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January 4th, 2017

People and money. The ancient argument that 100 million users can not be wrong, of course, an iron, but we go a little different way. Public case studies of "Seven" corporation does not hide, try to find the "devil" in detail. One of the first projects – of "Surgutneftegas". Pilot deployment made in May 2009, ie Long before the official release of Windows 7. The project was implemented in "combat" environment without disrupting users. Tested as computers themselves, and applied Software used by oil companies. Interestingly, the system is the first time you found almost all drivers connected devices – the missing were loaded after you connect the Windows Update.

Incompatibility problem "of age" software solved by using mode XP Mode. Note that work in XP compatibility mode is on a separate virtual machine, but you just do not notice it. No less interesting experience to upgrade operating systems subdivisions of the October Railway. Windows 7 will enable us to further use of the existing fleet of computers without having to replace them. Ability to create a standard system image with the minimum necessary set system services will further enhance user productivity.

Here you can win, "- said Roman Lykov, Deputy Head of the St. Petersburg ICC Chief of the Computing Centre of OAO RZD. It clear – to update computers park is expensive, and the benefits of this is questionable. During the project the IT department of the company managed to bring the time to deploy Windows 7 to 30 minutes.

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The Database

December 27th, 2013

In addition, the practice of restoration will allow your team to easily cope with recovery, when it really will neobhodimo.Esli you are 100% confident in the backup, then restore it never over their production database. "We do not need After-Imaging. We use secure disks "Hard to believe, but there are administrators who manage the database without the use of After-Imaging. This put them at risk losing all data created after the formation of the last operational backup, and it can mean losing a day of work or more if the backup is performed less frequently. Few modern companies are able to restore his day job, and they may not survive the loss of data of this magnitude. After-Imaging mechanism not only protects the database against hardware failures such as disk failure. In general the situation with the loss of Data related to human factors.

The administrator can accidentally delete a database, the programmer can create a bug, but a user to make a serious mistake, everything is exactly in duplicate to be reproduced in mirrored disk system. After-Imaging mechanism protects the database from such errors (including hardware), writing notes about all the database transactions AI-extents, which can then be reproduced on the basis of Data retrieved from the main backup, thus allowing to recover the database at any time. The presence of this mechanism has kept a lot of energy and nerve cells for database administrators and their managers. Rules: All the databases that represent at least some value, should be included mechanism of After-Imaging.AI-extents must be regularly backed up in a safe place, at least ezhechasno.AI archives must be continuously roll on the backup database to ensure that backup themselves AI-archives are not damaged and functional.

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External Hard Drives For PC

October 19th, 2011

External drives today have gained much popularity because of its ease of use and versatility to connect to any computer. In addition, one of the reasons for buying an external drive is the desire user to protect data stored on your computer from hacker threats, or unauthorized persons. Modern external hard drives have a large capacity that can record on them almost any information. Through external drive will always be the right data at hand, while remaining intact. Initially all data loggers were external and connected to a computer via cables, which was due to a general state of technology of information storage. In particular, in 1956, IBM produced the first drive on the hard disk drive, which was a huge closet. It was a great big package of 50 plates 24-inch each.

In this case the information capacity of the drive was only 5 MB. Individual plates were mounted on a rotating spindle. Special mechanical arm contains read-write head and moved up and down on a vertical rod. Despite the awkwardness of this construction, it was the inspiration for the creation of all future hard disk drives. However, today already use a separate pair read-write head for each magnetic surface, rather than the total for the whole disk. Thanks to the invention of hard disk drives have become the primary means of storing and recording information during the next decades and to this day. In the early seventies, all the same, IBM introduced the world's first compact disk, which was placed in a fully enclosed housing.

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