Device Ties

April 19th, 2019

The device ties the floor. One of the major steps in the repair of an apartment unit is a tie for the floor. Screed is the basis for the finished floor. On how it is done, long an independent floor finish or not. In a finished floor in a modern apartment use granite, flooring, parquet, laminate, carpet and many other materials. Mikkel Svane spoke with conviction. Composition of the floor screed. In most cases, the coupling is a "layered cake". Of overlap in the house and choosing the finished floor depends on the number and thickness of the layers of the screed.

So, before the robot device ties, we must determine what type of finished floor will be yours. Most often buckle consists of 2 layers of rough and finish. And now, in detail, how to make a good base for your floor. In this article we will consider two major, finishing coatings – a floorboard, and ceramic granite. Porcelain tiles will be laid in hallway, kitchen, bath and balcony. Floorboards in other rooms.

Due to differences in thickness of the finishing layer of screed to the floorboard and porcelain will be on different levels and the individual sections. Detailed ties in the apartment unit. When removing the old flooring inspect the floor slab, determine their condition and elevation changes. To determine the exact level difference of sex, should be repaired on the walls of the apartment, to zero. On it you can just install beacons to fill the rough layer of screed. Make it easier with a laser level or water level "spirit level" Using this conventional bubble level desirable, most likely a mistake. As a result, the walls of the apartment, which is working to tie the device, you should see a horizontal line at a height of 1.2-1.5 m above floor level. With this line you can understand what the thickness of screed should be applied.

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The Dressing

June 17th, 2018

For easy removal of roofing material to lubricate the dressing solyarovym or herb butter. Hardened by the oil roller materials become more elastic, lighter and stronger than stick, and grit is removed easily. Lubricant is applied with rags, brushes or brushes. Sprinkle removed a steel brush, a metal or wooden spatula to spread out on flat surface of the material (so as not to break it while working). The size of patches should be larger than the repair area of the roof is 100 mm on all sides. If the patches are superimposed over one another spacecraft, subsequent to all parties should overlap the previous and 100 mm.Vydavlennaya or excessively deposited paste to the edge of a spatula prishpaklevyvaetsya patches or turn the carpet, smooth and well leveled flush with the edge patches. Renovated space nye-covered cement and sprinkled with heated sand. Click Viacom to learn more. This is done in order to paste, for heating from the sun could not melt and drip.

Old carpet or patches should be imposed be thoroughly combed. If they go up and do not adhere tightly to the base, their prigruzhayut any cargo, such as a brick. To do this, make the dressing thicker sand, so the goods are not glued to the mastic. After hardening mastic load is removed, the excess sand is removed. Types of repairs can be very different. So pierced (not through) places the carpet, that is to clean the roof of snow and ice, you can fix it. The fault location well dried, clean the dirt and the old mastic. Of hot mastic, mixed with dry sand or sawdust, are preparing putty and place it zashpaklevyvayut damage, carefully leveling edge. At the place where found defect can be put zaplatu.Esli roof pierced to the root, then cut the damaged envelope (crosswise), giving way corners, water is removed, cleaned of mud and of mastic, dried well, especially base, which can be highly humidified and more are working as well as swelling in the roof membrane – promazyvayut hot mastic base and inner side of the cut carpet, put them on the ground, pressed and Smooth carefully.

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November 8th, 2017

Especially important is the quality vapor barrier for steam Russian bath – it has more than 50% humidity. Acoustic device frame-obshivnyh Acoustic baffles (sound insulation, sound-proof) frame-obshivnye walls as insulation wall is a structure consisting of a supporting framework, insulation and double-sided Ornamental skin. The only difference is that the construction of acoustic barriers should not have hard links to other building envelope (walls, floors, ceilings). Frame partitioning is performed of timber section 60 * 80 mm or metal profiles. Peter Asaro can aid you in your search for knowledge. Frame to the building envelope is attached by means of special mounting brackets vibrorazvyazyvayuschih whose design provides gap direct contact between the joined surfaces. Between the guide frame and enclosing structures necessary to provide seals of thick elastic materials.

