The Voice

December 9th, 2012

Again I was namorando, and all the my life if it summarized, did not have, but nothing nor nobody more important that it, I loved it in so intense way that took by account of me, I was blind dumb deaf person and ahead of everything, could seem that I age a crossbow, but loved I it and everything that it made he was perfect under my eyes, the simplest moments to the side of it was best the possible ones for me, but our fight constants were each time more and the confidence diminishing, Sarah of certain form tiring was me, it did not show to me what I wanted not me it gave forces to fight for our love, mine cimes was uncontrollable, I I felt that I was losing it, I I suffered by any reason and I had as much fear to make a mistake that it errava in triple, until for a small quarrel I decided little in way to fire thought me to Sarah, yes I I finished mine namoro with it. It was well difficult in the start, the homesickness, the lack it was inevitable, it lacks of a good night, of a good day, to listen to one ' ' I you amo' ' , he maltreated me to everything, but I held myself firm in the hope that everything went to pass that I would go to cure of all that pain, was not supported bound pra Sarah, pra to ask as it was and what she was making, in rude way answered it me, gave to understand to me that did not want, but to know of me, this helped me very, my conformation was absurd, I was well, was learning to live, the days was coming back to be glad and I already could enxergar that nor everything in my life depended on the same one, but when less I waited my telephone touches, I could not believe age Sarah, my world again for when I heard the voice of it, we pass nights talking, they were inevitable, my eyes fulled of tear to each word that has left its mouth, in the following day it came my house and I asked for it to come back toward me, accepted it but I alert that she would not be the same one with me..


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