Central America

February 23rd, 2014

Legal demonstrTe basic requirements for each sale of Teak plantations, properly remember the title and writing, the permission of the Government. Especially Government certificates approved by the respective forestry projects in many countries in Central America the collection of taxes, the purchaser will be able to purchase only, if the this comfortable with these requirements. (II) expected prices in terms of prices expectations must be realistic. A buyer will only buy if it is a good opportunity for him, otherwise the will continue to looking for. A good deal could be defined if the price is below the value just of plantations or in the event that buyers view synergies with its existential operations, you can still earn you when you update it in its portfolio of plantations. To obtain a picture of achievable prices, the best is to compare 1 – the price of the plantations to the for sale 2 – price of the plantations that are in due diligence be sold. See information platform of teak and tropical forest investors.

III Use vendors specialized in the platform of the tropical forest industry the existing market of Teak plantations can be very high in transparency and liquidation, which can make more difficult to find buyers and require patience. The important thing here is to attract the attention of a maximum number of interested potential buyers. It seems that the network, is not enough to the owners of the plantations, which will involve the use of a specialized and seller who are familiar with the teak industry. The end of this seller is to provide necessary information, an advised of prices, potential opportunities and assist and identify potential buyers.

Advertising Banners

February 17th, 2014

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Buenos Aires

February 11th, 2014

Even though I get to sign a Government agreement to form the joint venture. It generated strong resistance, by its detractors, so it was replaced by the definitive agreement to transfer the railway heritage private English to the Argentine State. We are of those who believe, that would have been more beneficial to the other agreement, taking into account circumstances as the inconvertibility of the pound sterling. But the history was otherwise. It should be recalled that the purchase of the railways of British capital, it preceded him in the French capital. And the picture was completed with the purchase of railway Central Buenos Aires, Argentine capital and the transfer to the national State of the Provincial railway, belonging to the province of Buenos Aires. It should be recalled that when buying private capital railways, the treintaidos percent of the network, was State-owned.

And employees of the system were 136,000. By 1955, the template had climbed to 222,000 employees. And bidecenal roads plan had been executed without alterations.At the end, the constitutional Government of then, replacing it by a national highways plan. Must be entered, in the 1946 constitutional period / 1955, in addition to the nationalization of railways; the branch was built Turbio ferroindustrial Gallegos; you think the national factory of locomotives; the competition of prototypes of via bus, as well as purchases of railway equipment took place. But it was also during this period that they started making cars in series in the country. Today, it is evident, that regret the consequences of law 5315 and bidecenal roads, at that time plan not warned, the vulnerability that would enter the railways and river maritime cabotage shortly thereafter. Almost as a symbol of the times that were, at the time of the coup of September 1955, the Government de facto designate holder of national roads to the same person, who had “protagonistic participation” in the design and implementation underway, bidecenal plan 1934 / 1954.


Pharmaceutical Dispensation

February 4th, 2014

This software could be implemented in the cities and mainly in remote areas where the doctor and the phamacist count on little information you update. Also this proposal could be spread via online to hospitals and medical centers of other countries. Thus also this specific computer science program will be constituted in a unique tool to support the medical diagnosis as well as for the analysis of the prescriptions, validating the INTERACTIONS OF DRUGS, medical complex information and very useful, as well as contraindications in each case. Everything with click! The system allows to conduct operations through a navigator whom it includes: Doctors: In this first part the medical professional will be able to select an anatomical group is like apparatus or organ to which the symptoms indicated by the patient correspond. The system after click selects the corresponding symptoms to the selected group. The operation following this directed to select the symptoms corresponding to the previous operation, and click will be the form to assign the selected symptoms. Finally click in DIAGNOSIS takes place and this it will be carried out in seconds. The diagnostic one includes a fan of possible pathologies ordinates according to system of consideration of symptoms.

Pharmacies: In this segment the pharmaceutical professional selects a symptom that the client indicates who looks for aid in a pharmacy. Next the program shows a product selection to him adapted for the symptom, of this form the phamacist will be able to choose the pharmaceutical product according to the pharmacological needs. The intention of this tool is to propose the pharmaceutical dispensation on the basis of common symptoms. In case the system determines by the antecedents of patient declared to the phamacist at the time of his to concur to the pharmacy, he will orient it to the medical professional selected by specialty. The system counts on masterful formats of Drugs, Symptoms and Pathologies as well as of contraindications, interactions and synthetic description of pathologies, tool very useful for the pharmaceutical professional. The pharmaceutical product selection is realised by name of the active substance (monodrugs) and farmacoteraputica action.

Other specific data according to the needs of the institutions of health, Drug stores, Distributors etc. will be able to be included. Software CiberDiagnosta will be able to work essentially in several terminals (Networks) in the remote provinces. The data of the program will be updated permanently. The program will be in capacity to carry out the analysis of interactions and contraindications of the medical prescriptions in case these existed, this due to the great amount of data that each pharmaceutical product presents/displays in its pharmacological description.

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