Insulation material used in framed partition walls, must have low density and high absorption coefficient. Best zvukopoglaschayuschimi abilities have mineral wool LAYNROK LIGHT, STANDARD LAYNROK M, and LAYNROK STANDARD specialized product for soundproofing LAYNROK Acoustics (Plates vraspor installed in the space between the uprights and is sheathed on both sides of plate or rigid sheet materials. The best soundproofing effect is achieved by a two-layer shell walls, where the inner layer of gypsum applied, and as external – plasterboard. All joints should be sealed with silicone sealants. The unit of acoustic floating floor acoustic floating floor construction is polpredstavlyaet consisting of the underlying elastic layer and the construction of the deck.

Floating acoustic floors – are used to reduction in the room, above all, the level of impact noise – noise that occurs in structures as a result of mechanical action on it. Acoustic design of the floor should provide effective soundproof rooms of this kind of noise, as well as the sound of televisions, radios, voices of people slamming doors, etc. As the underlying elastic layer, specialized mineral plates LAYNROK FLOR. Insulating material in these structures is subject to the significant mechanical stresses and, therefore, but good sound insulating properties, the material LAYNROK FLOR also meets the high requirements for strength.

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Selection Suspended Boilers

October 24th, 2017

The heating system at home chasnogo small area (80 sq.m.) has its own specifics. As a rule, these houses are no separate facilities for the item and placing the boiler equipment, have to save every square decimeter square. If this circumstance is of importance to you, the best option for heating homes chasnogo, in our opinion, is a system with a boiler mounted, dual-or single-loop. Modern hanging pots have a volume slightly greater than that of a kitchen cabinet can be hung in any convenient place (not necessarily in the kitchen) and contain all necessary components of the boiler room: circulation pump, expansion tank, safety valve, security, etc. Almost all mounted boilers can automatically resume work if the electricity is turned off and then re-fed. Double-circuit flow-through boilers have heat exchanger or storage built boiler for hot water. Mounted boilers are open or closed combustion chamber.

Closed combustion chamber allows the combustion gases can not vertical chimney, the device is very expensive, and in coaxial horizontal chimney, directly over the wall at home. This eliminates the need for a separate vent through which the boiler must enter the air required for combustion gas. This role is performed by the outer shell chimney. This design has a chimney is called "pipe in pipe". Another important advantage is mounted boilers special design of the burners, which are relatively insensitive to fluctuations in gas pressure in the pipeline. Of course, the heat capacity of the boiler will depend on the gas pressure, but burner wear this does not increase and get burned it will not be threatened. The latter property distinguishes the floor-mounted boilers from boilers with atmospheric burners, which under a reduced pressure gas can be "landing" of the flame on the burner and it burned. Power is mounted boilers from 12 to 35 kW, and the performance of hot water flow heaters of double-circuit boilers from 8 to 15 L / min.

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Plasma TVs

December 31st, 2011

Let us consider the pros and cons of plasma and LCD TVs, look at the differences between these technologies. However, before deciding how to choose a TV, you must decide what you watch on it? Normal TV? DVD? Or high-definition television (HDTV)? Processors large 'boxes' can not properly calculate and stretch the analog air signal to a large diagonal. When viewing a digital signal from DVD to 'box' with inch over 40 "will be noticeable lack of resolution. Plasma technology is much better adapted to display the broadcast signal than LCD technology. The image of the plasma more similar to the image created by the usual TV, it's more full of flowers. Plasma costs less than an LCD. However, plasma TVs have several major drawbacks. The large size of pixels that create the image may distort the image when viewed from close range.

Bleaching is not enough points for frequent changes in personnel can be an unpleasant surprise for the owners of plasma televisions. This is especially noticeable when watching live channels, which put their Fixed logos in the corner. In such TVs are built special devices that restore the burned-out point, but that's not really save. The big problem of plasma – a much larger (2-3 times) power consumption than LCD TVs. Disadvantages 'zhidkokristallikov': the high cost and unusual after CRT TV Eye picture. With this in mind for solving the problem 'how to choose the TV' can recommend: 1) To view the live channels and a DVD does not make sense to buy TVs over 40 inches.


