November 8th, 2017

Especially important is the quality vapor barrier for steam Russian bath – it has more than 50% humidity. Acoustic device frame-obshivnyh Acoustic baffles (sound insulation, sound-proof) frame-obshivnye walls as insulation wall is a structure consisting of a supporting framework, insulation and double-sided Ornamental skin. The only difference is that the construction of acoustic barriers should not have hard links to other building envelope (walls, floors, ceilings). Frame partitioning is performed of timber section 60 * 80 mm or metal profiles. Peter Asaro can aid you in your search for knowledge. Frame to the building envelope is attached by means of special mounting brackets vibrorazvyazyvayuschih whose design provides gap direct contact between the joined surfaces. Between the guide frame and enclosing structures necessary to provide seals of thick elastic materials.

Insulation material used in framed partition walls, must have low density and high absorption coefficient. Best zvukopoglaschayuschimi abilities have mineral wool LAYNROK LIGHT, STANDARD LAYNROK M, and LAYNROK STANDARD specialized product for soundproofing LAYNROK Acoustics (Plates vraspor installed in the space between the uprights and is sheathed on both sides of plate or rigid sheet materials. The best soundproofing effect is achieved by a two-layer shell walls, where the inner layer of gypsum applied, and as external – plasterboard. All joints should be sealed with silicone sealants. The unit of acoustic floating floor acoustic floating floor construction is polpredstavlyaet consisting of the underlying elastic layer and the construction of the deck.

Floating acoustic floors – are used to reduction in the room, above all, the level of impact noise – noise that occurs in structures as a result of mechanical action on it. Acoustic design of the floor should provide effective soundproof rooms of this kind of noise, as well as the sound of televisions, radios, voices of people slamming doors, etc. As the underlying elastic layer, specialized mineral plates LAYNROK FLOR. Insulating material in these structures is subject to the significant mechanical stresses and, therefore, but good sound insulating properties, the material LAYNROK FLOR also meets the high requirements for strength.

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Selection Suspended Boilers

October 24th, 2017

The heating system at home chasnogo small area (80 sq.m.) has its own specifics. As a rule, these houses are no separate facilities for the item and placing the boiler equipment, have to save every square decimeter square. If this circumstance is of importance to you, the best option for heating homes chasnogo, in our opinion, is a system with a boiler mounted, dual-or single-loop. Modern hanging pots have a volume slightly greater than that of a kitchen cabinet can be hung in any convenient place (not necessarily in the kitchen) and contain all necessary components of the boiler room: circulation pump, expansion tank, safety valve, security, etc. Almost all mounted boilers can automatically resume work if the electricity is turned off and then re-fed. Double-circuit flow-through boilers have heat exchanger or storage built boiler for hot water. Mounted boilers are open or closed combustion chamber.

Closed combustion chamber allows the combustion gases can not vertical chimney, the device is very expensive, and in coaxial horizontal chimney, directly over the wall at home. This eliminates the need for a separate vent through which the boiler must enter the air required for combustion gas. This role is performed by the outer shell chimney. This design has a chimney is called "pipe in pipe". Another important advantage is mounted boilers special design of the burners, which are relatively insensitive to fluctuations in gas pressure in the pipeline. Of course, the heat capacity of the boiler will depend on the gas pressure, but burner wear this does not increase and get burned it will not be threatened. The latter property distinguishes the floor-mounted boilers from boilers with atmospheric burners, which under a reduced pressure gas can be "landing" of the flame on the burner and it burned. Power is mounted boilers from 12 to 35 kW, and the performance of hot water flow heaters of double-circuit boilers from 8 to 15 L / min.

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Clean Kitchens

February 10th, 2015

Clean dishes and cooking utensils pots and pans in many families depends mainly on the kitchen sink. Free, stainless steel sink is attached to almost any kitchen set as a gift. It advantageous, but not very accurately. The reason for this is that such cleaning, the depth of 15 cm and a thickness of 0.8 mm, inconvenient and impractical: Satellites of washes – a lot of splashing and increased loudness. After acting on the nerves "Drumming" by soaking the dishes in a deep enough container is not convenient.

