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March 30th, 2014

Description and review of Nokia N97v which is a phone with the convenience of a laptop flick of the wrist, and the unit moves on a 35-degree display, providing access to an ergonomic keyboard. You’ve always dreamed of typing on a smartphone, not tirelessly every 3 minutes and not adjusting to the awkward position of your screen? Your dreams can come true – Nokia N97 enables you to work and communicate wherever you go with the convenience of high-quality laptop. Unsurpassed touch 3.5-inch display is the first model of the Finnish manufacturer, which was equipped with a touch screen that size. The display is a TFT-matrix diagonal 3.5 inches with a resolution 360h640 pixels and the ability up to 16 million colors. Grit – minimal color – a very high level – all the colors rich and vibrant. The screen brightness can be adjusted independently, and can rely on a light sensor, which their work saves battery power.

Feel the delicate care of you, the built-sensor approach locks the screen when you hold the phone to the person, and an accelerometer flips the image depending on the orientation devices in space. Shoot, shoot video and share them with your friends Nokia N97 is armed with a serious 5 megapixel camera with optics Carl-Zeiss, autofocus, LED flash and twin protective shutter. You will be able to shoot high-definition video 640×480. In addition to the main camera on the front side there is one for video calls. Work with service Ovi, Flickr, Facebook and YouTube directly using the on-screen widgets that are easy to customize for themselves.

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Optimization Codes Site

March 24th, 2014

At present it is not enough only to maintain the position of sites, the value of services to maintain the position begins to give an integrated management of projects. Denote all directions, which include complex promotion # Improved external reference mass # Optimization Codes Site # Development and implementation of systems and services that allow naturally build referential mass # Usability Site # Image advertising projects to improve the external reference masses to solve problems raising the reference mass there are 3 main tools: o Link Exchange o Registration in catalogs o manual exchange with thematic resources We deliberately do not consider black Methods advance – they are all associated with greater risk of imposing sanctions on the ps to promote the site, and since we do not focus on the temporary exchange of search algorithms, and the systemic and sustained progress, it is acceptable Once these methods. Optimization codes site most important aspect of promotion is the correct formation of the site code in subsequent articles, we will analyze in detail the entire technology of this process. The importance of internal optimization due to the fact that the promotion of sites on the low-frequency queries can only be accomplished by this method. And on the progress to high-demand pages are not relevant at all can be forgotten.

Development and implementation of systems and services that allow naturally build referential mass to compete with market leaders in promoting large-scale resources without dumping budgets – this is inalienable. When the absence of unique services, content and systems of natural increase attendance promotion of information portals simply impossible. Site Usability Usability is also an important aspect of promotion resources. Main objective of the project is displayed on a certain level – not to attract new visitors and retain old ones, which is impossible without the convenience of providing information and services. Do not worry about your visitors, you are condemning them to care of your competitors. And the error of neglect Usability almost always causes a loss of leadership of major projects. Coming to the forefront of rankings, do not let the competition and thought that your resource is inconvenient for users.

If branding projects for your internet project is profit, it is important to give due attention to banner ads as the most effective method of improving credibility of the project and demonstrate its status. Do not expect that banner ads on the site lead a large audience – its main objective to show your status, state the fact that your portal or resource deals not just an extension of the audience, but rather capitalized and ensure stability. Please note that the resources ephemeral and pseudo-portals can not afford such luxury. And given the variety of resources network, is one of the most effective ways to stand out. Although it is expensive, but to maintain the image of the resource at a high level of banner advertising is effective. The same can be said about the online advertising online resources – the influx of traffic it will not, but with the task of image handle. Of course if the competent organization of advertising campaigns.


Phoneline Networking Alliance

March 18th, 2014

1 HOMEPNA In June of 1998, was formed in U.S.A. the HomePNA trust (Home Phoneline Networking Alliance) between the companies 3Com, Agere Systems, AMD, AT& T Wireless Services, Broadcom, Compaq, Conexant, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Motorola and 2Wire, among others. The trust launched in the market of technology of nets a challenge, the creation of a new technology for computer network using the existing telephonic cabeamento to pass through given, without intervening with the telephonic signal, this technology can be compared with technology ADSL (Assymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) or ' ' Anti-symmetrical Digital line for Assinante' ' , that it allows to the digital transference of data in high speed by means of common telephonic lines and simultaneous use of conventional telephony (Hisses, 2003). The structure of the wiring of the telephone inside of each locality originally is prepared to only take care of the signals of the conventional telephony, not existing the concern with insulation and marriage of impedances, that are the relation between the value efficient of the potential difference it enters the terminals in consideration to the efficient value of the resultant electric chain in a circuit. It indicates the total opposition that a circuit offers the chain flow alternated, or any another changeable chain in one given frequency. The topology of the telephonic net is generally a random connection of we 1.

The telephone, the fax and the modem can at any time be connected and be detached from the line, thus changing the topology of the net. In this set of telephonic wires where it will be mounted the net is possible to exist connection points that are not being used, this will be able to result problems in the transmission of the signal and many times in the echoes that can lead to the 2 signals multi-path. For these reasons, the assembly of a net using telephonic wiring for communication of data presents some challenges; as the main challenge can be cited the tolerance to the not specified and completely random topologies of net, therefore the structure of the telephonic handle it follows different routes or ways (DAYS, 2002).


