APE Port

September 4th, 2015

You can connect additional communication devices additional headsets, handset, second handset or with cutting edge facilities to a fixed network telephone device with APE’s new series of service – and service centre GmbH for communication systems Leipzig on your phone. The application range is due to the necessity for a simultaneous and equal information link in a team or work group. The external adapter of the APE series will be between the phone handset installed and offer an appreciation of telephone comfort, areas of use and the value of the device by its functionality. Through an integrated in the adapters and intelligent automatic telephone port extension you can up to five different external audio devices next to the handset, such as headset, handset, second handset or with cutting facilities on the output ports of the APE adapter to only a telephone device operate. The sound level can from the outside via a Total control be adjusted centrally and for each port individually. The microphone levels are set in the device. A flat construction allows use as a sub console on the desktop or in the classic lower bench. An LED display continually displays the current operating status.

In addition the ports on a space-saving remote connection box can be fed individually work. The APE system provides summary following features:-automatic telephone port extension for connecting additional headsets, handset, second with cutting device etc. – integrated microphone and headphone amplifier. -Custom and Central setting the receiver volume for handset and external ports via controls possible. -Up to five port amplifiers for headphones and microphone. -Stress free and decoupled signal processing for listening and speaking. -LED operation indicator light. -Independent from the telephone device model. -The microphones on the Can be disabled if necessary via built-in jumpers in the remote connection port connections. For more product information, as well as compatible headsets can be obtained at the following link: command and control centers/index.html


Swissvoice Epure

July 28th, 2015

An objective review of the Swissvoice Epure telephone Swissvoice Epure – design phone before a few months ago I bought the very stylish Swissvoice Epure phone. The main motivation for the purchase was actually the design. The design is by the phone icon used in computer displays inspired and reminiscent of phones of the past. In this article, I’ll explain the positive and also negative aspects to facilitate the decision to interested potential buyers. Generally, the Swissvoice Epure offers everything you would expect from a cordless phone in my opinion. Features of the Swissvoice Epure talk time up to 10 hours of phone book with up to 100 entries caller display (CLID) display talk time alarm and alarm function backlit display of handsfree mode 2 Watt loudspeaker paging – finding-installed handsets expansion possibility up to 4 handsets FullEco fashion – radiation arm and energy-efficient color picker (black, white, red, beige) review the Swissvoice Epure negative sides the negative points which I here list are not necessarily She cite on but points that personally very bother me, because they could be critical for some. No answering machine the Swissvoice Epure has a built-in digital answering machine, you should put emphasis on it so you would have to buy a separate device.

No backlit keyboard has the phone no backlit keyboard, which is criticised in some reviews. I personally have no problem. Features the limited functions of providing the Swissvoice Epure complain some reviews on the Internet. I personally expect my landline phone does not, it can send SMS, connects to the Internet, or what else functions there, this man Yes its phone has positive sides the Swissvoice Epure has received on Amazon.de total 4 out of 5 stars (70 reviews, including 30 with 5 stars). The few negative reviews almost exclusively refer to the number of functions, but not to the quality.


Colors Test

May 31st, 2014

Soundcheck magazine picked the Futurelight DMH-100 on the test bench in the December issue. The result: Positive, rating of AAA. Waldbuttelbrunn, 04 December 2013: Soundcheck magazine has brought the Futurelight DMH-100 on the test bench in the December issue. The result: Positive, grade AAA particularly his colour effect Prism left a lasting impression. Already successfully integrated in the DMH-32, the Prism cut not only the pictures. The colors are divided with an elegant history.

The three – and eightfold prisms of the DMH-100 convinced all along the line,”so the tester. The multi-colour illustrations are dreamy and beautiful as simply”referred to. “” Enjoy also the two Strukturglasgobos: here beautiful polychrome effects can be generated, so far with were simply not possible a Moving Head. “colors, it will be really exciting” testers of the four-color LED of the DMH-100 and of enormous brightness, which creates this showed very fond: the Performance of the 100-watt LED meet in about of a 400-Watt discharge lamp. “” Colors, it is still blatant and so the individual colours appear much richer and brighter than was the case with previous systems.”robust and high-quality” ultimately the outer values of the DMH-100 arrived well: the casing is robust and high-quality running, all components make a very good impression both optical and mechanical. ” “Accordingly the test result positive then: with the Futurelight DMH-100 is definitely an optical eye-catcher at hand”.


New Digital Protection Devices

May 18th, 2014

The Combi protection device series ACOS 300 of IDS GmbH offers a reliable protection of medium voltage networks and transformers providing the IDS GmbH-combined protection device series ACOS 300 a reliable protection of medium voltage networks and transformers in high voltage level and functions for their monitoring and control. Already a branch falling on an overhead power line or a cable damaged by Bauarbeien can cause a short or ground fault and thus endanger valuable resources through dangerous currents and voltages. In the worst case, even personal injury can be caused. A resulting power failure can lead to incalculable costs. The volatility associated with the additional supply from renewable energy sources, the networks will be charged in addition. To ensure security of supply and to protect people and valuable resources are more than ever today efficient solutions in energy distribution networks and decentralised generation asked.

