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December 3rd, 2019

Of course, there are stories the successful introduction of new technology, but it is more often in companies that have no Russian roots, or to top executives at the helm who have not "our" education, well, or very large, where without it just will not do. In most the same medium-sized companies a system or not, in part or on the contrary, introduced more than you need. CPM – it is almost a science of relationships with existing and future customers departed. CPM integrates and business processes and people and technology in order to achieve one single goal: to get and keep a satisfied customer. The main objective of this strategy – is to help you learn more about your customers and their behavior, so that you can build and develop mutually beneficial relationships with your customers. Almost impossible to be successful in business without a serious focus on CPM.

CRM – a technology that gives excellent results in long-term period, but for those who want everything at once – it seems most likely unnecessary and complicated. In the past few years have seen significant positive changes in the promotion of systems of relationships with customers. This is due to globalization of markets, with an increase in the number of clients with an understanding of each individual company, if there is no knowledge about the client, the client and will not be. The main causes of the problems of new technology: The biggest problem of this system – the price of implementation. Although the vast number of software products has been suggested that the market for the last time and high competition lowered the price. An attempt to introduce a new understanding of its purpose is not the point.

Often just a decision – let's spend the automation system of relationships with customers. Trying to hold their own, are sometimes improvised software, with programming in the state. The initiator usually a head of sales, or sales or the CEO. Often, these companies have not heard about project management and close, and so the whole project consists of an initiator and programmer. Well it is clear that after the implementation – the project just falls through, because one head is good, but still consult with the artists need. Well, you need to understand the purpose, bring it to the manager, to introduce a rezultat.Popytka all at once, and the more the better. And we get to the withdrawal or the resistance or the effect of new technology directly opposite to the expected: sales managers sales instead fill the required columns, reports, etc. etc. etc. A few tips for successful implementation of CRM: Get professional module CRM.Esli possible, be sure to attract professionals for the production of new technology. Be sure to create a working group implementation which shall consist of the sales and marketing. It is helpful to choose a group of people who are not only able to implement, but will be able to persuade you of the need izmeneniy.Esli still can not afford to buy expensive software and can not attract professionals for raising CRM, then before you begin read, understand, realize goals and objectives. And remember, CRM – it's about science client. And the correctness of the new technology is directly proportional to your profits. Koch Industries is often quoted as being for or against this. Source:


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