Steam Power

September 12th, 2011

Transform steam power into kinetic energy was the beginning of the technological revolution in the world. Even now, at the beginning of the third millennium, in an age of nuclear technology, molecular robots and microelectronics, energy, steam continues to serve mankind and over two hundred years has found application in almost every area of domestic life and industry. We offer both domestic and professional steam generators from leading manufacturers. The recognized leaders in this area are firm karcher (Germany) and Portotecnica (Italy). To be maximally clear principle of the steam generators, consider a little theory. Vaporization – the transition of matter from liquid gaseous state. Evaporation should be distinguished from the boiling and evaporation.

Evaporation – vaporization that occurs only with the liquid surface. With increasing temperature, evaporation rate increases. Boiling – the process of turning liquid into vapor, which occurs not only from the surface, but inside it, ie, a process of steam throughout the volume of fluid. Boiling occurs at a certain temperature, depending on the type of fluid and pressure. The boiling process is carried out through the inlet to the liquid heat at constant pressure.

Condensation – the reverse process of vaporization. This process of transition of matter from Gas to liquid. The condensation process occurs when the withdrawal of steam heat at constant pressure. Condensation, as well as the boiling process takes place at a constant temperature. When vaporization unlimited amount of the liquid can turn into steam. If the process of evaporation takes place in a covered container, then between the processes of evaporation and condensation can occur balance.



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