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February 23rd, 2012

The development of technology transport moved far ahead. Today, the drive is measured not only in their output characteristics: torque for a given speed and resistance to stress, but also on parameters dimensions, methods of adherence, weight, design. Popular types of general purpose motors are worm and coaxial-cylinder motors. Their popularity stems from the fact that worm gearboxes are compact, light weight, wide variation in methods of adhesion, good thermal stability, and coaxial gearboxes also highly resistant to axial and radial loads. Modern companies have long used the concept of a geared motor, which has so far only being developed by Russian plants. Gearmotor is a single hub unit, assembled by flange connection.

The advantages of such a modular system with respect to V-belt transmission are: compactness, higher efficiency in the drive, ease of maintenance (some types of gear does not require oil changes), high tightness, light weight aggregate. Let’s look at the advantage of a gear motor in practice. For example, consider a widely used in Russia such as gear 2 hours, having a classic V-belt transmission and compare it with analogue – worm gear motor, executed under the standard ISO. We specifically did not go into the brand manufacturer, because Most of the imported motors have similar characteristics with each other. In particular Comparative characteristics for 63rd overall dimensions with the gear ratio 40:1 and the induction motor 1500 rpm, 0.75 kW power would look like this: Gear 2h-63-40: Weight – 12.6 Dimensions, mm – 220h145h225 torsional moment, N * m – 120 Imported worm gear motor: Weight – 6.5 Size, mm – 146h103h174 Torque, Nm – 137 Thus, we see that in this formulation imported worm gear has a much smaller weight and size, which allows us to reduce logistics costs by optimizing the overall weight and dimensions of characteristics. High temperature resistant gear provided by a system of cooling channels, and quiet in operation due to reducing the error in the compounds of component parts.

In addition, the imported counterpart does not require oil changes and has a high performance seal, therefore, it requires no maintenance costs. Left compare prices data reducers. Average market price of the gearbox 2h-63 from manufacturers in 2008 was about 11 thousand rubles, imported gear around 8.5 thousand rubles. This type of analysis you can do yourself, if will get a directory of manufacturers, which must be specified device gear, the drawing and its basic characteristics. In our example, the conclusion is clear, but, unfortunately, many Russian enterprises design engineers continue to work in the old and modern drives do not lay in their projects. You should not consider this article as a call to use only imported motors. On the contrary, it demonstrates a choice that not everyone uses, as follows. I hope that this material will draw attention to the study of modern advances in drive technology, as an item of value engineering equipment.

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