Juan Lopez

November 29th, 2013

I wish that you can develop an awareness increasing your chances in this world and the world that surrounds you. Develops a sense of history and destiny, and develops also be grateful for the opportunity you have had to participate in this great effort in your own life, in your world. To summarize it all, first understand what is the concern, now you know that it can be beneficial and destructive depending on your knowledge, then decides to get rid of the habit of the concern. That depends on you, convince yourself to adopt the right attitude, then starts the daily action of clearing your current situation first, remember, small accomplishments lead to the confidence that conquers the guilt, then accept all challenges to reach your goal, now you can make them from the winter to the spring to harvest. It attacks with new fervor every problem, every fear, every opportunity, the inspiration for all that and immediate and future progress that will someday give you, from the top, a view of your goals, your adventure and your achievements.

To conclude let me write part of a poem which sums up what should be a life of adventure and how you must feel now that you’re a warrior with experience and you have the scars of an honorable battle: from overnight engulfing me, black as the pit from pole to pole, thank the gods, whatever they may be, by my indomitable soul. In fierce claws of the circumstances, I’ve narrowed nor I’ve shouted in a loud voice, under the lashes of fortune, my head is bloodied but not inclined, no matter estreches the door, or loaded from condemnations parchment, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my spirit. William Henly Ve box of to the side, fill out your information and in moments you will receive information from my 7 Secrets only to achieve 400 prospects in 45 days, without commitment, totally free, converts your networks and social networks work in a great success. Full your data you will speak in a few moments.

Machado Writers

November 22nd, 2013

The reader is not stupid and knows what he reads, and warns him. They just always getting double blow that irresolute. -I would like to nombraras three poets who have left you a stamp in your life what difficult to answer when the poetic world is full of great authors that gave me joy when I read them, and so many thoughts with which I could mature. I will mention to the great Antonio Machado, Gustavo Adolfo Becquer and Juan Ramon Jimenez, because with his poetics were the trigger to my poetic awakening. Antonio Machado I read his entire and marked me those verses of all happens and everything is. They became practically a phrase from self-help. Of Becquer I have also read all their rhymes and legends. Romantic author par excellence and whose poems are easily recognizable, I rose to dream of love.

But also to reflect on death. This also happened me with Antonio Machado. And finally, since you ask me three poets, I mention Juan Ramon Jimenez, because with Platero y yo, I discovered the poetic prose. -What are your next projects at literary level? The constant growth of the network of writers that I founded and I am writing, as well as the need for many of them to reach readers, first made me think in an editorial. This project was not successful because Latin American writers – who are most on the Web–have to afford the financing of his works in euros. This month wrote me some authors asking to help them reaching out to publishers, and if possible, without paying for publishing. Basto I asked my help to have very clear that should complement the project, and that’s how I opened the literary agency that bears my name. Success was immediate, because I created it on 11 June and today, after just fifteen days, I have an incredible number of writers as everyone who uses me with the hope that can make get their manuscripts to publishers.

Blog Alex Paypal Autor

November 16th, 2013

It seems that Paypal this releasing in Europe a Visa credit card for all users of that continent, here some details: the PayPal credit card is a Visa card that lets you pay for all your purchases in physical stores as well as Internet. It works like a conventional credit card and allows you to choose to finance their purchases in convenient monthly instalments or pay them to make ends meet. In addition, you’ll get up to 2% bonus on every purchase and you could win a flight without sorteos1. Advantages the PayPal credit card allows you to take PayPal, your preferred method of payment, anywhere.Use it on all their purchases and benefit from the following advantages: the PayPal credit card allows you to pay for your purchases in physical stores as well as Internet. When you shop at an online store that accepts PayPal, pay with PayPal and use the card as a source of funds. When you shop at a store that does not accept PayPal, use it as a card normal VISA. The PayPal credit card allows you to earn points of bonus. Use it as a source of funds to pay for your purchases on the Internet with PayPal and get 2 bonus points for every euro.

Buy with her in any physical store or online that accept payment with VISA cards and get 1 bonus point for every euro. Everytime you accumulate 1,000 points, you will receive a coupon of 10 that you can use for your next purchases with PayPal. The PayPal credit card is completely free the first year and every year performing with her 5 or more purchases a year. No matter if you use it to pay for your vacation or a dinner: perform 5 purchases per year and the annual fee will be free. The PayPal credit card offers you the flexibility you desire: pay the total amount of your purchases at the end of each month without interest. Defer their purchases and pay them in easy installments depending on your needs. You can choose the payment method you prefer to apply for your card and modify it at any time for your peace of mind, you can activate via SMS Alerts service which we will notify you each time that a payment is made or withdraw money from an ATM using your card.

