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November 16th, 2013

It seems that Paypal this releasing in Europe a Visa credit card for all users of that continent, here some details: the PayPal credit card is a Visa card that lets you pay for all your purchases in physical stores as well as Internet. It works like a conventional credit card and allows you to choose to finance their purchases in convenient monthly instalments or pay them to make ends meet. In addition, you’ll get up to 2% bonus on every purchase and you could win a flight without sorteos1. Advantages the PayPal credit card allows you to take PayPal, your preferred method of payment, anywhere.Use it on all their purchases and benefit from the following advantages: the PayPal credit card allows you to pay for your purchases in physical stores as well as Internet. When you shop at an online store that accepts PayPal, pay with PayPal and use the card as a source of funds. When you shop at a store that does not accept PayPal, use it as a card normal VISA. The PayPal credit card allows you to earn points of bonus. Use it as a source of funds to pay for your purchases on the Internet with PayPal and get 2 bonus points for every euro.

Buy with her in any physical store or online that accept payment with VISA cards and get 1 bonus point for every euro. Everytime you accumulate 1,000 points, you will receive a coupon of 10 that you can use for your next purchases with PayPal. The PayPal credit card is completely free the first year and every year performing with her 5 or more purchases a year. No matter if you use it to pay for your vacation or a dinner: perform 5 purchases per year and the annual fee will be free. The PayPal credit card offers you the flexibility you desire: pay the total amount of your purchases at the end of each month without interest. Defer their purchases and pay them in easy installments depending on your needs. You can choose the payment method you prefer to apply for your card and modify it at any time for your peace of mind, you can activate via SMS Alerts service which we will notify you each time that a payment is made or withdraw money from an ATM using your card.

You can use your PayPal credit card to withdraw money from virtually any ATM in the world. You can send money from your card to your bank account with a phone call. The money will be charged to your card as any other purchases and may pay to make ends meet or finance according to the payment method that you choose for your card. Free annual fee the first year. For the rest of year, if the customer does not reach the minimum of five (5) transactions, the annual fee will amount to 18 euros.TIN 20,01% 21.95% APR.Received messages are free of charge. Apply standard rates for sending the message of high. Cost of the message as one normal.The withdrawal of cash from ATM fee is 4% with a minimum of 3 euros.The Commission for transfer of funds to bank account is 4%. The bad news: this card from Paypal not yet available for users of this gateway for payments outside Europe, we will have to see if they implement it for Latin America and when source: original Blog Alex Paypal Autor and source of the article.

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