Swissvoice Epure

July 28th, 2015

An objective review of the Swissvoice Epure telephone Swissvoice Epure – design phone before a few months ago I bought the very stylish Swissvoice Epure phone. The main motivation for the purchase was actually the design. The design is by the phone icon used in computer displays inspired and reminiscent of phones of the past. In this article, I’ll explain the positive and also negative aspects to facilitate the decision to interested potential buyers. Generally, the Swissvoice Epure offers everything you would expect from a cordless phone in my opinion. Features of the Swissvoice Epure talk time up to 10 hours of phone book with up to 100 entries caller display (CLID) display talk time alarm and alarm function backlit display of handsfree mode 2 Watt loudspeaker paging – finding-installed handsets expansion possibility up to 4 handsets FullEco fashion – radiation arm and energy-efficient color picker (black, white, red, beige) review the Swissvoice Epure negative sides the negative points which I here list are not necessarily She cite on but points that personally very bother me, because they could be critical for some. No answering machine the Swissvoice Epure has a built-in digital answering machine, you should put emphasis on it so you would have to buy a separate device.

No backlit keyboard has the phone no backlit keyboard, which is criticised in some reviews. I personally have no problem. Features the limited functions of providing the Swissvoice Epure complain some reviews on the Internet. I personally expect my landline phone does not, it can send SMS, connects to the Internet, or what else functions there, this man Yes its phone has positive sides the Swissvoice Epure has received on total 4 out of 5 stars (70 reviews, including 30 with 5 stars). The few negative reviews almost exclusively refer to the number of functions, but not to the quality.



July 21st, 2015

Now most of the people with a Smartphone, we love the convenience of having everything want you in the Palm of our hand, good, also have them for the pleasure of being at the forefront in technology and always be with the latest fashion. Smartphones, cell phones with the ability to connect to the web, have countless programs and the ability to download many more. There are applications to chat with your friends, to know the weather, to know to what extent you must pray in case of being Jewish, in short, a million of applications are that you can download. The airlines could not be left behind and already have applications for your cell phone to make virtually everything you would calling you them, going to ask for reports or from your computer. If you want to have the application for mobile phone the only thing you have to do is enter the airline page and download it. In the mobile application you can buy tickets online, consult your purse in case of being part of the club of the airline-, check destinations and many other things. Feel free to this airline will soon have more surprises, because they always seek to be your preferred offering you the best service.

San Jose

July 7th, 2015

I checked the time on the clock and saw that it was 7 am, then I decided to drink until they were 12 Noon. Meanwhile I put music on television and amused myself singing and crying and enduring the anxiety by drinking, and I think I slept. I woke up at 7 pm, all was dark again and the TV invited me to dance and sing, but I felt an impending thirsty, so I grabbed a liter of whiskey and drank a good bit, enough to sing again and not have the edge. I opened the door to my backyard and watched the sky full of clouds and drizzle cooled my face, so I undressed and walked around the side to soak my meat and dirty soles of the feet with mud and grass. I was relieved, almost happy, almost free. I joined back to my house and closed the door. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Peter Asaro. In my room had a smell of old clothes, old sweat, the suffering painted on the wall, and jumped into bed. Television became my best friend while he drank slowly and in smaller numbers than yesterday, and fell asleep. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Howard Schultz.

But I had a dream: I had a hard paved and very perpendicular, which started up and had some old wooden houses, it was night, no rain and when he reached the summit I met with many bags of trash and green black runs on my right and my left and above them many vultures enjoying its content, but I felt fear, not even looked at me, it was as if I can not perceive or care about it at all, so I set my eyes forward and saw a wide, clean streets paved in black. I felt peace, had returned from hell, was home again. The next day, I woke up much better, had breakfast fruit, and even drank coffee. No baby liquor. I showered. I got dressed and left my house. I walked through the city without fear, although a little surprised at so much garbage and noise. I spoke with a friend and asked me where I was and I replied that I was walking outside the city of San Jose.

