Floral Garments

January 26th, 2012

Golden hands of these masters for centuries created floral designs for clothing, uniforms, camisoles, women's dresses, noble people, as well as on church vestments. We commoners embroidery was more modest. Embroidery by the end of XVIII century. it was a leisure activity, homemade crafts. Embroidery is a profession for many skilled workers with the appearance of various trades and crafts. Embroidery as a type of craft begins to develop and lead to the formation in different regions country of its artistic features of patterns, colors, shapes, composition and technique. Embroidery has been widely applied in our country for the national costume jewelry in the XIX – early XX century. Russian masters ornament geometric or floral holding at the edge of the garment in the form of straight bars.

Well-known Russian embroideries include: Vladimir verhoshov, Mstera white expanse, a Russian antique smooth, Orel call list, and Branco and others technology. Wide circulation in Russia has received gold embroidery on suede, velvet, silk, cloth and cotton fabric. Even the fur coats, fur mittens, leather shoes, girl's belt, kokoshniki, tunics, adorned dushegrei embroidery. Different peoples in different regions, villages, different techniques of embroidery (countable, free smooth, white or colored openwork, cross polukrest etc.) motifs of ornament, color of thread. At present a variety of folk embroideries patterns, ornamental motifs, colors and their locations. Patterns in ancient times consisted of some signs or symbols that people expressed their perception of the world and relationship to the incomprehensible events Nature. These characters were a means of communication.


Old Wiring

January 18th, 2012

An old wiring, which is natural, clean, and just do the latest. Then installed in walls or ceilings, movable boxes, mounted sockets, set the findings of cables under all lighting in the room space, etc. A subsequent step – installing plumbing, usually with substitute for old times bathtubs, sinks and toilets. Although the substitution of pipelines require you – it specifically on their first independent water pressure and possibility of accidents plumbing fixtures, such as pipe break. Therefore, plumbing (and wiring) must engage in a corresponding special profile.

If you have a home repair team working prof, in its composition you have all the spices: and bricklayer and carpenter, tiler and, plumber and other specialists. After perform all the preliminary work started actually finishing repairs. It begins, as it were, from top to bottom, in other words, first made ceilings. And, as a rule, there are many options: you can for example Mounted to the ceiling, it can be stretched, but can also be just an old good "vodoemulsionkoy" paint from time to time, too, will look good, certainly in this case, the ceiling must be completely rovnenkie, and the alignment requires both the materials and time. Time requests and the alignment of the walls, but in suburban and criteria may be a deviation from the urban stereotypes, especially in wood houses.

The wall can be aligned with, say, lining, and no accidents or gypsum plasterboard vetonitom, or if the house from glued timber – quite simply polished and well covered, such as decorative and protective chemical composition. Here, too, principled strict geometry of surfaces, but the introduction of standard building materials for all this is not certain. After the ceilings and walls can finally do the sexes. Outside the city, as well as in town, very popular laminate, has not lost its positions usual parquet, from time to time on the floor lay tile or just a trail some carpet. It must be remembered that in any case, any gender follows the previously aligned, and, of course, its surface must always be strictly perpendicular to the walls. As for other general stylistic trends in the repair of the premises, then there can and should note such phenomena in the interior design, as a departure from the fairly rectangular or square area and simply prefer a rounded, suspended ceilings with a variety of multilevel swings, decorative columns and other decorative items nice niche, graceful arches or just podiums. Of course, for the general layout of the room is characterized by a simple principle of "flowing space": in this case, the walls do not separate your existing space from each other, and just to help clearly define the boundaries of different zones. Although – and this is sure to be sure to mention – because any trends here are not what any stringent requirements, so always free space for your imagination. As a rule, this applies first of suburban homes that initially the least standardized, inimitable, and the means and renovated space in them, too, simply must be done not by what a stereotype. Only here and do everything necessary and appropriate, as they say, do not put the cart before horse. But following the above methods of repair, actually avoid unnecessary waste of time and countless alterations.

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