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December 10th, 2019

" We are actively using the natural resources of the planet – too active. One of the most effective ways to reduce human impact on the environment is to increase energy efficiency. Modern power is based largely on the use of fossil fuels – gas, coal and oil – which has the most active impact on nature. Extraction, processing, transportation, combustion energy to generate electricity and heat – all this is very detrimental effect and affect the ecology of the planet. Increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases and consequence – climate change is directly related to "fossil" energy. That is why the question of whether to continuously develop and implement necessary: new energy-efficient lighting technologies, energy-efficient technologies in transport, energy saving technology in heating, etc., is currently one of the most important for the world, and even for the rich natural resources of Russia. The main role to improve energy efficiency in the rational use of energy, to reduce human impact on the ecology of nature take – energy-saving technologies. You may want to visit Charles Koch to increase your knowledge. For Western Europe, the energy crisis 70 set priority in economic development – energy-saving technologies have become a major focus.

New energy-saving technologies – is not only the obvious environmental advantages, it is also an economic benefit – significant reduction in costs that are associated with high energy costs. These experts suggest that in Russia the share of energy consumption in production cost – 30-40%, significantly higher than Western European countries. One of the reasons – outdated technology, equipment, devices which are used by our production. .

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Technology Centre

December 9th, 2019

Commercial production of mounting a crawler crane ICG-25.01B. In the end of this year, Design and Technology Centre of the plant started to design the crane “Chelyabinets” CS-55730 32-ton capacity, hydraulically operated on a four-chassis Ural-532365-terrain. The new crane is designed for use in off-road conditions. In 2003 the plant began production of a new crawler crane DEK-321, developed jointly with the Special Design Bureau of Machine Building (St.

Petersburg) and with the participation of Institute of “Stroydormash” (Moscow). In October, has been successfully tested and put into production a new truck crane “Chelyabinets” KS-55730 on chassis MAZ, capacity 32 tons. In the same year the plant purchased the laser complex of the Swiss company Bystronic contouring and accurate cutting of the largest in Russia table for cutting. This allowed the plant to ensure product quality and competitiveness. As a result of the 2003-2004 collective Plant has won the city competition of labor collectives of industrial enterprises in the category “Engineering.

Metalworking. In July 2004 the plant was released 500-crane “Chelyabinets. October 13 at the plant were the first tests of a new 36-ton crawler crane DEK-361. New DEK has a hydraulic drive is fundamentally different from its predecessors. In the DEC-361 accounted for most requests and proposals operatives. Documentation crane The design department of the plant. For 2004, production growth compared to 2003 was 189.22%. In the subsequent annual growth of production will be 110-120%. 2005 April. Development and testing adjustable full-revolving crane capacity of 32 tons. 2006 marked the beginning of April for JSC “CMP” historic achievement of production: from assembly line factory produced 1,000 th crane “Chelyabinets” KS-45721, which was presented to the public at an international collaborative exhibition conveyor system CranExpo. In the same year the plant has acquired a unique pressbrake Swiss engineering group Bystronic. Equipment allowed to minimize metal construction boom, increase reliability and improve the load-altitude characteristics when operating the crane. January 21, 2007 to OAO CMW was the anniversary. Over 65 years company successfully develops. This is connected not only with new technologies and models, but also for the excellent work of highly skilled managers and professionals. With over a decent past, the company confidently looks to the future. Much has been achieved, many discoveries were made. Every era dictates its own rules. In 2007, our factory has become one of the successfully developing machine-building enterprises of Chelyabinsk. We can be proud of output growth in recent years. Chelyabinsk Mechanical Plant is a unique enterprise in the Russian crane building industry. At one site launched production of crawler and truck cranes. For more information see koch brothers. 65-year anniversary – it was good, but to stop there is not going to plant! No doubt that our hard-working and fighting team capable of much. With over glorious tradition of working, decent past and confident now, the future of the plant looks with optimism. History Chelyabinsk Mechanical Plant continues … sale of truck-mounted crane.

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CRM Technology

December 3rd, 2019

Of course, there are stories the successful introduction of new technology, but it is more often in companies that have no Russian roots, or to top executives at the helm who have not "our" education, well, or very large, where without it just will not do. In most the same medium-sized companies a system or not, in part or on the contrary, introduced more than you need. CPM – it is almost a science of relationships with existing and future customers departed. CPM integrates and business processes and people and technology in order to achieve one single goal: to get and keep a satisfied customer. The main objective of this strategy – is to help you learn more about your customers and their behavior, so that you can build and develop mutually beneficial relationships with your customers. Almost impossible to be successful in business without a serious focus on CPM.

