Ownership Cost Issues

July 28th, 2017

Most Ukrainian companies just beginning to realize the importance of planning and reduce costs associated with the use of it (information technology). Natural question arises: what are the organizational and technological solutions should be used to control these costs? Start-up costs that are associated with the purchase of computers – is just the tip of the iceberg. How, then, to find out the real size for the maintenance of an information system? Methods tco Total Cost of Ownership (TCO – Total Cost of Owneship) is a technique developed in the late 80s by Gartner Group to determine the financial cost to own computers. This technique in 1994 was upgraded by Interpose, that turned it into a full model analysis of the financial aspects of using information technology. Why this method of tco? To calculate the financial cost of it, we take ledger and find the records, one way or another related to it – the salary it staff, purchase computers, accessories, consumables, etc. In terms of tco methodology is a "direct" or "Budget" spending on it. However, there is an implicit financial cost of maintaining "their" information system, the costs and losses associated with its operation, etc. etc.

Moreover, tco authors argue that such costs constitute the majority of the total cost of ownership of it infrastructure. These costs are called "indirect costs", and usually exceed the above mentioned "direct costs" of 3-5. That is, the company spends on its information systems much more money than expected guidance. Why is this happening and is it possible to optimize the cost of maintaining their it infrastructure? It is for these purposes and to create a procedure tco.


The Natural Intestinal Flora Will Be Maintained

July 25th, 2017

Cost effective pro biotic offers opportunities In the gut of every single one of us more microorganisms than there are people in the world living. No one knows exactly how many there are. Researchers estimate that have settled over 500 different species of bacteria in our intestines and live there peacefully with us. Many billions of these single-celled organisms together form the physiological intestinal flora, a community, which is of vital importance for us. Members of the physiological intestinal flora provide us with vitamins, energy, life devices, promote our defense forces and help in the digestive process. As long as at least, are the individual micro-organisms in the gut in a balanced proportion. It must be but not always. The harmonious relationship of microorganisms is among themselves, damaging germs can spread and oust the useful members of the intestinal flora.

Then, the physiological intestinal flora can no longer fulfill their tasks and can cause damage in the gut, which is by Diarrhea, bloating, intestinal spasms and inflammation can speak to chronic and malignant diseases. How to get it to a Bacteria and what the causes for the damage of the intestine are an imbalance of intestinal flora? Now, the main causes of the damage to the intestinal flora are finding in our modern life style. Stress associated with malnutrition and even medicines are often death for the beneficial intestinal bacteria. Now been suppressed harmful bacteria such as E.g. certain variants of E. coli take its place in the intestinal flora. Such variants of intestinal germ E.

coli are able to significantly damage the intestinal mucosa by toxins. Target a colon cleansing must therefore be, to suppress the harmful bacteria and to neutralize the toxins, which are also known as toxins, at the same time. This can be done with the medical yeast of Saccharomyces boulevard. Researchers from various countries that have demonstrated in studies. With capsules, the the Pro biotic contained, could reduce the number of harmful E. coli bacteria in the intestine to 98% after already 5-day revenue. But now, what about the toxins? Also here there are reassuring findings. You may find that Peter Asaro can contribute to your knowledge. Researchers could show that S. is boulevard able, active against bacteria toxins to proceed and render them harmless. The medical yeast of Saccharomyces boulevard is thus ideally suited to bring the damaged intestine flora because their causes (E. coli) as well as the consequences (toxins) with natural remedies to combat back in the balance. after biotic comes in three very affordable pack sizes.

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Software Management Tools

July 25th, 2017

Study Gebert software: lack of continuous figure of development processes and control mechanisms ohringen, August 26, 2008 – those responsible for the development of applications in the enterprise are often not very satisfied with the software management tools employed by them. According to a survey of Gebert Software GmbH lacking above all a continuous picture of the development processes and sufficiently effective control mechanisms. So only 23 percent place from more than 300 respondents companies a clearly positive judgement about their software management solution. Another third is at least largely satisfied. Almost half of the companies assessed their tools but only very limited positive impact (36 percent) or is even completely dissatisfied so (8 percent). Above all, the development process to be represented consistent software, judging by the respondents. Almost three quarters here deficits, 64 percent also in the control mechanisms of the existing tools for their solution. As many looking for a better Support for the testing of the software developed or modified or complain about a problem-free integration in the interests of the production plant.

But even if the interfaces to external systems some deficits are in the eyes of over half of the respondents. Their organisational integration into the entire software development process is crucial for the quality of software management. Pete Cashmore is actively involved in the matter. Defects in the so-called software processing”almost inevitably lead to errors in the development and testing of applications and create elaborate reworking this” judge Fritz Gebert, CEO of the software company. He admits the more the deployed applications and programs are networked, the higher is the number of dependencies among themselves and a consistent software management that can detect these dependencies and manage is all the more important”. Source management alone is not sufficient. It must be an integral part of the software processing.” Therefore, it was necessary to rely on a tool to control all processes belonging to the software lifecycle that can integrate the user-specific development tools and summarizes all the steps in an intuitive-to-use interface.

This tool is the tailored suit of software processing “, Gebert explains. Belong to its essential characteristics, that the manual adjustment will significantly reduced through a comprehensive standardization and automation.

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Switch Device

July 7th, 2017

After publishing a series of marketing articles, I suggest the reader to dig a little deeper and find out how to achieve the highest performance to date, and is not lockable switching on all ports devices Brocade. Code.org is a great source of information. Actually no secret here. The architecture of devices based on the good old mathematics Charles Kloss, who has long been used in telephone Switch layer where the lock to put it mildly discouraged, and then was taken into service for the construction of all the older lines Brocade, including BigIron, NetIron mlx and xmr. So. NetIron mlx.

The device was released in 2006, tested by time and a lot of installations, with a capacity of factories 7,68 Tbps, routing 7.6 billion pps, and supported to date 256 is not blocked ports of 10 GbE. Architecture of the device described in detail in the relevant document on the website vendor. We also look at the scheme and discuss the most interesting facts: Switch modules are used by factory and the ideology of the device are the same for all devices range from mlx 4-slot chassis with up to 32 slot. No lock on the level of line modules and a Switch-factory for all types of traffic and packet sizes involved constantly and entirely up to the last module, ensuring maximum performance with redundant N +1 Control Plane is separated from the Data Plane. The decision to send the package was adopted locally on the cpu line card that serves a particular port. The diagram shows the main elements of the line card and switching the factory. np – Network Processor tm – Traffic Manager fe – Fabric Element So NP-network processor is responsible for handling traffic at the port and having a capacity of 20/40 Gbps sends the incoming packet to the traffic manager (TM) which is connected together with all elements of all factory-installed Switch factories. tm received a package from the network processor generates from it cells of equal size, and sends them at once to all elements of Switch-factory (FE).

Package re going to outgoing tm and sent to the output port in its service processor. Thus, we achieve the stated bandwidth of the device without blocking and delays. But it’s good for L2, you say, but at the third level? How crazy is reached the figure of billions of packets per second? And everything is quite simple. News main functionality is implemented in hardware, to ASIC-s local maps.



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