The rank above is welded stainless steel sink, cup wall thickness which is equal to 0.8 to 1.2 mm. They are less noisy and more capacious bowl and functional. Odnochashevaya welded and forged a model with or without wings from a European supplier can be purchased for $ 35-55. Dvuhchashevaya Flush valve with washing machine, ranging from $ 100. Clean dishes depends on the sink, and ventilation systems are responsible for the fresh air.

The materials consist of composite sink filler and polymer binder. As a filler is used as a solid: silica sand, fiberglass, granite grit. The role of the binder and form-building component is acrylic, but the color is determined by the dyes and fillers. Sink made of composite materials has several advantages: they are very aesthetic, environmentally clean and reliable and easy to clean because they do not "attract" fat, good resistance to abrasion and impact, a car wash easily absorbs the sound of falling water drops by about 1 cm thick wall thickness, it afraid of an aggressive environment). European composite sink starts at $ 200. Enameled ceramic sink is durable, resistant to heat, scratch resistant and does not change in color during long-term operation, but it is difficult, sensitive to impact and tough (it affects the accuracy of installation). For complex manufacturing technology, its cost varies by 36% more cleaning of the composites.

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Building Fireplace Foundation

November 27th, 2014

The main elements of the fireplace are the foundation, frame, firebox, and chimney dymosbornik channel. Normal functioning of the fire depends on the correct aspect ratio of its elements. The foundation of fireplaces with their hands can be made of rubble stone, rubble concrete, red brick, concrete blocks. Foundations in wet soil is recommended to perform from the rubble. The solution is the foundation for laying in dry soil is used limestone, consisting of 1 volume of lime and 1 .. 3 of sand (depending on the humidity of the lime). In order to prepare a solution of lime water closes (until thick sour cream) and then add sand. Grout for laying of foundations in wet soil is composed of 1 volume of cement and 3 volumes of sand.

First the dry ingredients are thoroughly mixed and then diluted with water. Foundation for the fireplace must not be connected with the foundation of the building. Between they should be sedimentary seam width 40 – 50 mm. The joints must be filled with sand. Deepen the foundation for not less than 0.6 m.

In moist soil the foundation should be insulated against water penetration. To do this under the foundation prepared a bed of a mixture of clay with rubble, and around the foundation throughout its height compacted clay layer of fat mint thickness of 150 – 200 mm. The pit for the foundation must have dimensions (length and width) to 50 mm more under the basement fireplace. The bottom of the pit level up. The first row of the base spread of fire or brick rubble dry. Stone or gravel vtrambovyvayut into the ground, and then pour the liquid solution. Next are laying straight rows, keeping ligation sutures. To prevent moisture penetration into masonry chimney on top of the foundation, not less than 150 mm above ground level, make a layer of two layers of roofing felt, then perform the masonry fireplace.

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Old Wiring

January 18th, 2012

An old wiring, which is natural, clean, and just do the latest. Then installed in walls or ceilings, movable boxes, mounted sockets, set the findings of cables under all lighting in the room space, etc. A subsequent step – installing plumbing, usually with substitute for old times bathtubs, sinks and toilets. Although the substitution of pipelines require you – it specifically on their first independent water pressure and possibility of accidents plumbing fixtures, such as pipe break. Therefore, plumbing (and wiring) must engage in a corresponding special profile.

If you have a home repair team working prof, in its composition you have all the spices: and bricklayer and carpenter, tiler and, plumber and other specialists. After perform all the preliminary work started actually finishing repairs. It begins, as it were, from top to bottom, in other words, first made ceilings. And, as a rule, there are many options: you can for example Mounted to the ceiling, it can be stretched, but can also be just an old good "vodoemulsionkoy" paint from time to time, too, will look good, certainly in this case, the ceiling must be completely rovnenkie, and the alignment requires both the materials and time. Time requests and the alignment of the walls, but in suburban and criteria may be a deviation from the urban stereotypes, especially in wood houses.