Modern Age

March 17th, 2014

In the Greek thought, science and philosophy were still found entailed and alone they had come if to separate in the Modern Age, searching each one of them its proper way, that is, its method. Modern science is born when determining a specific object of inquiry and to create a method for which the control of this knowledge will become (SPIDER; MARTINS, 1993, P. 73). In the Age Modern, with the high valuation of science and the technology in favor of the progress, finishes for keeping out of society and judging inferiors the popular manifestations because of its acrtico, spontaneous character and without requirement of evidences. This can be evidenced in the law of the three states that August Comte established in its System of Positive Philosophy, where can be observed that for it, the positive state corresponds to the maturity of the human spirit (COMTE, 1999). … All our speculations, any that are they, are inevitably citizens, want in the individual, wants in the species, to pass for three state theoretical successively different, that the denominations habitual of theological, Metaphysical and positive …, the first one been always must doravante be conceived as provisory and purely preparatory, as, that it constitutes only one modification dissolvente of the first one, it never holds seno a simple similar transitory distinction to lead gradually to third, it is in this state, only fully normal, that consists, in all the sorts, the definitive regimen of the reason human being (COMTE, 1999, P.

05). Therefore, one another important aspect of the myth that must be emphasized, is while symbolic expression of the close experiences of a people, as it demonstrated Fromm (apud MULLAHY, 1978, P. 02): Freud, when studying the relation between the child and the parents and when observing the intense attachment to the ancestors of the opposing sex, as well as the antagonism against the ones of the same sex, thought to have joined explanations for this intriguing phenomenon in the private incestuous desires of the child.


Teaching Games

March 10th, 2014

Games are a process of teaching and learning: Teaching and learning is equivalent to introduce between the teacher presents information and knowledge that students construct (from the information) a third element, traditionally the third element was the method. Currently, it is the CTIC Dida STRATEGIES using the teacher. What are they? A set of actions performed by the teacher with a clear and explicit pedagogical intention. The intervention teachers are occurring element mediating the process of teaching and learning with their profession’s own resources and materials selected in accordance with the possibilities, needs and expectations of their students, allowing students to bring the contents to the possibilities comprehension and learning by students: UA a selecting the words used, UA a choosing the objects that will support equipment which will provide, UA a certain activities to be selected, AU a proposing certain objectives, UA anticipating various outcomes for children in your group, UA a make sense of what he does, AU to provide relief a relevant to the execution of the task, UA articulating different types of interactions between students and teachers, among students with each other, with the content and materials. Learning is not a linear process of accumulation of facts, but, by contrast, is a dialectical process of transformation and dynamic information and procedures to build and use, so the teacher will demonstrate their creativity in the design and planning of teaching strategies, allowing the child to appropriate curriculum content. From the child: the child is taken five years as a comprehensive whole and unified to produce a complete and harmonious education through the development of each and every person’s own capabilities, ie those concerning the cognitive or intellectual development, personal development and emotional balance, relationship development and social integration and development relating to moral and ethics, so we will be developing the potential or ability possessed by a person in order to reach the acquisition of new knowledge and skills which in turn will enable him to acquire new learning through self-activity of this age.


The Strategy

March 2nd, 2014

The objective is something that you desire to reach. Already the goals can be measurable and of this form you to know when it is if approaching to its objectives or not. For example: If its objective is To increase the Sales for R$ 150,000, 00, its goals could be: Vender R$ 100,000, 00 in the balcony; Vender R$ 50,000, 00 in estandes of sales; It observes that for the goals you go to know when is reaching its objectives that it is to vender R$ 150,000, 00. If its objective is to pass in a public competition, its goal can be to take off 85 points. If you to give attention in the list of the people who pass in public competitions will see that they normally take off 85, 86 points. Soon, if you to take off 85 points its possibilities to pass in a public competition are very great. Then! He was clearly what they are objective and goals? Its objective has that to be and well clearly possible of being reached. It remembers that its goals need to be quantitative, this form you can measure how much you are if approaching to its objective.

But where it is the strategy? The strategy is step by step for the accomplishment of its objective. Coming back to the example of the public competition. If its objective is to pass in a public competition and its goal is to reach 85 points, you could define the strategies to arrive at this end. Its strategy, for example, power to be: To elaborate a study calendar and to study it per the morning; To congregate with friends and colleagues to make a group of study to the afternoon; To study at night in one cursinho; It observes that I described my actions, step by step that I will have that to develop to be able to arrive at my objectives. You can create a different strategy for each goal, for example, in order to divide in small tasks its actions. Of this form what he seemed something great difficult to reach was more concrete. It saw as is not complicated thus? It develops objectives that motivate its team to give its better and define with care its goals and strategies. If it does not forget to all make the constant evaluation during the planning process.

When perceiving that some goal was not reached it redefines it in order to arrive at its objective. Cake prescription does not exist in administration, but with the certain methods you will increase its possibilities of success. I wait that you have liked since article. A great one reads other articles in my Blog hugs!



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