Reinforced Concrete

December 7th, 2011

and conditions set Weight in oper-uu-quality concrete, the main ones are: the class of concrete on the strength in axial compression, indicated in the draft in all cases, the class of concrete on the strength of the axial strain Bt; appointed in cases where this characteristic has utmost importance and is monitored at the workplace; grade of concrete on frost resistance F; should be assigned for design. exposed to moist effect of alternate freezing and thawing (open way construction., filler-way construction. etc.) brand of waterproof W; assigned to the structures to which the claim is impermeable (tanks, standpipes, etc.) mark on the density of D; assigned to the structures to except that the requirements of durability demanded to insulation, and monitored in production. Specified class and grade of concrete are an appropriate choice of the concrete mixture, followed by a test control samples. Class of concrete on the strength in axial compression (MPa) is called a temporary resistance to compression of concrete cubes with an edge size of 15 cm-tested after 28 days storage at 20 + / – 2 C. Classes of concrete compressive strength for Reinforced Concrete standards are set as follows: for the heavy concrete in 7.5, at 10, B 12.5, B 15, B 20, B 30, B 35, B 40, B 45 B 50, B 55, B 60. for fine-grained concrete form in the sand with a fineness moduli of 2.1 and more – in the same range as before in 40 inclusive; type B with a unit size of less than 1 – in the same range until the 30 inclusive form B, subjected to autoclave treatment – in the same range as before in 40 inclusive. The class of concrete on the strength of the axial strain Bt 0,8; In 1.2, B1, 6 B 2, B 2.4, B 2.8, B 3.2; characterize the strength of concrete in axial tension (MPa).

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Installing a TV

November 21st, 2011

The size of the viewing angle is especially important in case you want to install the TV on a bracket above the eyes. For example, in the TV AKIRA LCT26SK18STP maximum viewing angle is 178 compared with the standard 160 , which allows you to maintain high contrast and brightness of the image, regardless of the position in the TV space. Which brand to choose? One of the reliability indices of the brand is the presence of authorized service centers, ready to quickly and competently to advise, to diagnose, provide guarantee and post guarantee maintenance of acquired technology. It is this factor should pay attention first and foremost when choosing a brand TV. So, making a purchase, do not hesitate to ask the manager about the location of the nearest service center, where you can Seek help if the road to your heart you will upset TV. Important to note on the TV band, juddering picture, "running around" frames, etc., eliminate the source of interference. They can be any strong household electrical appliance, such as a microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, cordless telephone, etc.

In addition, this undesirable effect can provide a powerful remote sources of interference – trams, cellular transmitters, etc. Keep in mind that the process of signal transmission from its source located in the telecentre to the viewer signal quality can be greatly impaired. At the same TV, even the most expensive and complex will always be only a translator, on quality of work is influenced by many external factors and devices. Make it a rule to improve television reception – check the antenna cable, get an amplifier and a directional antenna, Diversify your review satellite programs – there is little likelihood of interference is reduced to zero. EXAMPLE Comprehensive information screen proportions Akira LCT-19HE02ST match widescreen movie – 16:10; native resolution – 1440×900 pixels. With a little Diagonal – 19 inches – this TV has a high resolution, sufficient to play HD-content. Due to the small size of the pixel image even from a short distance looks very smooth, the transitions are smooth and clear image.

The response time is 5ms – the best indicator to see any movies and most dynamic video game. The viewing angles both vertically and horizontally is 160 degrees, which allows you to save money images in almost any position of the screen. Akira LCT-19HE02ST characterized by high image contrast – 800:1, colors are bright and vivid, and the image looks natural, and the on-screen menu lets you configure TV in accordance with the preferences of the viewer. The menu and remote control provide a standard set of features and easy to use. Built-in speakers are located along the lower edge of the panel, and she set at a sufficiently large and stable round base. TV Akira LCT-19HE02ST supports stereo NICAM stereo sound and is able to provide for terrestrial television. Another element of the sound section – headphones: useful things, if the TV is in the bedroom. Built-in tuner is designed to receive 100 channels, there is teletext with memory for 100 pages. The model is recommended for those who want to enjoy excellent picture, while maintaining free space in the room.



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