Anton Makarenko

July 16th, 2014

The outstanding Soviet educator Anton S. Makarenko not imagine teaching without mastering the skills of teaching techniques. Obligatory element of educational technology, AS Makarenko regarded the ability to properly understand the speaker's intonation and the ability to voice to express your mood, show your attitude to a particular pupil. "I must say that I learned here willy-nilly, and I know what it means to say" Hello "- a dry, restrained tone," Hello "- calm, kind tone, or "All. You can go "- restrained, but a soft tone. All of this practice. And if you put in front of several of these interesting problems and work out, it will be very good.

I have repeatedly made train their staff in such things. " Without conducting special studies, AS Makarenko, in practice, convinced of the value of information contained in the speaker's tone of voice, whether in its use in the educational process. Intonation – the language of emotions with which to understand the other person, regardless of words. It is known that young children differ in ability to "crack" a stranger at the first meeting. Largely due to the intonations of his voice.

Conversation is necessarily accompanied by emotional background – tone of voice. In children who have emotional and creative thinking dominates abstract logic, it is very expressive and beautiful, and has much greater range of voices than those of adults. Conversely, the perception of speech the child is more going on emotionally, and already then – logically. Important to him – what tone to him talk.

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