CRM – a technology that gives excellent results in long-term period, but for those who want everything at once – it seems most likely unnecessary and complicated. In the past few years have seen significant positive changes in the promotion of systems of relationships with customers. This is due to globalization of markets, with an increase in the number of clients with an understanding of each individual company, if there is no knowledge about the client, the client and will not be. The main causes of the problems of new technology: The biggest problem of this system – the price of implementation. Although the vast number of software products has been suggested that the market for the last time and high competition lowered the price. An attempt to introduce a new understanding of its purpose is not the point.

Often just a decision – let's spend the automation system of relationships with customers. Trying to hold their own, are sometimes improvised software, with programming in the state. The initiator usually a head of sales, or sales or the CEO. Often, these companies have not heard about project management and close, and so the whole project consists of an initiator and programmer. Well it is clear that after the implementation – the project just falls through, because one head is good, but still consult with the artists need. Well, you need to understand the purpose, bring it to the manager, to introduce a rezultat.Popytka all at once, and the more the better. And we get to the withdrawal or the resistance or the effect of new technology directly opposite to the expected: sales managers sales instead fill the required columns, reports, etc. etc. etc. A few tips for successful implementation of CRM: Get professional module CRM.Esli possible, be sure to attract professionals for the production of new technology. Be sure to create a working group implementation which shall consist of the sales and marketing. It is helpful to choose a group of people who are not only able to implement, but will be able to persuade you of the need izmeneniy.Esli still can not afford to buy expensive software and can not attract professionals for raising CRM, then before you begin read, understand, realize goals and objectives. And remember, CRM – it's about science client. And the correctness of the new technology is directly proportional to your profits. Koch Industries is often quoted as being for or against this. Source:


Cheap And Good: Prefabricated Garages Of Exclusive Garages

December 1st, 2019

Cheap is not cheap and durable is not automatically good. Price comparisons are popular on the Internet also for prefabricated garages. If you would like to know more then you should visit charles koch. Such comparisons only with a quality comparison have significance. But who evaluated the quality in terms of durability and decades of life of a prefabricated garage? Apples can not compare with pears. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Mikkel Svane. Rather, a manufacturer such as exclusive Garagen.de from Salzuflen refers to experience in the garage building that many reference customers and renowned manufacturers as partners, customer-oriented advice and proper planning on the ground, is able, helping builders to an intuitively right decision when promises bright shine and silky shine brochures in friendly. Why exclusive garages? A manufacturer confidence can arise only in the course of many years and is tied to the human qualities in the management, internal communication and motivated experienced employees. The cheapest offer might not be the best, because a company permanently Profits must achieve, to invest in the development of improved processes and operations and in particular carefully watch the garage market in General and the market of concrete garages. Why finished garages? Most garages are rectangular.

Stability, durability and price clearly favour a prefabricated garage made of reinforced concrete. Rather than eleven manufacturers and craftsmen of client negotiates with a provider for prefabricated garages, first call free phone 0800 785 3785 and writing about and then personally with the consultant on the spot. The construction not stretches over many week, but happens in one day on the prepared surface. Himself who had built a massive House with turnkey handover could observe how much artistic management in the construction supervision is needed to coordinate the individual trades and to ensure the necessary quality of construction. Why buy a pig in a poke? Exclusive garage has built so many garages and passed, that customers not only photos to look to can, but also finished garages, without many only travel one hundred kilometers. In conversation with previous customers of exclusive garages which are the advantages for customers and why the settlement testifies from the first contact to the delivery experience and know-how, which are not obvious in the garage construction, will be appreciated then clearly, but very by customers. Who offers good quality such as exclusive garages, doesn’t need to hide, but can communicate transparently and openly argue that when it comes to creating the optimal solution and to equip the prefabricated garage with the desired components from brand-name manufacturers and the right accessories.

Description of the company corporate information consistent quality management and team spirit, customer orientation and Advanced Server-based information technology shapes the exclusively garage GmbH & co. KG from Bad Salzuflen to a company, which targeted, honestly and competently to customer wishes, visions and ideas for concrete garages arrives. The exclusive garage GmbH & Co.KG provides innovative architecture for garages and underscoring its leading position in the construction of the garage. For example, surface water is ecologically sensible relieved by a green roof. Ventilation systems remove moist air out of the garage before it reaches the dew point to the wet vehicle and prevent that rust on the car.

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