Installing a TV

November 21st, 2011

The size of the viewing angle is especially important in case you want to install the TV on a bracket above the eyes. For example, in the TV AKIRA LCT26SK18STP maximum viewing angle is 178 compared with the standard 160 , which allows you to maintain high contrast and brightness of the image, regardless of the position in the TV space. Which brand to choose? One of the reliability indices of the brand is the presence of authorized service centers, ready to quickly and competently to advise, to diagnose, provide guarantee and post guarantee maintenance of acquired technology. It is this factor should pay attention first and foremost when choosing a brand TV. So, making a purchase, do not hesitate to ask the manager about the location of the nearest service center, where you can Seek help if the road to your heart you will upset TV. Important to note on the TV band, juddering picture, "running around" frames, etc., eliminate the source of interference. They can be any strong household electrical appliance, such as a microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, cordless telephone, etc.

In addition, this undesirable effect can provide a powerful remote sources of interference – trams, cellular transmitters, etc. Keep in mind that the process of signal transmission from its source located in the telecentre to the viewer signal quality can be greatly impaired. At the same TV, even the most expensive and complex will always be only a translator, on quality of work is influenced by many external factors and devices. Make it a rule to improve television reception – check the antenna cable, get an amplifier and a directional antenna, Diversify your review satellite programs – there is little likelihood of interference is reduced to zero. EXAMPLE Comprehensive information screen proportions Akira LCT-19HE02ST match widescreen movie – 16:10; native resolution – 1440×900 pixels. With a little Diagonal – 19 inches – this TV has a high resolution, sufficient to play HD-content. Due to the small size of the pixel image even from a short distance looks very smooth, the transitions are smooth and clear image.

The response time is 5ms – the best indicator to see any movies and most dynamic video game. The viewing angles both vertically and horizontally is 160 degrees, which allows you to save money images in almost any position of the screen. Akira LCT-19HE02ST characterized by high image contrast – 800:1, colors are bright and vivid, and the image looks natural, and the on-screen menu lets you configure TV in accordance with the preferences of the viewer. The menu and remote control provide a standard set of features and easy to use. Built-in speakers are located along the lower edge of the panel, and she set at a sufficiently large and stable round base. TV Akira LCT-19HE02ST supports stereo NICAM stereo sound and is able to provide for terrestrial television. Another element of the sound section – headphones: useful things, if the TV is in the bedroom. Built-in tuner is designed to receive 100 channels, there is teletext with memory for 100 pages. The model is recommended for those who want to enjoy excellent picture, while maintaining free space in the room.


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