Soviet Union System

April 16th, 2018

Most use disc wheels, consisting of the dock to the installed on the axis of the hub disc and rim with a chamber or a tubeless pneumatic tire, and for heavy trucks and large buses A. – also diskless wheel rim, attached directly to the hub. Control mechanisms include aa steering and braking system. Steering is to change the direction of A., which is carried out turning the front wheels, together with pins on which they are set by the steering gear (worm, helical, crank, or rack and pinion) shaft connected to the steering wheel (helm) and drive system with pins the front wheels. To facilitate the management of aa in the steering introduced hydraulic, pneumatic or hydropneumatic amplifiers. In the Soviet Union and other countries, it is accepted right-hand traffic, apply the left steering and vice versa.

This improves the visibility of the road, which is especially important when overtaking. Steering system should provide a good turning aa without side-slip steering wheel to turn at minimal effort on the steering wheel, as well as stabilization of the wheels in straight-line motion. Ease of operation necessary to create a steering ratio and steering gear (power ratio is within the range 100-300), and the steering ratio is often variable. Steering transmission provides simultaneous rotation of the steered wheels at different angles with the rolling of them without lateral sliding. Stabilization of the steering wheel, ie, their ability to maintain the position occupied by the rectilinear motion, and automatically return to that position when the steering wheel is released, and reached a cross- caster wheel pivots pins.



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