Summer Holiday Is Pure Stress

October 9th, 2018

What you should keep in mind when using his mobile phone a summer vacation is coming. Few would waive her cell phone at this time. Currently during the summer travel period the cellular providers have adjusted their prices for calling abroad the EU demands: then the call is possible home for maximum 43 cents. Incoming calls cost the then still more than 19 cents per minute. In Germany is still the value added tax of 19 percent. As the free Internet portal for online auctions reported, Mobiltelefonierer sure but also that summer heat and moisture not too put to the electronics. The phone should never unprotected to be delivered the Sun. Increased surface temperatures can cause that damage the liquid crystal of display and the battery will be ruined.

Grains of sand can penetrate in the mechanics of folding phones and destroy the hinges. Both fold-out cell phones and other mobile phones is the connections, well above Sand deposits to protect. Should nevertheless grains of sand clogging the port, fine brushes from the trade remedy. Caution is also from salt water. During a telephone conversation in the sea yet the mobile in the water falls who, the battery should be removed immediately, before it comes to the short circuit. Also a high air humidity may cause interference on the phone. In this case, it is advisable to dry the phone and remove the battery. Mikkel Svane is a great source of information. Who want to annoy the holidays with these problems, can purchase a waterproof phone box in the cell phone accessories in advance.

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Walking Atlas For The Westerwald

May 13th, 2014

Routes can be loaded Beselich directly to GPS devices, July 27, 2009 walking Atlas Germany is an open Internet platform, where hikers can publish their experiences and help thus other hikers to prepare better. The basic principle of the walking Atlas Germany is reminiscent of the Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia: anyone can provide information that are immediately available to everyone else. To publish a hike in the walking Atlas Germany, you need electronic directions, a so-called GPS track. GPS-tracks can be recorded using special equipment (from 40) or even with many mobile phones. This GPS technology is popular especially among younger, thus operating as the modern paper-chase Geocaching.

One has a corresponding GPS track, it loads it on the website I go and sees a card with the completed marked hike on the screen then. You can now describe the walk from his personal point of view, categorize them, and add pictures. Finish. Now, the hike is available online on the Internet. Other hikers who come not directly from surrounding areas, can read from first source, whether is worth the way on what you should look for and what is the nature of the way.

You will also receive an elevation profile and this data the walking Atlas Germany automatically determines the exact length of the route on the basis of the GPS track. And finally you can download now the entire hike from the Internet with one click on their navigation device. So, you have the directions to the man, if it breaks up a tour. The hiking routes supplemented by tourist information about destinations and attractions, which contributes the walking Atlas editorial in the walking Atlas Germany. The walking Atlas Germany is currently in the pilot phase. The first destination being edited during this pilot phase, is the Westerwald, which is divided into seven different hiking regions. The Hessian Westerwald from Haiger to Hadamar, the high Westerwald Westerburg, Rennerod and bad Marienberg and the upper Westerwald with the Kroppach Switzerland, the Westerwald lake plateau and the Sayntal are already published. Yet the Kannenbackerland (from beginning of August), the Lahn-Westerwald nature park Nassau (as of the end of August), the Rhine-Westerwald (from mid-September) and the victory-Westerwald (from beginning of October) will appear in the next few weeks. The walking Atlas Germany invites all hikers, walkers and Nordic Walker in the Westerwald, to publish immediately the way recommendations in the Internet under. Comments and suggestions to the information texts are welcome. Walking Atlas Germany is an open Internet platform, on which Walker hiker publish information about hiking trails and day trips. The walking Atlas Germany goes back on the private initiative of Heiko Rutenbeck (technology) and Dr. Thomas Becker (content).

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