Blackberry Storm

October 14th, 2014

On Thursday, Verizon made public the date and final prices for their version of the BlackBerry Storm. Initially announced for more than a month, the first touch screen phone with RIM will be available Nov. 21 through the supplier, which has the same price of 200 dollars that the contract for the iPhone Apple ATandT after the repayment of 50 dollars to also free phones there are difference in cost is an exchange when taking into account that does not have 8GB of storage and a screen multitactil in favor of a 3.2 megapixel camera with video capture, a GSM and CDMA radio, microSDHC storage and a touch screen that makes click to give you physical feedback.
A price equal to suggest that there are heavy subsidies on the BlackBerry, free phones which is very close to the iPhone in hardware and thus bears the same risk of softening the benefits to push Verizon to absorb much of the price of the phone in exchange for lucrative clients , They need to subscribe to a data plan along with a voice plan and therefore pay the supplier more each month.
It is alleged by some sources that forced Verizon to deliberately not have WiFi in the Storm and could have done whcih you can get when you get a to prevent subscribers from using a single voice or data plan inexpensive to avoid the company’s 3G network. Nor has the three bands of 3G iPhone in what is believed to be a maneuver to prevent customers from changing the Storm to ATandT.
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Mobile Phones

October 12th, 2014

20 interesting facts about mobile phones. 1. Young people are the most common category of mobile phone users, mobile phones use 1.7 billion young men and women, their costs are $ 350 billion a year. 2. The largest number of mobile phones in India, at the current rate of spread of mobile phones by 2012, every 5th winner of the phone in the world, will come from India. 3.

Until 2012 in Europe will be 12 million new mobile phone owners. 4. The most common mobile phones among the rural population in India, in this country a hundred million inhabitants of the villages have one or more mobile phones. 5. Latest money young people spend with pleasure at the completion of their mobile bills, eating in the background. 6.

If you are a fan of a particular manufacturer of mobile phones, the company will bring you about 1 yew. Dollars. 7. In the promotions and commercials manufacturers of mobile phones are lying in 60% of cases. 8. If your mobile operator sends you messages of an advertising nature, then by age 18 you will see them about 1 million 9. 70% of young population, the choice of mobile phone, guided experiences with their friends or acquaintances. 10. Every 10 minutes in the world of teenagers are changing sim card 8,000 yew. Times. 11. Operator young people change when about 40% of their Friends use the services of another operator. 12. United States fastest growing country in the growth of social networks tailored for mobile phones. 13. 85% of mobile phone users use it as a camera. 14. 5 days, the application downloaded Skype for the iPhone 5 million users. 15. Because users change the mobile operator, the latter lose about $ 30 billion a year. 16. Only about 200 million people in China use mobile Internet. 17. Europeans are buying the phone in eight years. 18. Proceeds from sales of Amazon's done with the help of mobile phones is $ 1 billion. 19. The Indians daily spend about 6 hours of their time to listen music from your mobile phone. 20. European sends an average of 20 tis. Text messages per year.

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BBS Phone

October 12th, 2014

” Informatico in the underworld added together with the use of the telephone card spurred crime. These cards open the door for this kind of large-scale activities. Today you do not need any special equipment. Only dial telephone and number of these cards, and you can call anywhere in the world. Just as participants with more knowledge and motivation are called hackers, those who want to know the phone system are called phone freaks. The use of the tools that are themselves not limited to the phone freaks, but not enough to deserve the distinction. Finally we reached the “tele-pirate” software.

It consists of the illegal distribution of software protected by copyright. We refer to copy and exchange of diskettes that occurs between acquaintances (which is also illegal), but the activity taking place around the BBS systems that specialize in this type of traffic. Access to these services is achieved by contributing, through a telephone modem, with a copy of a commercial program. This professional act allows users to copy, or “load”, three to six programs that others have contributed. Thus, for the price of a single phone call, you can amass a large number of software packages. In many cases, even avoid paying the telephone call. Note that unlike the two of hacker activities and freak, there is no consideration beyond the “prestige” or “motivation” in the tele-pirating. In this case, the acts committed enough to “earn” the title. The tele-pirating is made for the masses.


Senior Cell Phones

October 12th, 2014

Thanks to senior cell phones, many older people have now the chance to be mobile and accessible. It even looks around in stores, you can discover every month new cell phone models. They are equipped with touch screen, camera and video. Not only for young people, the cell phone is demand like never before, but also more and more senior citizens here see a clear advantage to the house phone and are interested in a private phone. The problem here is that modern devices are often difficult to use and lacks the older generations of knowledge. The so-called senior mobile here but offers a good alternative.

This is a mobile phone model, that special for seniors was developed and has only the most important functions. The advantages are clearly obvious and so come senior citizens also enjoy an own cell phones. If one, as mentioned above, talking about the most important functions, then include this also send by SMS, a personal phone list and even a camera. With just a few clicks, seniors about the new phone can Friends and family can reach, or call the doctor but in an urgent emergency. Often have cell phones saved the life. A popular model is the DORO HandleEas. The fact is that senior cell phones enjoy not without reason of a rising demand and we discovered more and more older people on the road with a cell phone in his hand.

The modern design, the good facilities and the ease of use, speak for themselves. Who want to do something himself, or his relatives, who should resort to such a mobile. On the Internet and in the stores are good and cheap deals and soon you can be reached anytime and anywhere.


List Emergency Telephone

October 7th, 2014

List emergency telephone numbers (Redirected from emergency telephone numbers) The emergency telephone numbers are numbers short, easy to learn, to communicate with immediate care servicesusually work by state agencies. The trend is to unify all emergencies in a single number. Below are several of these numbers in various States, in alphabetical order:


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