July 31st, 2013

Follows the established routines is important to parents to keep routines established at home, so children are not desubiquen. While MOM or dad already do not live in the same House, life continues. Therefore, that means that Dinner starts at 5 pm, football practices are still at the same time, etc. You must follow the routines. Show children that must move forward with the routines and life and that someday, the emotions will stabilize. Show them love after a divorce at the end of the whole process of divorce, children need the security that their parents are still with them, no matter what happens. No matter if they are children small, teenagers, pre-teens or adults, will always have the guarantee that their parents will be there when they need them emotional, physical or materially. Other tips for an effective parenting after divorce 1 coeducation) keep the emotions under control.

You may have some persistent anger, sadness and resentment between you and your former partner, but this does not include your children. Give them the benefit of having parents who work together for the sake of their children, instead of shouting, scolding and absurd fights and even insults that do not make sense after the divorce. (2) Think in children first and foremost. Your children are what really matters, not what you feel by your former spouse. No matter what kind of disputes reach, where spend holidays or the money problems that you have.

Take the time to consider the wishes of your children and choose only the best for them. (3) Communicate. It will be very difficult to be a good father after a divorce experience if you don’t have a good communication with the other parent. Trafficking to share news about school events or updates on the health of your children, be sure to share all relevant information with the other parent. (4) Do not speak badly of the other parent. Think twice before you speak against your ex-spouse, can affect you more than benefit. If you don’t already love to your ex, your children Yes and deserve an environment that does not try to manipulate them or burle feelings. Original author and source of the article

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Standards For Mobile TV

July 25th, 2013

At the moment there are five standards to be able to watch TV on mobile devices:
– ISDB-T / ONE-SEG is a service of transmitting audio / video and mobile terrestrial digital data from the Japanese standard ISDB-T. Terrestrial digital broadcasting in Japan(ISDB-T) is designed so that each channel is divided into 13 segments (plus a segment to separate the channels). HDTV transmission occupies 12 segments, and segment 13 is used for mobile receivers. Thus the name, ‘1seg service to the European DVB-H is to pay, the Japanese system is free, anyone can access it from a mobile device for free. “
– DVB-H: Digital Video Broadcasting Handheld. The European Institute of Standards Institute (ETSI) decided on the adoption of DVB-H as European standard for digital terrestrial television (DTT) to mobile
– DVB-SH: DVB-H in banda S is a standard hybrid (satellite / terrestrial) from DVB-H and ETSI SDR. The final standard, approved in February 2007, provides benefits to operators of UMTS, when using a frequency band adjacent to 2GHz, allowing reuse of sites and antennas and base stations deployed.
– T-DMB: Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting.
– S-DMB: Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting.
– MediaFLO: new technologies developed by U.S. company Qualcomm for streaming video to mobile devices.

Asia Media
The campaign team of presidential candidate Megawati Soekarnoputri and her running mate Prabowo Subianto is considering a lawsuit against several TV channels for its refusal to broadcast media .
The Durango Herald
LOS ANGELES – Nearly 800,000 calls were received by a federal hot line this week from people confused about the whole country moved Friday to drop analog TV signals and broadcast only in digital.
Reuters via Yahoo! News
A studio is located on top of a suburban strip mall, on Channel One TV producers pore over hundreds of photos electronically fiery Iran by demonstrators against their people the disputed presidential elections.
The Journal News
PHILIPS TOWN: Former entertainment reporter Toni Senecal, with her cameraman and production crew in tow, recently ran Boscobel picturesque grounds for a film for the next episode of its popular TV series travel, “Toni On! “

Argentina Cancels Mobile Taxes On Agricultural Exports

July 17th, 2013

Argentina left floating effect taxes to strong exports of agricultural raw materials such as soybeans, maize, sunflower and derivatives, after the Senate rejection of the government initiative that imposed, announced on Friday the Cabinet chief Alberto Fernandez.


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