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December 22nd, 2012

E, back in them we made gifts! I revealed for the side of here, when you know can me as I age and its image was transparent prettier of the previous one in telinha displayed, but enclosed in one same conversational page. There we are and already in this first meeting next to our presentation we start discovering in them; transparency and sincerity they detached with our real virtues. You counted everything on its life and I repay patiently telling in details my. It had moments that we stopped, our images if transformed into these instants as inert and static figures. We did not want that if passed! Nothing swims could in barring or interrupt. Creative, experienced you looked other resources, suggested and you were for plus one another place of virtual landing. For we are more steady there with our open images and dialogues. In an impulsivity reciprocal we write with garrafais letters: LOVE I YOU! Incredible I never before imagined this to occur, always I delivered a love to the first sight to the media content, of the romancistas celebrities.

He seems that its positivismo said high more of my proper unreliability, convincing me that everything that real, pure age true He came the dawn! Almost tumbled for the canseira that invaded in them in them we fire with pain and penalty. Telephones had been changed. In the same day we say ourselves by phone and as commitment, in the same night happened our as virtual meeting. Ours pacts if had configured. It did not want more life without you! We move away ourselves per some days for force of the circumstances. Its recorded image already strong in me announced loucamente the sadness for in the distance that it made it difficult and it hurt both. Happy night! We find in them one more time. Of this not arraigados to the decisions.

I would go until you and later the two if they would program, at least, them future days to conciliate this existing love already. However I advanced my decisive empolgaes. I acted as an immature one, and in an impulsivity infantile we detonate. You retrucou cruel with its attacked words wounding, me very. I was beside the point hurt and you also he got hurt himself very. I was rightened you pretty with more courage it begged, it insisted, it tried with all the resources and to convince me to strategies. My pride did not make me to relieve to its suplications and desires. We break up ourselves! I suggested shortly afterwards my pure friendship, plus a disguise, that did not accept me as friend. Today I am dreaming here of you, imagining its steps or ways without more its destination next to mine! You silenced. I for other reasons of impediment lost you of my virtual one, almost a reality which we play for airs. Who knows, one day, coming back to the way of that first night can reattach what of true it inhabits in us two: OUR LOVE!


The Voice

December 9th, 2012

Again I was namorando, and all the my life if it summarized, did not have, but nothing nor nobody more important that it, I loved it in so intense way that took by account of me, I was blind dumb deaf person and ahead of everything, could seem that I age a crossbow, but loved I it and everything that it made he was perfect under my eyes, the simplest moments to the side of it was best the possible ones for me, but our fight constants were each time more and the confidence diminishing, Sarah of certain form tiring was me, it did not show to me what I wanted not me it gave forces to fight for our love, mine cimes was uncontrollable, I I felt that I was losing it, I I suffered by any reason and I had as much fear to make a mistake that it errava in triple, until for a small quarrel I decided little in way to fire thought me to Sarah, yes I I finished mine namoro with it. It was well difficult in the start, the homesickness, the lack it was inevitable, it lacks of a good night, of a good day, to listen to one ' ' I you amo' ' , he maltreated me to everything, but I held myself firm in the hope that everything went to pass that I would go to cure of all that pain, was not supported bound pra Sarah, pra to ask as it was and what she was making, in rude way answered it me, gave to understand to me that did not want, but to know of me, this helped me very, my conformation was absurd, I was well, was learning to live, the days was coming back to be glad and I already could enxergar that nor everything in my life depended on the same one, but when less I waited my telephone touches, I could not believe age Sarah, my world again for when I heard the voice of it, we pass nights talking, they were inevitable, my eyes fulled of tear to each word that has left its mouth, in the following day it came my house and I asked for it to come back toward me, accepted it but I alert that she would not be the same one with me..


The Chain

December 6th, 2012

All the tests, all the evidences were against it, and already it gave the psames to me for having to give voice of arrest to the man who, indirectly, helps my father to create me. Moreover, in more tenra age, gives the son to me as namorada, that I conserve until today with the respect maximum. It only had a solution, to arrest it and to trust God who pardoned me to the son, therefore when accepting the position already dominated me these suspicion. They only had then, two ways, or would pardon me to it, or with the arrest of the father ours namoro of as many years would arrive at the end. It stopped a little, it reflected and it analyzed the fisionomias, whose looks were fixed in its figure and time for another one gave one searched carefully plaintiff in the one of the mayor, who if rummaged uneasy. Youngster did not obtain to before forget the words it twelve hours, when he says that the father it would take off but it, if did not have care, would be all tangled more not to leave. Alberto looked at significantly for the military and had understood that from that instant it would leave the conjecturas and would enter in direct accusations, and if they had prepared to what came. It wanted the destination, however, that two isolated facts happened at moments and different places and could witness.

A phone call and a lighted light, of dawn. What it has of so strange or comprometedor in a phone call or a lighted light, of dawn? It swims, if the person who makes the two things is innocent, but if he is a fine assassin, if patife is one that it only deserves the chain, these two things has one meaning very great. was what I saw.


Contemporary Literature

December 3rd, 2012

Well, is very late: I find you better to catch a taxi. – Is cold. There, finishing of if dressing, waving with the hand, it is said farewell. It smiles in repayment to the greeting and hears the hard steps if moving away, the door being open, later closed Rapazinho gained the street. It will see when it again? However Telephone will be enough to it that, calling it. It is remained reflecting. It recognizes the necessity practical to end the friendship that it feeds, to prevent futures problems.

With skill, it will be gotten rid of the loving one. Now a bath will make to it very well. , If raising from there hasty, it is directed the bathroom. It crosses the room. Through the opened window, it sees the dawn advanced. Which the surprises that the new day will bring to it? Soon, opening> shower, with nervous gritinhos, polishes, if heating. Pablo Valena is paraibano author, with fiction books awardees national; Verbete of the Dictionary Biobibliogrfico de Escritores Contemporaries; Verbete of the Encyclopedia of Literature Contemporary; Member of some literary institutions; Gift in diverse sites; It inhabits in Recife/PE.



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