition to cost savings and time allows users to gain knowledge MoviStar which may contribute to improve their performance in their working lives, studies or as the activity to which they are engaged.


Lonely Hearts Club Band

July 16th, 2011

First is a precursor disk recording techniques and composition. It was the first record in eight channels, with two four-channel consoles. In the recording there were also new things like the invention of the Direct Injection: before Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the group recorded a microphone directly to the sound of the instruments, with the Direct Injection, the Beatles guitars directly connected the recording boxes. Were used in recording over 700 hours of work and cost considerably exceeded any previous production. The idea disco-concept, is the way The Beatles had become a rock band into a disc from another group that experimented with new sounds in which the group becomes a band, a sort of alt-band, which will the show throughout the album, in which all the songs are united and have almost no separation between one and another, was very innovative for its time.

He was regarded even as the first opera – rock history. In fact, really the first opera – rock history would light a year later by the British band The Pretty Things, as discussed below (see Section 4. Consequences)? It was the first album that included the lyrics on the cover, which caused a protest by the label, as well, the letters could not be sold separately. However, because The Beatles had written all the songs, EMI could not do much about it. The cover of the album included a set of cutouts Carton: a mustache, sergeant’s stripes, two badges, a card and a desktop cutout with the Beatles as a band of Sgt Pepper.


Website Promotion

July 4th, 2011

Website Promotion and uniqueness of his site is an opportunity to be originalnymEsli it comes to learning, or how to learn from someone or experience, then imitation is quite useful thing. But when it comes to the notion of there as site promotion, imitation, or rather plagiarism in its filling, simply can not be the place. Because it is non-unique content to your site content, it's the worst thing that can be done to promote your site. The whole point is that – if the site contains non-unique, even in terms of information retrieval systems, it is covered by the special filters (like the Duplicate Content Filter in the search engine Google), and talk about such things as Website promotion and web site promotion, simply do not have to. – Conversely, if a site contains unique, and also more and interesting information, it will be appreciated not only the search engines, but the visitors, who may also advise your site to your friends and acquaintances. It may also lead to additional links to your site on various forums, which is also helpful in terms of optimization. Website Promotion and writing a unique kontentPoskolku content is a major, if not the major element in increasing the popularity of your site, its preparation should be approached with seriousness and responsibility.

Eventually, the site for that and needed to provide visitors with useful information for them. Before you start working on content creation, we must first understand the target audience for what it was intended. After all, the information contained on this site should be be accessible, understandable, and most importantly, interesting to your potential visitors. Work on the text for living people and search engines, you must take into account the peculiarities of the text formatting that will help in Navigation for living people, and will be understood by search engines. Preferably, if each of your text on the site will not only have a title, subtitle and 2.3, which will also contain important for you to key phrases.

And then and more desirable to issue a special tags, like h1, h2, h3, which would give them weight in the 'eyes' of search engines. Web site promotion should focus on unikalnostVy still do not believe in the importance and benefits of unique content? Then can conduct an experiment. Open a simple online store where all items of one category will have the same description. After some time studying the issuance of a search engine, you will realize that all the similar pages were simply 'glued' and the search engine has chosen only one page, which according to the settings ranking algorithm was the best and informative. The same thing can happen not only with the pages, but also with the entire site. Therefore, to website promotion has brought at least some results, you should take care of the unique content, and the same unique meta-tags, which involves site optimization. In addition, you can fly Some Web sites in exchange for a unique and interesting story to put on your website a direct link to what might be called another big plus in your favor.



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