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May 2nd, 2014

Seven models of the Trooper series and Thunder available soon across Europe Hamburg, 05 November 2013 – which has new smartphone maker KAZAM today announced the launch of its first seven smartphone models. The two ranges named KAZAM Trooper and KAZAM Thunder will come in the course of the next few weeks in the individual markets in the trade. Given the fact that we have established KAZAM until half a year ago, it is remarkable that we can bring now our first smartphones on the market”, says Michael Coombes, CEO of KAZAM. Our team is small and at the same time learn. That puts us in the position to respond promptly and appropriately to changing conditions in the various markets. The new smartphones are just the start of our brand, we have quite a bit in the mobile industry.” KAZAM is lined up as a young provider this year with the aim to bring new dynamics in the Smartphone market. The straightforward and pragmatic-minded brand focuses on high-quality and technologically advanced sophisticated smartphones at attractive prices.

In particular, KAZAM wants to score points by a comprehensive customer service. So comes every Smartphone with a yearlong warranty for a new display: the display is damaged or scratched, KAZAM provides a free replacement screen available. * beyond the Smartphones feature KAZAM rescue are equipped. Thus the user can the KAZAM customer support on your device allow remote access to provide assistance quickly in any kind of problems. While the range of KAZAM Trooper themselves according to the principle of less is more “focused just on the technology and features that are relevant and useful for Smartphone users, the models offer performance and features at the highest level the KAZAM Thunder series and thus correspond to the increased needs of technology-enthusiastic users. All KAZAM devices have removable batteries, dual SIM and expandable storage capacity.

With the launch of our first devices, we show that KAZAM fresh wind in the Smartphone market brings and offers real value to users,”says James Atkins, Marketing Director of KAZAM. Thereby we not be satisfied us, to develop new mobile phones. It is the goal of KAZAM, to dedicate more neglected areas of the market, to challenge the Status quo and to challenge conventions.” In time, KAZAM will announce when the new smartphones in the DACH region are available. Informed about news and events visit the website:. KAZAM Trooper: KAZAM Trooper product range has been developed to deliver the perfect combination of relevant functions and individual support. Thus, users not for technology must pay, they do not need. Questions about the set up of your Smartphone or other technical problems they can rely on, to get fast, personal assistance.


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