You can use your PayPal credit card to withdraw money from virtually any ATM in the world. You can send money from your card to your bank account with a phone call. The money will be charged to your card as any other purchases and may pay to make ends meet or finance according to the payment method that you choose for your card. Free annual fee the first year. For the rest of year, if the customer does not reach the minimum of five (5) transactions, the annual fee will amount to 18 euros.TIN 20,01% 21.95% APR.Received messages are free of charge. Apply standard rates for sending the message of high. Cost of the message as one normal.The withdrawal of cash from ATM fee is 4% with a minimum of 3 euros.The Commission for transfer of funds to bank account is 4%. The bad news: this card from Paypal not yet available for users of this gateway for payments outside Europe, we will have to see if they implement it for Latin America and when source: original Blog Alex Paypal Autor and source of the article.

The Contrary

November 9th, 2013

The problem is not love, but the way in which we relate. Love does not reach in couple relationships. We need to revisit our intimacy so loving is located or that so destructive it is becoming to my partner, for me, for the relationship. The emotional quality of our intimacy will become the thermometer that we can calibrate our relationship. How I feel in this intimacy with my partner? Do-I feel shame? These are some of the questions we need to answer us to know if we are living in a relationship with a healthy intimacy, or if on the contrary, intimacy us is filling of destruction, pain and indignation. In the life partner of course there are moments and moments. The relationship is not always the same.

Not all the time life is full of passion. There are differences and settings that are required to make coexistence. Like any human relationship has its ups and downs. Live with the idea that they were happy to always leads to frustration and live a child so the life partner. No one can do the analysis for you. And nobody can tell you what you have to do or stop doing with respect to your partner.

The most important thing is your feeling, your self-esteem, the degree in which complement each other. But if you’ve tried, again and again, that your partner will change, you’re certainly in a relationship full of frustration, pain and bitterness. Your partner will never change for you or because you ask it. Your partner will change Yes has the motivation to do so. Wounds and scars that leave a bad love, of course they can heal, but it takes strength, courage and a great love and esteem by oneself. Of course that it can regain the trust in love, but you have to start by you. When you discover everything you’re capable of giving in a couple, but that it was not perhaps appreciated by your great love, then it’s time that you realize what kind of couple attract into your life. The couple is a mirror and if you are not getting the treatment that you believe merit, then, but it hurts, this couple is not for you. Thanks for reading, my mission and intent is the quality of emotional life and puts at your disposal, the launch of its E_Book how to regain the trust in love: wounds and scars on the couple relationship. Yes you’re in love you and suffer. This material is for you. With the acquisition of this material, three queries you have free with the author via e-mail.

Blogging Basics For Beginners

November 2nd, 2013

Blogs and social networks are inextricably linked, in the sense that both contain certain characteristics and properties of the other. Both are intended to create a broad movement in regards to the multimedia interaction. While it is true that blogs can regulate and maintain private, the main objective of them is reaching a certain number of people, in order to have a medium to express their opinion. In this way, you can contact with people from all over the world who, otherwise, you would have not known. It is similar to the role of social networks. It is a center where young people congregate in an amicable manner. The possibilities of obtaining an audience on a platform of this kind are high.

The origin of the term blog is interesting. Originally it was called weblog, i.e., a log, a newspaper or a magazine that helps track everyday thoughts. That was rather in its early stages and not immediately became an instrument of propaganda. Later, this term was reduced to blog and then is when free blogs like Blogger services became very popular. As mentioned previously, blogs today are not limited only to keep a journal. They have really become a platform where different types of people in all areas, whether or not the same ideology, they can discuss the issues who believe that they are important. In the 21st century, the blog has come to become an important tool for the advertising of people wishing to market their products online and for politicians who want to reach the masses. Web sites, operating in a different domain and for which individual tabs and all templates should be designed and created from scratch, unlike blogs sites do not require such knowledge. Blog service providers have incorporated their own templates and fonts that must be chosen by bloggers, based on their own tastes and preferences.



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