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March 24th, 2014

At present it is not enough only to maintain the position of sites, the value of services to maintain the position begins to give an integrated management of projects. Denote all directions, which include complex promotion # Improved external reference mass # Optimization Codes Site # Development and implementation of systems and services that allow naturally build referential mass # Usability Site # Image advertising projects to improve the external reference masses to solve problems raising the reference mass there are 3 main tools: o Link Exchange o Registration in catalogs o manual exchange with thematic resources We deliberately do not consider black Methods advance – they are all associated with greater risk of imposing sanctions on the ps to promote the site, and since we do not focus on the temporary exchange of search algorithms, and the systemic and sustained progress, it is acceptable Once these methods. Optimization codes site most important aspect of promotion is the correct formation of the site code in subsequent articles, we will analyze in detail the entire technology of this process. The importance of internal optimization due to the fact that the promotion of sites on the low-frequency queries can only be accomplished by this method. And on the progress to high-demand pages are not relevant at all can be forgotten.

Development and implementation of systems and services that allow naturally build referential mass to compete with market leaders in promoting large-scale resources without dumping budgets – this is inalienable. When the absence of unique services, content and systems of natural increase attendance promotion of information portals simply impossible. Site Usability Usability is also an important aspect of promotion resources. Main objective of the project is displayed on a certain level – not to attract new visitors and retain old ones, which is impossible without the convenience of providing information and services. Do not worry about your visitors, you are condemning them to care of your competitors. And the error of neglect Usability almost always causes a loss of leadership of major projects. Coming to the forefront of rankings, do not let the competition and thought that your resource is inconvenient for users.

If branding projects for your internet project is profit, it is important to give due attention to banner ads as the most effective method of improving credibility of the project and demonstrate its status. Do not expect that banner ads on the site lead a large audience – its main objective to show your status, state the fact that your portal or resource deals not just an extension of the audience, but rather capitalized and ensure stability. Please note that the resources ephemeral and pseudo-portals can not afford such luxury. And given the variety of resources network, is one of the most effective ways to stand out. Although it is expensive, but to maintain the image of the resource at a high level of banner advertising is effective. The same can be said about the online advertising online resources – the influx of traffic it will not, but with the task of image handle. Of course if the competent organization of advertising campaigns.


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