July 30th, 2014

The computer courses are a great tool for those wishing to enter the world of storage and processing of information among many other tasks, but before entering the backdrop for what he has to do with the content of computer courses that define good computing is to have a better idea of what can be offered in various computer courses there. The information comprises matters relating to automatic data processing by computer or computers, so computers that perform computer is a process where they receive information that is supplied via the keyboard, mouse, microphone or display touch, then this information works the computer processor, the information provided is stored and processed is devices such as hard disk, DVD, CD, floppy disks, USB sticks and then this information goes to the user’s computer received by such means as the monitor, speakers, printer, among others, as you can see the computer can be expanded to many fields for its versatility and respect for trying to information is a subject of great extension, which is why computer courses in what is taught is basic to regarding this subject, and each person depending on their capabilities see in which fields of information technology evolves more easily, after clarification, regarding the content covering the basic computer courses. In basic computer courses, usually target people who do not know a lot of work with a computer, since they have not previously had the opportunity to access this, and in basic computer courses turn starts, restart and turn off the computer, then goes on to explain that is the desktop and accompanying elements such as icons and different bars, then the computer courses are going to explain the functions of keyboard and mouse, and after passing by this point of the computer courses and already has some management of basic tools to handle the computer, it works with Windows Explorer, which will search for different applications inside the computer and software, storage devices, the hardware which is integrated by the computer, among other things can search more easily using Windows Explorer, the next step in learning computer courses are the files which are the different elements that are stored on the computer whether text, audio, video and others as container resources of these files, folders are located, which facilitated the organization and classification of files, after working with the above mentioned elements, the next step in computer courses is a simple sample of how to handle different applications of Microsoft Office package, including those who most stand out are Word which is the most widely used text editor, Excel is an application to organize data and perform calculations, and PowerPoint is a very useful when presentations, so concludes a computer course for those who are just starting to use computers. .


Social Networking

July 19th, 2014

Thanks to the advance of Web 2.0 and the incessant growth of technology that offers Internet, social networks, Web portals that are so fashionable and are one of the current fashions among the fans and technology geeks, are becoming tools for meeting and seducing women, also to find a partner and meet the other half for the rest of life. This practice is home and took force in United States where famous specialists in the art of the Levant or as it is known in the slang typical of these specialists in seduction PUA (Pick Up Artist) began using sites like Facebook, MySpace or Hi5 to put into practice their knowledge and seductive skills to meet and attract women in a cybernetic and virtual fieldmany others have taken this practice as an alternative practice for those who have high levels of shyness and feel able to approach or talk to a girl in a bar, on the street or better in a Real environment and social as it is everyday life. We must be very clear that these practices well designed we can help meet women in a way more easy, but always with the recommendation that these levantes, are realized in a real environment, i.e., that after knowing the girl over the Internet, is invited to come out and get to know this time in the real world and not behind the veil of virtuality and the semianonimato. Experts say that this type of practice they undermine and destroy a person’s social skills, because it increases them a sense of false security which do not feel in the real world due to problems of self-esteem and self-confidence, why those who carry out these activities must be clear that it is what you want and where you want to go with this game that can get us into problems both at a personal level, such as affective. Sometime in my life so many years ago, I also try to meet girls online, and if does not have a control and an awareness of what is being done, ends with the heart and enough hurt self-esteem, why is so advisable to meet women who live in our city or at least in our country and don’t put us to fantasize with people living at the other end of the globe. Those experts who began this practice in the United States have written books, manuals and methods for lifting girls in on-line form, which indicates that this practice, aimed properly, it is not a practical easy, as not worth only with an account in Facebook and already, we must choose the photo and profile informationto know the proper functioning and all the tools offered by these social networks to meet people. Meeting and seducing women already is not a matter only of the social environment in which we operate, but also of the growing world of the Internet, which every day gives us more and more life, even to meet people and get a date. Do you think that this is all you need to learn?Nothing more false than that these.

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Cost Accounting

July 18th, 2014

X Cost Accounting for goods and raw materials, the inclusion of costs in cost of goods and finished products. X Supplies of goods "to order" customers, control the passage of the order. X Accounting gte products, licenses, certificates and certificates. X Plan payments to suppliers, monitoring and analysis of accounts payable, account trade credit from the supplier. X planning and forecasting requirements in the procurement of goods, raw materials, depending on the sale or production. X Taking into account all types of members, from the suppliers of primary documents. – – Management agreements with contractors.

Forming and maintaining a database of contracts with customers, suppliers and contractors. Procedure and approval of contracts. X Formation of the texts of treaties on the basis of templates. Storing scanned contracts and other files in the database. X control treaty deadlines, typing contracts. Travel in negotiating a treaty. Levels of financial authority employees to sign contracts. – – Breakdown products.

Ability to organize tree-like sections. X Viewing the current slide or the real cost of goods and history of the changes cost. X View balances, planned supply, reserves to the card products.


Anton Makarenko

July 16th, 2014

The outstanding Soviet educator Anton S. Makarenko not imagine teaching without mastering the skills of teaching techniques. Obligatory element of educational technology, AS Makarenko regarded the ability to properly understand the speaker's intonation and the ability to voice to express your mood, show your attitude to a particular pupil. "I must say that I learned here willy-nilly, and I know what it means to say" Hello "- a dry, restrained tone," Hello "- calm, kind tone, or "All. You can go "- restrained, but a soft tone. All of this practice. And if you put in front of several of these interesting problems and work out, it will be very good.

I have repeatedly made train their staff in such things. " Without conducting special studies, AS Makarenko, in practice, convinced of the value of information contained in the speaker's tone of voice, whether in its use in the educational process. Intonation – the language of emotions with which to understand the other person, regardless of words. It is known that young children differ in ability to "crack" a stranger at the first meeting. Largely due to the intonations of his voice.

Conversation is necessarily accompanied by emotional background – tone of voice. In children who have emotional and creative thinking dominates abstract logic, it is very expressive and beautiful, and has much greater range of voices than those of adults. Conversely, the perception of speech the child is more going on emotionally, and already then – logically. Important to him – what tone to him talk.

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PVC Platikatov

July 15th, 2014

PVC used in the cable industry, is a mixture of polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC), obtained by polymerization of vinyl chloride (CH2 = CHCl) with plasticizers, stabilizers, fillers and other ingredients. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) – a high-molecular compound linear structure of the form fine powder. The molecular weight of PVC 50000 – 200000. The absence of double bonds and the presence of chlorine atoms makes PVC resistant to acids and alkalis, as well as ozone-resistant and non-combustible material. In cable PVC compositions plasticized PVC using the suspension polymerization, in which the polymer is obtained malorazvetvlennym with a narrow molecular weight distribution. To use the cable flexible PVC of molecular weight 60000-100000.

When added to polyvinyl chloride resin, plasticizers, stabilizers and other components increased its physical, mechanical and technological properties, but reduces the dielectric properties of PVC plastic. PVC used in the cable industry, with properties and inferior quality can be divided into three main groups: isolation of high electrical performance in a range of operating temperatures; hose to protect the basic building elements of the cable from the external environment, semiconducting, holding in its electrical characteristics intermediate between an insulator and a conductor. Physical and mechanical properties of PVC-PVC in mainly determined by the percentage of plasticizer in the formulation. Elongation of PVC plastic rupture depends on the content of plasticizer. The maximum elongation is obtained by content of 45-70 wt. Part of plasticizer. The number and composition of plasticizer also significantly affect the specific volume electrical resistance of PVC plastic .



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