He invited me to coffee. Then I walked and walked all over town looking for a vulture, but only found garbage bags of green and black. Hoping to find them tomorrow, I returned to my house and I took one quarter of whiskey to sleep pure life, as it always had. In my memory, ever recover the observer I knew within me, whenever I look forward to experience another moment like being alive and not recognize it at the moment, it is really wonderful and unforgettable. Now I drink become accustomed, but I do miss the crows and buzzards. End


The Mystery Of The Life

July 7th, 2015

' God that made the world and everything what in it has, being it Gentleman of the sky and the land because he himself is who of to all the life, the breath, and all the things. Therefore in it we live, and we move in them, and existimos' '. 17,24-28 acts One human being? this complex collection of brain and bones, blood and agencies, thoughts, feelings and knowledge? one alone cell with about 0,00254 cm of width starts as. In normal conditions, the fecundao happens after a sexual act, since that the woman is in its fertile period. It is the moment where a spermatozoon penetrates in vulo. From then on, the two cells (gametas) are established giving to origin to a zygote or cell-egg. After fecundada, the cell if divides quickly until arriving more than at the six trillions of cells of the new baby. From the conception, it has beginning a period of nine months during which a new life if develops.

The Salmista Davi with much property said: ' ' Therefore you created my interior; entreteceste me in the womb of my mother. Praise I you because in a terrible and wonderful way I was formed; wonderful they are your workmanships, and to my he knows it very soul well. My bones had not been hidden you, when in occult I was formed your eyes turn my body still informs. Every day that they had been commanded for me, in I book had been written when none of them had ainda' '. Salmos 137,13-16 the beginning of a new life human being is something frightful and wonderful. In the fourth week, the heart of the embryo starts to beat. The embryo has the basic form of a human being. The face appears; arms and legs, with fingers and artelhos, are clearly discernible. Weighing 340 grams and measuring 25 centimeters, the embryo of 20 weeks already has sensations of pleasure and pain, already he possesss hair and for the ones in the body, the fingerprints already are visible.


the cordless

July 4th, 2015

At least that was my experience as a keyboardist blades, in my childhood back in 1988. It was my school assignments on that typewriter, for me the ultimate time. Today I do not know whether to say that my razor is a prehistoric machine, yes, prehistoric, because surely this third revolution (so they say economists, sociologists and historians, the flooding of sophisticated devices we communicate), the razor would be seen by the present generation youth of the same way as in my childhood we looked with disdain on our grandmothers use irons heated with coal. Douglas R. Oberhelman is likely to increase your knowledge. And as I'm doing this vague inventory memorable generational history of contempt, I wonder if in these times in which we boast of living in a world of communications, is also the world in which we become less sympathetic to the story even with our most recent history, with our previous generations. Is this a world of communication in space par excellence, in the present, but not in time? Could it be our communication and computer technology our solitary confinement for excellence with our past, with other ways of seeing and interpreting the world past? In reflecting on our time, a great fear comes over me silently: the fear that we can communicate so easily, so easily that you no longer want to know anything but what by our media want to know. That we have many resources for making a communication, but that communication is really limited, partly because of interest or motivation that is in communication we do. In this sense I am not necessarily conspiratorial pointed to examples or megalomaniacs. Who has not seen anyone with a cell phone glued to ear, talk all you want but it off the tab if the other says something that is irrelevant to our receiver or like? Or to one another that you have your wireless phone programmed to prohibit entry of certain people call? What if between numbers is censored his mother, who may not need to know about him today? What if one day you need to ask your help, or maybe a pardon before death, but can not because the cordless phone hinder? Seeing these examples as simple and basic, should we assume that our world really is in communication? What are media? "Means to a better understanding with others? Means "to speak what we want? Or do the media are our means to hide our lack of understanding of others, our best way to hide the failure of a real social communication, human communication, face to face communication, a communication contact with feelings, emotions and needs of our neighbors, taking into consideration that is not merely an interlocutor between the two sides?.

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