August 26th, 2012

Taste to observe as the things I evolve with passing of the years cresc in the times of the Compaq Presario 386 (Microsoft forgives that me, but, the interface of ' Good screen of Vindas' of the Compaq it was much more interesting that of the current Seen Windows). I know, was not great thing there when if for pra to observe that at that time the operational system that reigned was the Windows 95 – more known currently as ' Windows My Biza' – and its more legal games if summarized to Pacincia and Free Cell. To the times a departure of Pantries was an interesting option For the children of miha age, the most amused to have a computer was to play with the Paint Brush. My friends passed hours playing with spray and later they were erasing everything what they made. I, of course eat all child who learns to read with 4 years of age and disdains certain infantile programs, predaily wage to learn to play Free Cell with mine my mother.

When my uncle Pablo came to arrange the computer – old system, frequent problems – I festejava. It always installed new things – of Atari games he stops PC the 100 games of MS-DOS – I diverta to the robe. Clearly that I nauseated quickly. I wanted I was to be to the front of my time, I longed for to know everything what my Presario could offer to me. was as soon as descobr the Power Point. Uau. Presentations animadass, with right the text and images deep.

How wonder! In 1 series of the school I had lessons of Computer science. The Vanessa teacher taught in them to manipulate spray of aint Brush. Argh. I did not like to learn what already wise person. I finished fast what I had pra to make and abra the Power Point pra to create more and slides. Modstia to the part, when the lesson was on Power Point I arrasava. It always created the plans of deep more legal, the transistion effect more cool of the room Nowadays the applicatory ones, the games, the resources are innumerable. I see the world for the screen of the computer through the Firefox. I transform artists into drawings through the Illustrator – not yet I am there these things with vectors, but, I am not so bad thus -. I communicate to the all my ideas through the Orkut. I edit photographs for the Photoscape. I create presentations of slides for cursode Graphical Design with the Power Point. I hear musics that I understand well with the Player Real. I study partitions of piano with the Foxit Reader. still game – same taste to play – Patience weekly


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