November 9th, 2014

These 40 weeks may be remembered as a continuous walking on doctors, toxaemia, mood swings. A happier know exactly what this magical first 9 months of life, with the opening of new hobbies, with a sense of unity and enthusiastic love for her to continue growing. Usually, with the news of pregnancy, especially the first, a woman cornered fears, it becomes vulnerable to superstition and very vulnerable. Fix it and send opened in pregnant energy for peaceful course, is designed to loving family and an experienced doctor, with whom to cooperate before the birth of the baby. That work, because the health and mother and baby depends not only on appointments and timely decisions of doctors, but also from liability for the health of both mothers. The management of pregnancy is a constant medical surveillance, women and the fetus. It is important Kaji stage of pregnancy, consisting of three trimestov: I trimester – after confirmation of pregnancy up to 13 trimester – from 13 to 26 trimester – 26 weeks before rodov.

stage has its own peculiarities. They are caused by the development of various internal organs of the baby at different pregnancy. The task of the doctor – to choose the correct strategy of the pregnancy. At the first meeting with pregnant women, develop a plan of visits to various relevant professionals, such as an internist, gynecologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, allergist and others, depending on the health of future mothers. Observation is through dialogue, when a woman talks about changes in health status, and the doctor understands the causes and take the necessary measures, make recommendations. The main indicator of changes occurring in the body observed, are the test results. Over the entire period of pregnancy is necessary several times to give blood, urine and other designated doctor tests and ultrasound (Uz-diagnosis).

At normal flows of pregnancy, ultrasound is done three or four times in 40 weeks. And every time my mother and, increasingly and dad can be seen as growing and developing their young, from a small cell turning into more and more like no human being. By the end of the period in a child form all the internal organs, there are emotions. If the 20 weeks the child begins turn and toss and turn in the abdomen mother, then to the 40th week, he can respond to changes in the environment surrounding mother-actively move or kick at the sound of loud music or other noise, afraid to hear how it is talk, to answer the call of moms and dads to chat, shocks to the place the stomach, where loving parents have put my palm. With the approach of the promised date of birth, women need more support and attention, confidence that everything will be fine. Analyzing their thoughts during the period of pregnancy, a woman can definitely tell who will give birth – an incorrigible optimist, if the pregnancy took place in peace, joy and anticipation of meeting with welcome offspring, or insecure timid man, mother whose entire pregnancy could not pull myself together, and most often feel it was fear, frustration and disappointment. Women during pregnancy most responsible for the health of your baby, and mood in which he sees the world. For a positive vision in any situation, with the upbeat attitudes! Support for pregnant women, from any period, as medical and psychological – is the key to the birth of cheerful, calm and cheerful baby. Being pregnant is pleasant, when a number of relatives caring and attentive doctor!


Modern Family Album

November 1st, 2014

Like – it was looking wedding photos of friends and drew attention to the unusual design of these very photos. On the background of this album, an album with pockets looked like a cart on the background of a Mercedes. New, modern trends is now a photo book. What a miracle is and how it differs from the older brother album? See examples here look and compare: 1. Here and there you want to print photos from only the usual album they can pull out, unable to withstand the persuasion of another relative or friend, and a photo-book they published on its pages and nothing will get them (how often you should be nice shots, but then could not make time for their re-print?) 2.

Making your pages for an old man photo album especially not run away (the location of pockets is always the same and always), and for the photo book you like, your extravagance is not limited. Can place images in random order, to issue their exclusive frame or make a collage, write a story as a comment to the expensive event, or make funny captions. You can apply the principles of scrapbooking. (What a beast look here 3. Cover design – stylish outfits photobooks Habit photo album loses again – limited supply stores, and photo-book, as always a winner, here you be able to apply all your skills in needlework, and if you do not, then my website outlining in detail how, from what, for some pattern to make a stylish, whom no one. 4. Price Only in this parameter can be said that the album can take advantage.

But beware, if you decorate your own photo book, using my advice, you do not have to pay a designer for the design. Believe me, HIS UNFORGETTABLE create a photo book is much easier than it seems first. And why do you need to order a designer wedding fluorine-book, and pictures from the garden or picnic with your baby or holiday matinee just store the file on your computer? There may be one objection – I'm not a designer and I do not understand in a graphics program! And you need not. Lessons on this site is easy to help cope with this task. You can take lessons and do all the steps or take the ready-made templates and insert there their photographs. But what you will be bursting pride when you show your masterpiece friends, relatives and friends! And not necessarily all tell me that you did it yourself. Let them think that you are running a couple, three Designers (Pssst, it's your secret)!

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