August 26th, 2012

Taste to observe as the things I evolve with passing of the years cresc in the times of the Compaq Presario 386 (Microsoft forgives that me, but, the interface of ' Good screen of Vindas' of the Compaq it was much more interesting that of the current Seen Windows). I know, was not great thing there when if for pra to observe that at that time the operational system that reigned was the Windows 95 – more known currently as ' Windows My Biza' – and its more legal games if summarized to Pacincia and Free Cell. To the times a departure of Pantries was an interesting option For the children of miha age, the most amused to have a computer was to play with the Paint Brush. My friends passed hours playing with spray and later they were erasing everything what they made. I, of course eat all child who learns to read with 4 years of age and disdains certain infantile programs, predaily wage to learn to play Free Cell with mine my mother.

When my uncle Pablo came to arrange the computer – old system, frequent problems – I festejava. It always installed new things – of Atari games he stops PC the 100 games of MS-DOS – I diverta to the robe. Clearly that I nauseated quickly. I wanted I was to be to the front of my time, I longed for to know everything what my Presario could offer to me. was as soon as descobr the Power Point. Uau. Presentations animadass, with right the text and images deep.

How wonder! In 1 series of the school I had lessons of Computer science. The Vanessa teacher taught in them to manipulate spray of aint Brush. Argh. I did not like to learn what already wise person. I finished fast what I had pra to make and abra the Power Point pra to create more and slides. Modstia to the part, when the lesson was on Power Point I arrasava. It always created the plans of deep more legal, the transistion effect more cool of the room Nowadays the applicatory ones, the games, the resources are innumerable. I see the world for the screen of the computer through the Firefox. I transform artists into drawings through the Illustrator – not yet I am there these things with vectors, but, I am not so bad thus -. I communicate to the all my ideas through the Orkut. I edit photographs for the Photoscape. I create presentations of slides for cursode Graphical Design with the Power Point. I hear musics that I understand well with the Player Real. I study partitions of piano with the Foxit Reader. still game – same taste to play – Patience weekly


Working Party Article

August 14th, 2012

Search Engine users should have the right to access, inspect and correct all personal information including profiles and search history. It also provides that Member States may include the right of citizens opposed to treatment appropriations by legitimate reasons specific to your particular situation (according also to the laws governing the services of the empowering information society to the competent authorities to take necessary measures in order to stop the service or to remove the infringing data). a The enrichment profiles of users whose data has been provided by the users themselves must be based on the consent of users. a When a searcher using a cache, in which personal data are made available for longer than the original publication, must respect the right of users to remove excessive and outdated data. a The correlation data of registered users of different search services can only be accomplished by ensuring the consent of the user for each service. The diversification of the profiles of users with data they have not contributed only be based on consent and clear information. Working Group of the Article 29 Working Party Article 29, is the advisory group that brings together the Data Protection Authorities of Member States, which issues opinions and views on various issues submitted for its consideration and which must necessarily rule on all European legislative proposals affecting the right to protection of personal data.

For completion of this review the Panel has carried out a study on privacy and data retention of the major Internet search engines worldwide. is the first free online journal, which specializes in covering and analyzing the current Spanish law. The contents are offering daily updated news on the Spanish legal situation, stakeholder interviews and opinion articles from more than one hundred employees, specialists in different areas of law. A large number of experts, which include major companies in the sector, collaborate in its edition to ensure professionalism and reliability of information. aims to become the most trusted online journal. Full on the value added of its contents, and professional analysis of the legal debates in vogue. His conviction is to provide an assessment tool both journalism professionals and the interested reader. is the independent news portal legal publisher vLex. Born in 2007, the Central Drafting is in Barcelona. Together with a network of local newsrooms in continuous expansion, can claim to be the voice of the jurisdiction actualized.


How To Choose A Digital Camera ?

August 7th, 2012

This post is intended to guide those who wish to enter the world of digital photography, because it is very common to run into an avalanche of incomprehensible technical for most mortals. Basically it is a guide to choose which type of camera is best suited to our needs and thereby evaluating the various offers which are in the market. If you want to leave a comment about this guide, ask questions about items not included, or just say hello, make sure to visit the forum for this guide. Contents 1. Screen 2.

Resolution 3. Camera lens 4. Size of the camera 5. Storage 6. Screen Batteries Most cameras come with two viewers: an optical and LCD screen.

The first is the display like the traditional pocket cameras, which we have to look through a peephole. If the camera is the type reflex (or SLR), what we see through the viewfinder is really what goes through the lens of the camera. If the camera is NOT reflex, we are looking through a “hole” located next to the real lens. The latter produces the picture taken not look exactly the same frame that we had chosen. The second type of display is a liquid crystal display (LCD) as the top photo, where we can see exactly the frame of the picture, as well as the photo just taken, functions and features of the camera in question . Such screens usually have a slight delay for the image that really caught, ie: we will be seeing an image on the screen and release the shutter when the camera caught the picture may not be exactly what saw (usually the delay is a few milliseconds …


Why You Should Use RSS

August 1st, 2012

RSS opens a new channel of communication between you and the shipping public. If at the time you do not have an RSS feed then there is a whole community of people who do not know about you. Is not it time to start publishing an RSS feed, here are some reasons to start now. If you have no food, then it can send to many RSS directories that are out there. That means you can start issuing a new group of people. A list of directories and tools to begin can be found at The good news is that it will not take much more of their time to publish an RSS feed. There are many software products, maybe even using now can automatically generate an RSS feed for you. Why do not you go and check.

If not, then there are plenty of other free and low cost make it easy to publish a feed. You do not need to learn any new skill to do this. Did you know that RSS provides content to other webmasters to publish their content as well. Imagine the content of other sites linking back to you. And all this happens without you having to do anything else, all you need is an RSS feed. Still not convinced. So what if I told you that the major players in the Internet, like Yahoo, MSN and Google are beginning to pay serious attention to RSS. At the moment it is almost an arms race to RSS RSS be number one player.

You can bet that your competition is using RSS. Unlike email, RSS will guarantee delivery to their readers. Your RSS feed is contained in an XML file on your server so it is obtained by users of RSS reader or feed aggregator. That means no spam filter servers between you and other visitors. The best feature of RSS is that the user is always in control. That means they are safe and comfortable with using RSS. You can unsubscribe with a single click and be absolutely certain that they will be entered into. If the user is reading your feed then that reality must be concerned with what you're posting. Allan is the webmaster in an RSS resource for webmasters. Learn how to use RSS to attract and retain visitors to your site.



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