Working Party Article

August 14th, 2012

Search Engine users should have the right to access, inspect and correct all personal information including profiles and search history. It also provides that Member States may include the right of citizens opposed to treatment appropriations by legitimate reasons specific to your particular situation (according also to the laws governing the services of the empowering information society to the competent authorities to take necessary measures in order to stop the service or to remove the infringing data). a The enrichment profiles of users whose data has been provided by the users themselves must be based on the consent of users. a When a searcher using a cache, in which personal data are made available for longer than the original publication, must respect the right of users to remove excessive and outdated data. a The correlation data of registered users of different search services can only be accomplished by ensuring the consent of the user for each service. The diversification of the profiles of users with data they have not contributed only be based on consent and clear information. Working Group of the Article 29 Working Party Article 29, is the advisory group that brings together the Data Protection Authorities of Member States, which issues opinions and views on various issues submitted for its consideration and which must necessarily rule on all European legislative proposals affecting the right to protection of personal data.

For completion of this review the Panel has carried out a study on privacy and data retention of the major Internet search engines worldwide. is the first free online journal, which specializes in covering and analyzing the current Spanish law. The contents are offering daily updated news on the Spanish legal situation, stakeholder interviews and opinion articles from more than one hundred employees, specialists in different areas of law. A large number of experts, which include major companies in the sector, collaborate in its edition to ensure professionalism and reliability of information. aims to become the most trusted online journal. Full on the value added of its contents, and professional analysis of the legal debates in vogue. His conviction is to provide an assessment tool both journalism professionals and the interested reader. is the independent news portal legal publisher vLex. Born in 2007, the Central Drafting is in Barcelona. Together with a network of local newsrooms in continuous expansion, can claim to be the voice of the jurisdiction actualized.



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