The wall can be aligned with, say, lining, and no accidents or gypsum plasterboard vetonitom, or if the house from glued timber – quite simply polished and well covered, such as decorative and protective chemical composition. Here, too, principled strict geometry of surfaces, but the introduction of standard building materials for all this is not certain. After the ceilings and walls can finally do the sexes. Outside the city, as well as in town, very popular laminate, has not lost its positions usual parquet, from time to time on the floor lay tile or just a trail some carpet. It must be remembered that in any case, any gender follows the previously aligned, and, of course, its surface must always be strictly perpendicular to the walls. As for other general stylistic trends in the repair of the premises, then there can and should note such phenomena in the interior design, as a departure from the fairly rectangular or square area and simply prefer a rounded, suspended ceilings with a variety of multilevel swings, decorative columns and other decorative items nice niche, graceful arches or just podiums. Of course, for the general layout of the room is characterized by a simple principle of "flowing space": in this case, the walls do not separate your existing space from each other, and just to help clearly define the boundaries of different zones. Although – and this is sure to be sure to mention – because any trends here are not what any stringent requirements, so always free space for your imagination. As a rule, this applies first of suburban homes that initially the least standardized, inimitable, and the means and renovated space in them, too, simply must be done not by what a stereotype. Only here and do everything necessary and appropriate, as they say, do not put the cart before horse. But following the above methods of repair, actually avoid unnecessary waste of time and countless alterations.

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Gypsum Construction

December 29th, 2011

Gypsum construction – this is the best solution for re-planning and implementation of interior design solutions in their own hands. Benefits of drywall and construction of its use at first glance may seem inconspicuous. Dust at work, extra time for filler, drying and painting often scares, but should consider the design in comparison. Drywall in contrast to plastic films, panels and other decorative materials – natural material, it is nonflammable, has sufficient strength and durability. With self-decoration drywall does not require special expensive equipment and special skills. Technology installation of the drywall construction are fairly simple and everyone can learn them. The use of moisture-resistant drywall makes it easy to align the walls for the installation of ceramic tiles, artificial stone in bathrooms, kitchens and toilets. Since drywall involves painting and plastering, any defects in the plaster surface, appearing as a result of negligence, can be corrected with putty and filling in the defect place, the plastic can not be such as spot repair, not to trace.

And the kind of plastic, some people confuse its artificiality, is not always shine plastic creates a cozy atmosphere. Yes, and insulating properties structures of the drywall is much higher. We distinguish the main types of plasterboard structures: Suspended ceilings, partitions, dry wall plaster and construction. All three of the above structures are basic elements of interior design. Most designs have combined form, flowing space and creating volume. It is not necessary to use rectilinear forms, you can use tiers to the ceiling, arches, niches, moldings, etc. Modern lighting gives extra room for imagination in the design of the room, and the use of drywall construction allows you to implement any design idea, you can develop and implement their own hands, without resorting to the costly and masters teams. Get acquainted with the technology installation drywall construction, please visit

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Reinforced Concrete

December 7th, 2011

and conditions set Weight in oper-uu-quality concrete, the main ones are: the class of concrete on the strength in axial compression, indicated in the draft in all cases, the class of concrete on the strength of the axial strain Bt; appointed in cases where this characteristic has utmost importance and is monitored at the workplace; grade of concrete on frost resistance F; should be assigned for design. exposed to moist effect of alternate freezing and thawing (open way construction., filler-way construction. etc.) brand of waterproof W; assigned to the structures to which the claim is impermeable (tanks, standpipes, etc.) mark on the density of D; assigned to the structures to except that the requirements of durability demanded to insulation, and monitored in production. Specified class and grade of concrete are an appropriate choice of the concrete mixture, followed by a test control samples. Class of concrete on the strength in axial compression (MPa) is called a temporary resistance to compression of concrete cubes with an edge size of 15 cm-tested after 28 days storage at 20 + / – 2 C. Classes of concrete compressive strength for Reinforced Concrete standards are set as follows: for the heavy concrete in 7.5, at 10, B 12.5, B 15, B 20, B 30, B 35, B 40, B 45 B 50, B 55, B 60. for fine-grained concrete form in the sand with a fineness moduli of 2.1 and more – in the same range as before in 40 inclusive; type B with a unit size of less than 1 – in the same range until the 30 inclusive form B, subjected to autoclave treatment – in the same range as before in 40 inclusive. The class of concrete on the strength of the axial strain Bt 0,8; In 1.2, B1, 6 B 2, B 2.4, B 2.8, B 3.2; characterize the strength of concrete in axial tension (MPa).

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