Marvel Chris Claremont

October 20th, 2013

The character of comic book Mutant tide (Riptide in the original) was born in the 80s (Uncanny X-Men #211) of the minds and hands of the geniuses of the Marvel Chris Claremont and John Romita Jr. One of the moments was more X-Men candy (here known as the X-patrol), an era in which mutants had already acquired an overwhelming personality in the House of ideas. New heroes and villains it appeared and disappeared with ease. Tide was one of the villains of the group known as the Marauders. In the same issue in which appears for the first time, dies (colossus, one of the main characters, breaks her neck). Of course, as it is usual in the comics, the character does not die permanently and tide reappears later as a clone. And now they have recovered in the fourth installment (fifth if you add Wolverine) film of the X-Men, with the face of the Spanish actor alex Gonzalez. Source of the news:: Lady evil mutant

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Contest Literary

October 18th, 2013

18Th literary contest of the ICP for eighteen consecutive years, the Instituto de Cultura Peruana (ICP) Miami convenes a contest of poetry and narrative, in order to promote literary creation in the Spanish language in the United States of America and other Spanish-speaking countries. As usual, this institution dedicates this annual event to a writer or Peruvian poet, being this year’s Federico Barreto, born in 1868 in the city of Tacna, South of the Peru. The cantor of the captivity, was called for his passionate defense of his hometown after the war between Peru and Chile. Another of his sources of inspiration was the woman to whom he dedicated his most beautiful poems. He died in France in 1929, but his work is preserved in his books: something Mio (1912), Aroma de Mujer (1927), poems (1964, posthumous Edition) and historical, collected stories from various sources. Bases of the 18th contest of poetry and Peruvian Institute of culture NARRATION of Miami with prizes valued at $1500 1. Participants: Spanish speakers of any nationality who have not obtained the first prize in our previous contests. 2.

Theme: free. Verse: free. 3 Extension: 5 poetry or a story to double space not exceeding 5 pages (in both genders) of 8 1/2 x 11 (letter size), in the Spanish language, typed, sorted and stapled in 4 booklets. 4. Identification: Work will be identified by its title and a number that will be assigned at the time of its receipt.

In a separate envelope contestant writes the title of his work and in its interior, will seal your personal data (name, address, phone, short biography) and a simple note certifying that his work is original and unpublished, it was not presented to another pending contest, and authorizing their publication if it is awarded. 5. Date and place reception: the works involved-teas will be received by postal mail (not email) with simple until June 30, 2009, postage in ICP c/o Ricardo Calderon: 6105 129 PL. SW, Unit 1808. Miami, FL 33183-5252, USA. 6. Jury: The ICP promptly appoint the jury for each gender and category whose decision will be final. 7. Awards in poetry and narrative: two tickets Miami-Cuzco-Miami (one per gender) via LAN. Publication of the winning works in newspapers, magazines and the book poets and narrators of the 2009, whose 2008 Edition is available for interested parties ($10 in the U.S.). Diplomas. Honorable mention to finalists and other awards, which will be delivered in late July at date and place will be announced in due course.



October 9th, 2013

RSS is simplemante a way more than read web content. Technically, is a script, or a series of instructions based on different languages, as we will observe later-, whose mission is to preserve the user updated the changes that are made on web sites. Generally, we tend to identify the use of RSS with blogs or blogs, or types of pages where we expect to see new content often. But, the RSS can be used with any type of website, for example, a shopping cart that provides new offers, or news about any brand or product line. We can guess, then, that an effective use of this resource will result in better positioning in search engines and an increase in qualified traffic. The procedure is as follows: the user subscribes to RSS feed by clicking on one of the buttons or links that all sites should offer – and by means of an application e.g.

Outlook or NewsGator – began to receive news on your computer, without having to visit the site to verify that you have included some new material. A site can have multiple feeds (so is called each media RSS). For example, in the case of an online shop, hearing that there is an RSS feed for new products, other RSS for a certain range (man cosmetics), another for another (woman cosmetics) line, and thus all necessary. Blogs could exist a feed for the blog in general to report when to climb new post, and a feed for each post in particular, which copied the comments of users. THE development of language XHTML enabled provide the best formats RSS, and thus enhance the presentation, saving space.

RSS is a format, then others have been developed: RSS2, RDF, ATOM and XML. Generally, RSS readers can read all formats without difficulty. As responsible for a site, the RSS is another way of sharing content, so be it to users or other sites that may contain the novelties of our pages through a feed on your own site, in this way, getting incoming links of quality. For the end user the RSS allows you to access the content of a site without having to open a browser, economizing resources and choosing exactly what you want to read. As a positioning strategy, having, at least, a functional RSS and distribute it there are numerous RSS directories – is an idea that has no skinny sides. If you liked this post and want to place it on your site, can do so freely, provided you cite as a source to tactile+plus: adhesive transparent to supplement the lack of buttons on the iPhone games download all sites of Geocities NewsGator Unveils News Stream Module for Social Sites 2010 THE Tech Scoop NewsGator Feed Readers Now Free Podcasting News buttons placebos


The Argentine

October 6th, 2013

The countries of the South, such as the case of Argentina presented that very serious protests of not to know you properly handle can cause serious problems to the Government, as currently facing President Cristina Kirchner; all this can seriously affect their political structures, operation and lead the country into a situation not suitable for Argentines and degenerate into a serious political, economic and social problem. Especially for a country that in its last decades has gone through a respectable economic crisis. The problem with field workers is very serious in the present and its repercussions are being felt in the country with a great shortage of food, as ABCNews reminds us of them. It is, agricultural employers of Argentina have decided to continue protests against the Government, which is only prepared to resume the dialogue if the men of the field lay his attitude. The Argentina agrarian Federation, the Confederacion Intercooperativa Agropecuaria, the Argentine rural confederations and the Rural Argentina society decided to continue the marketing of grains with destination to export until midnight next Sunday. The leaders of these four patron, bringing together approximately 290,000 producers, is in the city of Rosario, in the center of the country, to decide on the continuation of the commercial strike started last Tuesday – the third performed in 82 days that lead to conflict – and which should conclude at midnight on Monday. The strike of marketing of grains still stands, but employers announced at press conference that decided to set aside its decision not to send cattle to slices of hiring to keep stocked domestic consumption. They called in addition make camping in the squares of cities to make widely heard rural claim and collect signatures to the Parliament to resume their unique attributes relating to fixing of tributes. The decision taken by the patron crowned a day of acts of agricultural producers to the side of highways in several points of the country and termination of activities in towns and cities of the interior, where shops and industries closed their doors in support of rural claim.



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