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November 22nd, 2013

The reader is not stupid and knows what he reads, and warns him. They just always getting double blow that irresolute. -I would like to nombraras three poets who have left you a stamp in your life what difficult to answer when the poetic world is full of great authors that gave me joy when I read them, and so many thoughts with which I could mature. I will mention to the great Antonio Machado, Gustavo Adolfo Becquer and Juan Ramon Jimenez, because with his poetics were the trigger to my poetic awakening. Antonio Machado I read his entire and marked me those verses of all happens and everything is. They became practically a phrase from self-help. Of Becquer I have also read all their rhymes and legends. Romantic author par excellence and whose poems are easily recognizable, I rose to dream of love.

But also to reflect on death. This also happened me with Antonio Machado. And finally, since you ask me three poets, I mention Juan Ramon Jimenez, because with Platero y yo, I discovered the poetic prose. -What are your next projects at literary level? The constant growth of the network of writers that I founded and I am writing, as well as the need for many of them to reach readers, first made me think in an editorial. This project was not successful because Latin American writers – who are most on the Web–have to afford the financing of his works in euros. This month wrote me some authors asking to help them reaching out to publishers, and if possible, without paying for publishing. Basto I asked my help to have very clear that should complement the project, and that’s how I opened the literary agency that bears my name. Success was immediate, because I created it on 11 June and today, after just fifteen days, I have an incredible number of writers as everyone who uses me with the hope that can make get their manuscripts to publishers.

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