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October 20th, 2013

The character of comic book Mutant tide (Riptide in the original) was born in the 80s (Uncanny X-Men #211) of the minds and hands of the geniuses of the Marvel Chris Claremont and John Romita Jr. One of the moments was more X-Men candy (here known as the X-patrol), an era in which mutants had already acquired an overwhelming personality in the House of ideas. New heroes and villains it appeared and disappeared with ease. Tide was one of the villains of the group known as the Marauders. In the same issue in which appears for the first time, dies (colossus, one of the main characters, breaks her neck). Of course, as it is usual in the comics, the character does not die permanently and tide reappears later as a clone. And now they have recovered in the fourth installment (fifth if you add Wolverine) film of the X-Men, with the face of the Spanish actor alex Gonzalez. Source of the news:: Lady evil mutant

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