The increase in the level of automation through a secure network protection technology relieves staff and leads to further cost savings. The IDS GmbH offers innovative power protection technology with the ACOS 300 Combi-protection device series for reliable protection of medium voltage networks and transformers in high voltage level as well as their monitoring and control. Highlights of ACOS are 300 series: complete portfolio of overcurrent, distance, and differential protection functions for medium – and high-voltage comprehensive control and monitoring functions additional functions as a reserve safety 3.5 “color touch display of integrated Web server to assist in the instruction, testing and configuration configuration via function plan (IEC 61131-3) full communication capability according to IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-103 /-104, Modbus TCP and SPA-bus uniform, flat and compact design for all device types mounting in door, Swing frame, rack or on mounting plate wide log Gin system for the realization of individual concepts of protection in Medium voltage networks offered the following device types with integrated control function (combined safety): ACOS 351 facing directional overcurrent ACOS 353 overcurrent ACOS 354 distance protection ACOS 355 line differential protection ACOS 357 specially for the protection of powerful two – and three-winding Transformers the following device types (combined safety) are motor protection available: ACOS 392 transformer differential protection for double winder ACOS 395 transformer differential protection for three wrappers of the modular design of the IDS protection devices reduces the cost of service. The devices of the ACOS-300 series are for seamless integration into the digital automation of station IDS SAS and in third-party systems. The devices can be parameterised on the color touch screen and four capacitive touch keys fully and use. In addition, an accessible via ordinary Web browser Web Server provides the ability to service of the equipment. The Web server has an identical image of the local surface.


Used Mobile Phones

May 5th, 2014

The latest BITKOM extrapolation can search for solutions last year there were 83 million unused phones according to BITKOM extrapolation. The latest survey showed that households are now off to more than 100 million old phones in German. Numerous product innovations and corresponding shorter cycles provide a higher phasing-out of old equipment. Maybe you have more aware to themselves, what does this mean: valuable raw materials lie fallow in the drawers and not be attributed the recycling. ReCommerce remedy here companies such as FLIP4NEW.

Through the acquisition of electronic devices such as Smartphones, tablets, PC BBs, cameras u.v.m. the purchase service ensures the return of used equipment on the market. The sale is fast, easy and secure – any costs or fees resulting the customer. Thanks to a fair and transparent price discovery, made using an automatic system, the customer receives always current market prices for its used electronics. How it works: when select one or more devices that are to be sold and after answering a few short questions about the State of the article, the customer gets a price proposal directly. This price says to the customer confirms the purchase and distributed the goods free of charge at FLIP4NEW. Within a few days, the payment to the account of the customer. The sale of used consumer electronics seems to be the way, reduce the mobile mountain and to take advantage of it even.

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Marketing Director

May 2nd, 2014

Seven models of the Trooper series and Thunder available soon across Europe Hamburg, 05 November 2013 – which has new smartphone maker KAZAM today announced the launch of its first seven smartphone models. The two ranges named KAZAM Trooper and KAZAM Thunder will come in the course of the next few weeks in the individual markets in the trade. Given the fact that we have established KAZAM until half a year ago, it is remarkable that we can bring now our first smartphones on the market”, says Michael Coombes, CEO of KAZAM. Our team is small and at the same time learn. That puts us in the position to respond promptly and appropriately to changing conditions in the various markets. The new smartphones are just the start of our brand, we have quite a bit in the mobile industry.” KAZAM is lined up as a young provider this year with the aim to bring new dynamics in the Smartphone market. The straightforward and pragmatic-minded brand focuses on high-quality and technologically advanced sophisticated smartphones at attractive prices.

In particular, KAZAM wants to score points by a comprehensive customer service. So comes every Smartphone with a yearlong warranty for a new display: the display is damaged or scratched, KAZAM provides a free replacement screen available. * beyond the Smartphones feature KAZAM rescue are equipped. Thus the user can the KAZAM customer support on your device allow remote access to provide assistance quickly in any kind of problems. While the range of KAZAM Trooper themselves according to the principle of less is more “focused just on the technology and features that are relevant and useful for Smartphone users, the models offer performance and features at the highest level the KAZAM Thunder series and thus correspond to the increased needs of technology-enthusiastic users. All KAZAM devices have removable batteries, dual SIM and expandable storage capacity.

With the launch of our first devices, we show that KAZAM fresh wind in the Smartphone market brings and offers real value to users,”says James Atkins, Marketing Director of KAZAM. Thereby we not be satisfied us, to develop new mobile phones. It is the goal of KAZAM, to dedicate more neglected areas of the market, to challenge the Status quo and to challenge conventions.” In time, KAZAM will announce when the new smartphones in the DACH region are available. Informed about news and events visit the website:. KAZAM Trooper: KAZAM Trooper product range has been developed to deliver the perfect combination of relevant functions and individual support. Thus, users not for technology must pay, they do not need. Questions about the set up of your Smartphone or other technical problems they can rely on, to get fast, personal assistance.



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